Adi Lo

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Adi Lo
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Corra Lo
Father Alexander Lo
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -22, Day 205
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.7 meters
Coloring Black
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic, Corellian Transport Services
Rank Cadet (E-1)00 cadet.gif
Positions Pilot
Prior Affiliation None
Awards Logistics service.png

Early Years

Born Year -22, Day 205 on the bustling planet of Coruscant, Adi Lo was just an infant when the Empire first rose to power and destroyed the Jedi Order. Her father was a simple ship mechanic originally from Corellia, and her mother was a lawyer with descendents from Tholoth. As an only child, Adi was afforded what little time her parents could fit for her in their busy schedules. Her mother's well-paying job resulted in a spacious apartment in the private district of the city and a comfortable lifestyle. Adi spent much of her time helping her father while on holiday from school, working alongside him in the cramped confines of the small shop he owned.

Adi lived a somewhat sheltered life, though she posessed a quiet, if a bit withdrawn, personality. She was most comfortable working in her father's shop, ignoring the loud engines, the heat exhausts, and the occasional oil smudge. Her father was a kind man, teaching her everything he knew of ships and space travel.

Young Adult Life

It was in her early teenage years that she first felt the desire to see the stars. Her parents, having had their child later than most, had never had the time to bring her anywhere outside the system.

Adi excelled in school, though her ability to connect with her peers was somewhat limited. She graduated, and pursued a major in law at her mother's urging. Adi was to do just as her mother did -- earn a good job, find a good man, and settle down with children.

This, however, was her parents' dream, and not her own. She earned her degree, nonetheless, and settled for her mother's private firm, with the expectation to one day take it over herself. She had never had the time for a relationship, nor did she desire one, despite her mother's well-meaning hints about children.

Her father worked until retiring in his early seventies. He died when Adi was thirty-four, and something about his death stirred a change in her. She decided she would not settle for a complacent, comfortable lifestyle.

Joining the New Republic

Adi had been a quite young when the Old Republic fell, but she still remembers the sense of dis-ease that fell over Coruscant in those days. Her parents had never been vocal about politics, but Adi had the sense to know that the Empire was not right. She despised the authority that stormtroopers had over the citizens, and the fear that people felt.

It was after her father's passing that she decided to do something about it. One of her fondest memories came from the conversation she had with her mother, while confronting her about leaving her old life behind.

"Do what you want to do, Adi; do what it is that you desire. I just want you to be happy," her mother had said tearfully. Adi decided, that, more than anything, she wanted to help any movement that worked against the tyranny of the Empire. She wanted to fly.

After ensuring that her mother retired comfortably from the law firm, Adi told her goodbye at the spaceport. Her mother gave her the Tholoth headdress she had always worn, and said, "Remember where you came from; but do not forget where you are going." Adi donned the headdress, and wears it at all times as a sign of respect for her heritage.

"I will return one day, mother, I promise," she said, embracing her a final time. "And I'm going to help make this right, somehow." Having never owned her own ship, it was her desire to one day save up enough money to buy a freighter, just as her father once dreamed of. She left Coruscant, and soon joined the New Republic's Academy on Year 13, Day 206, at age thirty-five.

Though she was fully aware of being older than most of the bright-eyed and energetic young recruits, Adi did not let it faze her. She tackled the cadet exams at the Academy, preferring not to socialize but instead focused on her studies, eventually passing all of the required education courses.

Soon after, she applied for a position with Corellian Transport Services as a pilot and was accepted.

Although she plans to spend most of her time flying, it is not her sole desire. She has her eye on the Republic Diplomacy Command, hoping to one day aid the Republic in its political agendas and foreign affairs, influenced by her time spent studying law.

Adi graduated from the Academy on Year 13, Day 217, where she was asked to state her graduation oath. Standing proudly, she recited, ""I, Adi Lo, do solemnly swear, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the New Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. May the Force be with me." She was presented the silver, Logistics service, and Employment ribbons by instructor Ruben Wan, in addition to receiving a bonus for her graduation.

Corellian Transport Services


Shortly following her graduation, Adi was assigned to Corellian Transport Services, a prized company with a solid reputation within the New Republic. Though she had been expecting a career in logistics, she was approached with an offer from her supervisor, Bara Ivola. He informed her that the Construction & Egineering department was in dire need of personnel. The job would offer her the chance to rise higher in the chain of command, in addition to traveling the galaxy delivering ships and materials for the New Republic. Adi realized that the opportunity would allow her to learn more about construction, and she would still be able to fly. She accepted the offer with little hesitation.

Koiogra III

While stranded on the planet of Koiogra III during a prolonged wait, Adi met a fellow cadet by the name of Aaron Koon, a Kel Dor who had recently joined the NR and ended up by chance on the same planet. During those several days, the pair became fast friends. Although the city of Valadain was beautiful, they quickly grew tired of looking at it, and both of them needed to get to work on their first missions for CTS. Adi hired a pilot herself to come pick them up. They were greeted by Exanthium Kerensky in her ship the "Gypsy Trader", who agreed to take them during a flight to deliver supplies.

The trip was not as glamorous as Adi had been anticipating; they spent the journey crammed against walls of supply crates. It was here that she began to have her first doubts. "This isn't exactly what the New Republic advertises, is it?" she asked Aaron with a grin. The two companions were headed in different directions for their missions, however, and Aaron was the first to be dropped off. Adi told him goodbye and wished him well, hoping she would see the Kel Dor once again someday.

It was also during this time that Adi sent in her first application for the RDC. She'd heard that the Diplomacy Command was taking applicants, and even though it was unlikely she would score a seat on her first try, she decided to go for it anyway. It was, after all, what she wanted more than anything.

Times were becoming uncertain, and Adi thought it best she had some sort of protection. She bought a B22 from her pilot, who happened to have a crate of them on the ship. It was a tense moment as Adi held the gun in her hands. This was the first weapon she had ever owned.


Logistics service Logistics service.png

Cadet (E-1) 00 cadet.gif

Employment Boe.png

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Gun.jpg B-22