Acelin Dominia

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Acelin Dominia
Corellian 2.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Amelia Dominia ( Possibly Dead )
Father Alex Dominia ( Presumed Dead )
Marital Status Married
Spouse Amanda Dominia
Partner Naroq Vhol
Siblings None
Children Possible
Born Before Year 1
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'9.5
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation The Black Hand
Title Pilot
Prior Affiliation The Katana Fleet, The Inner Circle
Awards None
Signature Ace Sig.png

A Summary My Life

Is a Corellian Pilot and recycler for the faction "The Black Hand". He was taken to the Katana Fleets Capital then, After many years was taken to a space-station growing up as a Crafter

A Corellian Growing up

His life on Corellia was very short as he had only lived there until the age of 6 when his parents had taken him to see many planets until they had seen the planet owned by The Katana Fleet because there was an error with the flight he was at the age of 24 when he finally got off of that planet and now he is on a mission to find his parents and return to his home on the planet of corellia to return to his old life forgotten, he found some "colorful characters" that later told him what happened to his parents and that his adoptive parents where actually Rodians and not Corellians at all and he wouldn't think they were telling him the truth as he ran away afterword. He and his fellow Corellian Engineers are now trying to find out what happened and how with there skills they can handle this together and solve the mystery that he has been living with for years what happened to his parents and why did it happen. The only thing he remembers his parents saying is "Keep the Dominia line alive."

Choosing sides

At a very young age he had to make a choice and that was, was he a member of The Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire? and he said to them,

"I can choose no side, if I had to choose one we would never leave this location, as The Rebel Alliance and The Empire both may

have there pros and cons I will never choose a side only one that can benefit me and everyone in the infinitely expanding galaxy and protect us all."

— Acelin Dominia


The Wedding was very short, it was conducted by a man named Kuro Neko the wedding was 20-35 minutes long

The IRC Log From my wedding to Amanda.

Faction Work

For a short window of time Acelin had troubles with looking for a faction and went through a tiresome and seemingly endless search of finding a job. These are the places he tried to get a job with.

The Black Hand

Acelin started his job for The Black Hand on 15/11 CGT trying to get a ride off of the Katana Fleets planet the name shall not be listed. He started his job as a mercenary for the katana fleet he only noticed what happened after he joined so he contacted The Black Hand and they had given him a job as a pilot but, only did one job before he requested to be a Recycler for them instead. it is now Day 229 and Acelin only has nine days of flying ships through hyperspace until he can be communicating with his faction and recycling as a team but, still doing his fair share of piloting for them. He prefers recycling but, has had a better run with piloting for them and is hoping he may be able to switch back.

The Inner Circle

One of his shortest jobs was for The Inner Circle as The Black Hand Had just sent him a request.

Corellian Organization

"This is my group owned by me and the other founders who wish to remain Anonymous to help new Sentient in the combine. Spread the word to all Sentient as are target is new but we also help old members of the combine!"
— Acelin Dominia

Will open to the public at a undetermined date but as of it's founding date it is only open to the other secret founding members. On it's opening day you can request a Diplomatic ship for a diplomatic mission or Pick-up, your choice for free no credits asked for your first time with us.

Summary of The Corellian Organization

Image: 100 pixels This was the original logo at one week before changing it and showing to the public. Also, before the name change. There, was only two founders of the group.

If we needed something we would most likely get nothing before we joined a faction.

The only members were separated from each other and had no transport.

If you had some of these problems because you were or are new we can help.

All you have to do is contact Acelin Dominia or post in the Discussion area.

The Start of a Organization

A group of Diplomatic Sentient with the task of galactic peace with a "Democracy Government" within there planet.

Corellian Organization Transports

Corellian Organization Transport Shuttle

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The Black Hand

Katana Fleet

The Inner Circle

Galactic Empire

The Rebel Alliance


Corellian Organization
Basic Information
Group Start-endYear 15 Day 229 — present
Status Active
Motto Craft, Give, Help
Political Information
Type Information
IRC #CorellianOrg.
Commanders and Leaders
Acelin DominiaEconemado Bellomello
Corellian Organization
Faction Owned Facilities
Personal Residence
Group Owned Ships
Ace Transportation