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Aurodium Legion
Political information
Type of government {{{type}}}
Head of State Dorn Zeke
Head-of-Government Dorn Zeke
Commander-in-Chief Dorn Zeke
Affiliation Neutral
Societal information
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Date of establishment {{{founded}}}
Holosite [1]


The Aurodium Legion, named after the sparkling precious metal aurodium, is a contingent of hardened mercenaries centered in the Farlax Sector. Named, funded, and led by Dorn Zeke, a cold-blooded reptile from Barab I, the Legion historically specialized in missions so dangerous that the members of the company were regarded as 'dead men.' In the recent past, however, the Legion has chosen to focus on economic development and construction in the outlying systems of civilized space. Over time, the Legion has become a recognizable mercenary force in the galaxy and has successfully transitioned into a formidable government.

As envisioned by Dorn Zeke, the purpose of the Legion is to remove disruptive elements from society and put them to use liberating worlds from tyrannical governments. Recruits include wandering soldiers-of-fortune, failed revolutionaries from remote planets, and deserters from various armies, both defeated and victorious. In its bustling ranks are thrill-seeking adventurers, swaggering bravoes, blockade runners, and professional bodyguards. Grizzled veterans are the dominant element — thick-skinned, surly-tongued mercenaries, with vibroblades in their belts and guile in their hearts. The Legion also has corsairs from the Mid Rim, including giant Trandoshan renegades, taciturn, dangerous, with Concussion Rifles strapped to their great scaly torsos — as mercenaries wear blasters openly in the Legion.

The Koornacht Cluster in the Farlax Sector has been chosen as the Legion's headquarters. They maintain a clandestine base on a barren moon orbiting a nearby planet. Nicknamed the 'Blood Moon' for its rust colored soil and the red light of the Carosi sun, the moon is used as a listening post from which the Legion uses a captured HoloNet receiver to intercept and analyze Imperial transmissions throughout the sector. The information gathered is then sold to information brokers in the black market. The base also contains a bacta tank, a dozen Y-wing fighters, and several shuttles. They occasionally strike at targets along the Metellos Trade Route. The base personnel are highly versatile jack-of-all-trades who fly and maintain their ships while operating the bootlegged HoloNet receiver.