Almas Tarthul

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Almas Tarthul
Almas Tarthul.png
Biographical Information
Race Selkath
Homeworld Manaan
Mother Calleh Tarthul
Father Shaelas Tarthul (Deceased)
Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Born Year -28, Day 303
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.51 meters
Coloring Red-brown
Hair Color n/a
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation Firaxan Heavy Industries The Octagon League


The third of four children, Almas Tarthul was born in Ahto City on Manaan to Shaelas Tarthul, a well-to-do kolto merchant, and his wife. When Almas was twelve, he was introduced to the Order of Shasa, of which his father was a member. When the Mandalorians seized control of Manaan, many residents hailed them as harbingers of economic improvement. However, the Mandalorians then nationalized kolto production and shipping, which put Almas and his father out of business.

After the Mandalorian government executed his father for "insurrection", Almas took to the kolto smuggling business and joined the local resistance cell. He lost his father's old freighter when the Mandalorians shot him down following a failed resistance mission, but he remained optimistic, ultimately affiliating his rebel group with the New Republic, though integration with New Republic forces was short-lived, at best.

Now Almas is a pilot-for-hire. He has obtained a new ship, and a job doing what he loves. He remains hopeful that his people will eventually succeed in driving the Mandalorians off Manaan, and plans to return one day and finish the work he and his father started.