Altair Lopez

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Altair Lopez
Schiavona Lopez.png
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Anzat
Clan Anzati Assassins
House Lopez
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Marital Status Married
Spouse Janida Kai-ur
Born Year -675
Languages Galactic Basic
Archaic Anzat Language
Old Tioneese
The Old Tongue
Religion Black Sun Creed
Anzati Assassins Creed
Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Quote Knowledge is weakness on its own, but knowing how to exploit weakness is power.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.6 Meters
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Orange
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun,Shobquix Industries
Title Slug Overlord
Warrior Priest-Ecclesiarch(GOVT)Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Rank Senior Manager O-4
Positions Blade, Former Chief Logistics Black Sun(LvI)
Slug Overlord of the Galactic Slugging Association
former consigliere of Black Sun(LvI)
Anzati Assassin
Prior Affiliation Akheton Mining Corporation(CEO)Gesenix Mining(CEO)

Present Day

Shobquix Industries

As of year 19 D 49 Altair Lopez is transferred to Shobquix Industries on his own accord to serve the family by producing weaponry.

Black Sun Academy

Serving under Dark Prince Jeor Knight Schiavona Lopez was given the mandate to oversee the physical construction of the academy and the teacher program, having the needs of the family met Altair is still Conrector to the Family Teachers(npc), these teachers are currently undergoing Imperial Trails to be up to standard with Imperial Doctrine, they are expected to take in the first students in year 21.

Blades of the Forgotten Prince

Altair was been mandated to fulfill the role of chief logistics in the new Blades of the Forgotten Prince until he had a falling out with Underlord von Ismay. Alexander drew blood on Lopez by severing his arms from his body, luckely Altair's regenerative features allowed him to regrow his arms in the Bacta Tank instead of gathering cybernetics. Altair was demoted to Sai-Los O-1.


Altair has been a Consigliere to the Black Sun Family Council on behalf of Gesenix Mining until his promotion in year 16. He currently produces weaponry for the Black Sun Collective


Altair Lopez was CEO of Gesenix Mining Corporation from year 15 to somewhere in the middle of year 16.

Slug Overlord

As head of the Galactic Slugging Association Altair has been named Slug Overlord, a tittle most reflected by his prize steed, a Duracrete slug named Silver..

Personal Life

Rise of the GSA Lava Lovestruck, COO of GSA
In light of giving back to the Imperial Community Altair has formed the Galactic Slugging Association, a social group that advocates hunting for Duracrete slugs, Granite slugs and other Slug Species. The GSA has been doing so well recently that it's subscriptions have increased tenfold between Y15 and Y20. so far the Association has raffled various hunting items and creatures to the public stimulation of imperial favoritism to hunters around the galaxy.

Zhellic Ecclesiarchy

Converted to the true faith of the thirteen by father Weylin vi Cron himself, Altair started studying the rites and teachings in the ways of the Purifier, the Terrible, the Destroyer, and the Redeemer, the God of Fire and War, Irido. As a Warrior Priest Altair wears the mark of the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy, though to symbolize impossibility of one oath nullifying another the symbol is always worn bellow the mark of his family and that of his clan. Although Altair is a mere Warrior Priest of Irido he does hold the title of Ecclesiarch due to the fact he is the highest ranking member under the governmental banner of Black Sun that worships the Thirteen. Altair began brokering a deal for the construction of the first Zhellic Temple in Black Sun space.


Black Sun

In Year 14, Altair Lopez and Jad Hep Viridux arrived in Revyia to start their work in Hyrotii Corporation, by order of Vigo Alexander von Ismay. However, by the time their long journey ended, Alexander von Ismay had assumed the throne of Black Sun as Underlord. Trusted by the Underlord, he was instated as acting second-in-command of the corporation, to allow him to prove his usefulness in the collective. Several months later Altair was promoted to Sgarrista and made the actual second-in-command.

In the beginning of Year 15, Hyrotii Corporation was reformed as Gesenix Mining. Altair was promoted to Enforcer and made the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation, under the watchful eye of Vigo of Infrastructure, Rexan Vyrim. He was tasked with converting the operations of Hyrotii into the Mining arm of Black Sun it is today. At that time Altair Lopez was made a Consigliere of Black Sun, as the representative of Gesenix Mining.

In late Year 15, Altair Lopez held the first Gesenix Summit in Revyia. During this summit, Gesenix personnel were introduced to the Gesenix Creed and the numerous benefits which had been concurrently arranged for them. A variety of specialized Gesenix equipment was presented to the staff, as a reward for their loyalty. Alongside Gesenix personnel, the summit had many honoured guests; Vigo Rexan Vyrim, Vigo Edhrikor Tlakh`sar, Regent Kyran Caelius and Underlord Alexander von Ismay attended. After the festivities Altair Lopez was promoted to Capo, in recognition of the many hours he had poured into Gesenix since it's reformation.

Around Year 16, D100 Altair was promoted away from Gesenix Mining, leaving the faction in the hands of his protege Jad Hep Viridux. Altair was summoned by the Throne to appear before the new Regent, Jeor Knight. He was then sent off with a new mandate and his new tittle, Underboss. The last time he was reported traveling collective freighters was on route to Malanose, where later he was seen training cadets bearing insignia of an old order of Black Sun that had not been seen since the time of his mentors.

Akheton Corporation

Altair Lopez was named second-in-command of Akheton Cosmonautic Corporation under Rael sul C`an on Naboo, later he lead Akheton Mining Corporation, reforming its extraction operations in the Naboo sector. Altair eventually left Akheton and Naboo, taking an offer from Vigo Alexander von Ismay, who would become the Underlord of Black Sun.

Early Years

The first record shown of Altair Lopez's existence is his adoption into the Anzati Assassin Academy when he was 3 months old. This was a custom in that time, as the Old Anzat Nation was still well hidden and not many ventured off-world, as they would do later during the Great Migration. Altair spent his first 100 years in the Academy where he was noted on record twelve times for various achievements, including "excellent behaviour" and the difficult to achieve "Master of Disguise". He made his mark in his first century, graduating Top of his Class at the age of 100.

As all Anzati Assassin's, his existence was locked away and sealed for the duration of his service to the Anzat Order. However a coup in Year -297 succeeded in undoing the Anzati Assassin Order and Altair was one of the few that escaped death. He managed to hitch a ride from Anzat with a merchant pilot to Naboo where he resumed his training in solitude. Several years later Altair resorted to hiring out his special skills as a mercenary for the highest bidder. According to galactic record, numerous contractors in the core exploited his services gladly.