Battle of Churnis

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Battle of Churnis
DateYear 14 Day 319Year 15 Day 165
LocationChurnis sector
ResultDecisive Imperial victory
Zann Consortium
The Sith Order
Triumvirate Coalition
Freelancers and Mercenaries
The Mercenary Guild
Galactic Empire
Commanders and Leaders
Lord Myn Kuat
Crime Lord Ximaro Jix
President Xakic Jix
Fleet Admiral Igorod Krakatoa
Moff Wummer Malephar
Senior Captain James Hudson
Colonel Akai Ai
Lord Director Sigmund von Ismay
Zann Consortium Defilers
Dark Star Hellions
Mercenary Guild traitors
4th Triumvirate Fleet
1st Imperial Fleet
1st Imperial Legion
Casualties and Losses
Influence in sector diminished
Igorod Krakatoa† (Triumvirate Coalition)
Borivoj Goerke† (Freelancer)
Sector temporarily compromised
Mercenary Guild disbanded

The Battle of Churnis, also known as Operation Minsk, was a minor battle sparked by discord in the Mercenary Guild, set to the background of the ongoing Galactic Civil War. Several governments and organisations vied for control over the Churnis sector, most notably the Galactic Empire and Zann Consortium. Although the conflict for control of the Mercenary Guild began much earlier, it reached a boiling point in late Year 14 when the ousted leader of the Guild, the rogue Sith Lord Myn Kuat, approached the criminal Ximaro Jix to enlist the Zann Consortium's aid in his plans for revenge.

Conflict Origins

Sigmund von Ismay was planted in the Mercenary Guild by Imperial Intelligence months prior to the battle in an attempt to remove the self-proclaimed warlord Myn Kuat from power and replace him with the pro-Imperial Prince Pietre Henimun. When eventually Kuat retired and named Henimun his successor, the Guild was steered away from the Galactic Alliance and sought rapprochement with the Imperial Union. Although retiring of his own volition, Kuat believed he could retain control over his former protégé and was angered when he was entirely cut off from the Guild.


The fallen warlord met with his friend Ximaro Jix, crime lord of the Zann Consortium, to plot his revenge against the Mercenary Guild and reclaim the Churnis sector. Kuat provided them with codes to shut down the power grids of each planet and called on members of the Guild still loyal to him to grant the Defilers of the Zann Consortium access to the planetary shields that had been constructed to prevent Kuat's return. The movement to seize control of the Guild from the inside was headed by its Lord Ambassador Gavin Gorsceu and Dain Thurith, mercenary and former member of the Guild.

Once the Defilers had passed the planetary shields and caused a blackout throughout the entire sector, chaos ensued and the Guild lost control over the majority of planets. Sigmund von Ismay responded swiftly by contacting the Galactic Empire and requesting their assistance in fending off the attacks and regaining control. The Empire dispatched the 1st Imperial Fleet under the command of Senior Captain James Hudson. Meanwhile, Gorsceu convened with Ximaro Jix to plan the coming battle. Both Ismay and Gorsceu attempted to influence Prince Henimun by convincing him to cooperate with the Empire or send the Imperial fleet away. The former eventually succeeded and the Guild combined forces with the Galactic Empire.

The Battle

Unable to trust the leadership of the Guild which was made up of those still loyal to Myn Kuat, all but Henimun and von Ismay were relieved from command and had their administrative powers revoked. Moff Wummer Malephar was granted temporary control of the sector and the 1st Imperial Fleet succesfully halted the advance of the Consortium's ground forces. Several cities had fallen under Zann control and amidst the confusion, several corporations and paramilitary organisations had laid claim to slabs of ground on some of the less developed planets in the sector.

To assist in violent confrontations with the enemy, the 1st Imperial Legion was also deployed with Colonel Akai Ai as its commanding officer. Ximaro Jix's brother Xakic brought in several officers of his swoop gang, the Dark Star Hellions to assist in disrupting the local populace and gain a larger foothold on the planet surfaces. Despite several confrontations, no officers of either side were injured, although several construction crews were arrested or perished in the crossfire.

Meanwhile, the mercenary organisation Sun Guard was contracted by Imperial defector Borijov Goerke in an attempt to help him take over a planet. The leader of Sun Guard was Dain Thurith, who had been working with the Zann Consortium since the beginning of the conflict. When one of Sun Guard's officers was arrested by the Galactic Empire during their assignment, Thurith approached Imperial Intelligence and offered to betray Goerke in exchange for the release of his officer. Director Elvira Falston agreed and had Goerke arrested and placed on trial for treason.

The battle eventually came to a standstill and the Zann Consortium abandoned the sector, citing their goal of sewing chaos had been accomplished and they never intended to try gain control of the sector in the first place. Deeds to slabs of ground on Farahiyn were gifted to the Oniworld corporation, which was led by Felidae Takeda. Son of the New Republican Juraki Takeda who had been executed by the Galactic Empire, they eagerly took the opportunity, although the legitimacy of their claim was never acknowledged by the Empire.

Recognizing the futility of waging a battle against the Empire, Oniworld sold the deeds to the Triumvirate Coalition. A special team consisting of five naval officers was dispatched by the Coalition to seize control of Farahiyn. Although the Coalition claimed the operation was a partial success with three of the four proposed objectives accomplished, the commanding officer of the Triumvirate Navy and commander of the operation was subdued in battle by Lieutenant Emillio Peares of the Galactic Empire and taken into custody by Special Agent Banquo Knox of Imperial Intelligence.


Negotiations between the Galactic Empire and Pietre Henimun resulted in the Empire being granted full control of the sector in exchange for a substantial amount of credits. Henimun retired from the public life and Sigmund von Ismay controlled the Mercenary Guild for several weeks until it was decided to disband the organisation. The Galactic Empire set out to find new governors for the sector as it fell outside their claimed territory.

Myn Kuat founded Sith Order during the course of the battle, setting the stage for further conflict with the Galactic Empire, the Order of the Sith in particular.

The Zann Consortium failed to gain control of any planet in the Churnis sector but is believed to have profited greatly from sales of deeds to slabs of land.