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{{Infobox Character
| name = [[Alex Dominia]]
| image =
| homeworld = [[Naboo (planet) | Naboo]]
| race = [[Naboo]], [[Corellian]]
| mother = Unknown
| father = Unkown
| marital status = Married
| spouse = Amelia Dominia (Dead)
| partner =
| siblings = None
| children = [[Acelin Dominia]]
| born = 80 Years before Year 1
| died = Unkown
| gender = [[:Category:Males|Male]]
| height = 6'9.0
| hair color = Black
| eye color = Blue
| affiliation =
| title = N/A
| prior affiliation = [[Jedi |The Jedi Order]]
| awards = None
| signature = N/A
Although not much is known of Alex what is known is he was a Jedi Master from Naboo and a member of The Jedi Order who owned a Star Saber, which had been given to his son Acelin long before his death on Polis Massa due to a Dark Jedi using the force to kill him mentally leaving him to rot on the asteroid.
===Time with the order===
One year before joining the order a young Alex had been using the force for a cause of his own to protect himself but, not others until a Jedi of the name Relm sensed great power telling him to join him in the path to become more powerful in the force with training.
===Polis Massa===
As an initiation they sent out Alex to discover what happened to [[Polis Massa]] a home to the Eellayin. Upon landing on the mystery debris he was attack by a Dark Jedi that could manipulate the ground of any planet and the mind of anyone, using his powers he made Alex brain-dead leaving him there to rot with the planets remains.
===The Polis Massans===
In year 12 a Polis Massan found Alex wearing an Old Republic flight suit unconscious, still alive through the help of his force powers. They took him into the new medical facility and had run a diagnostic on him  discovering that he was brain dead they implanted a droid brain into him letting him access his old memories but, he still wouldn't wake so they had completely changed half of his DNA to a Naboo and a Corellian DNA merged together killing off most of the Midi-chlorians in his body that made him a Jedi but, bringing him back to life full and well.

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