Altair Steelheart

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Altair Steelheart
Biographical Information
Mother Aklin Alanes
Father Dirk Kalamar
Born Year -7
Languages Common.
Quote "Roses are red, violets are blue, your blood is sweet and so are you."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Pale white
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Title Mechanic
Signature [[]]

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My Mother is Akilina Alanes and my Father is Dirk Kalamar They found me alone and cold at the age of 7. In an open market street as they were picking up supplies. A man was beating me for stealing food, and Dirk stepped in and fought my attacker whilst Akilina picked me up and brought me to their home to dress and treat my wounds. Dirk and Akilina later took me in and accepted me as their son.