Athena Carlyle

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Athena Carlyle
Athena Carlyle.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human Coruscanti / Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Meryl Carlyle
Father Pollux Carlyle
Born Year -15 Day 290 (age 30)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey/Pale Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Shobquix Yards

Athena Carlyle considers herself a business woman in her own right, she had once worked in cooperation with her father on a family company that is now operated on a much smaller scale, a level to which Athena was no longer needed to assist in. Miss Carlyle is an independent woman that has worked hard to get to where she is today and continues to serve a more business orientated lifestyle, she has no extended family and hasn't expressed interest in settling down anytime soon.

Ascending into Adulthood

Athena was born on Coruscant in Year -15 but soon migrated to Naboo where she settled into a more contemporary and grander house, to which is now exclusively known to her as home. Her parents Pollux and Meryl Carlyle were from Coruscant but Athena’s mother was native to Naboo, making the family’s transition fairly easy. Living in the Southern Hemisphere on the Mid Rim planet of Naboo, this is where her father, Pollux Carlyle had been sent to entice silk trade from Coruscant, into the Mid Rim Territories.

Growing up on Naboo appealed to the young mind, the flat plains of The Ranchlands captured Athena’s imagination and the young child found herself exploring various parts of her father’s plantation grounds. It was common for young Athena to return home with muddy shoes, much to her mother’s annoyance, where the little girl often found a scolding when she returned from her adventures. Her parents were moulded around business and saw that their life be devoted to running the plantation that surrounded their home, this would soon be expected of Athena.

From the age of 5 (Year -10), Athena attended a private school where she was educated by the best teachers her parents could afford. Located in the City of Keren, Athena was taught a range of subjects including business, to which the trading city revolved around. This continued up to her 17th birthday (Year 2). Thereafter she attended the University of Theed where she achieved a degree in Business and Economics. The now educated young woman found herself drifting back home, a new person returning to the business that her parents had set up.

In Year 5 Athena started working for her parents, in particular her father who headed the now system wide company. She was in charge of managing personnel, and resolving issues that occurred within the production and transportation process. Gradually increasing in practical knowledge by using theories she had learned at Theed, Athena grew in confidence and in company recognition. A mere 5 years later, Athena found herself to be one of her father's regional managers, now in charge of the whole west operational sector of the company. The young girl had traded in her muddy shoes in exchange for a brief case, transforming into a young businesswoman.

Black Sun, Home and Executioner

On Day 349 of the 15th year, Athena was taken into custody by Leigh Kellan, Regent of Black Sun. At first it was unknown by Athena as to why she had been clasped in irons and moved onto Leigh’s YT-1300 ‘Purring Kitty’ and then later onto a Victory I-class Star Destroyer presumably owned by Black Sun.

Before Athena had been taken by Leigh, she had been awaiting access to a Research and Development facility, close to the main Shobquix HQ at Malicar. The location was indeed new territory for the newly promoted Junior Lineman (one rank up from Hopeful – an initiate rank within the company.)

On good intentions she waited for access by Jeor Knight, the newly appointed head of Shobquix Yards. The Jr. Lineman’s data pad showed that there were Builders within the facility, an asset she required for work on Malicar IV. Soon after contacting her superior, Jeor replied with direct orders to leave the area and return to the Malicar System. He stated that she wasn’t to reveal to anyone of its contents or location. Agreeing to return to Malicar, Athena was promptly arrested by Regent Kellan and later killed by her capturer on Year 15 Day 351 at 11:35.

Part of a message believed to be sent by Athena has been recovered by unknown sources:

‘I have not brought on a feeling of uneasiness, the leadership are uneasy because outside forces have brought on a regime that throws Black Sun's future into the unknown. A paranoid mind currently sits on the throne, he knows not of who is loyal and who is watching him. Ranks, even directly below you and Regent Caelius are questionable - where loyalty may not be 100% certain, and this uncertainty spreads deep down the ranks. Regent Kellan, I wish you and Regent Caelius all the luck in this Galaxy. Black Sun, she deserves much better than a paranoid mad man, who's sense of power is over flamed by the gullible people he surrounds himself with.’ – Athena Carlyle, part of her last known transmission.