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Ship information
Galactic registry ID# 403371
Production date Year 16 (CGT)
Class C-3 Passenger Liner
Model C-3 Passenger Liner
Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation
Home Port Sevarcos system
Affiliation Eidola Pirates
Carl Warrington

Carl's capital ship of choice for missions that require speed is his personal C-3 Passenger Liner Gwaihir. Carl purchased this ship directly from the manufacturer soon after its construction in Year 16. In Year 20, he left the ship unattended near the Ryll Innovation Station R&D Station in Sevarcos as he focused his attention on Eidola's planetary construction efforts. When he returned to the ship, he found several Jawas trying to "borrow" some of the hull plates. After a tense conversation, the Jawa Ini Kedi convinced Carl that he should view this as an opportunity. Ini offered to completely redesign the exterior of the ship if Carl would overlook the scuffs the Jawas had left on his hull plates. Carl agreed and returned to building, leaving Ini alone with his Gwaihir. Unfortunately, he had also left several bottles of his famous bourbon scattered haphazardly around the vessel. When he returned to his ship to check on the progress, he found an inebriated Jawa and his ship covered in graffiti. It seemed that Ini had found the bourbon, but being Jawa-sized, his small body was not ready for the strength of the drink. Carl was surprised to find that he rather liked the graffiti, and decided to leave it in place.