Akoshla Zel

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Akoshla Zel
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Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Homeworld Shili
Partner Single
Siblings Ralon Zel, Soro Zel
Born Year 0 D 37
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 120 pounds
Eye Color Dark Grey
Political Information


Akoshla was born to two loving parents on Shili early in year 0. She was raised well for 9 years, when her father was killed while hunting an akul. After her father's death, Akoshla left her mother's home and joined with the less civilized members of her tribe to learn the ways of the hunt. After killing the akul that killed her father, Akoshla fashioned her Headdress with it's claws and lead many successful hunts over the next several years. Eventually she wanted to see more of the Galaxy, having heard from her cousin Kuuda Ki of an organization that might have use for her specific skills, leading her to Venaari, and the Bando Gora.

Family Tree

Komik Ki †
Acala Ba †
Ralon Zel †
Pik Nesaa †
Koback Ki
Reka Zel
Meldo Zel
Bela Kali
Pik Ki
Komik Ki
Kuuda Ki
Akoshla Zel
Ralon Zel
Soro Zel

  • † Deceased