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| eye color = black/very dark red
| eye color = black/very dark red
| affiliation = New Republic/CTS
| affiliation = New Republic/CTS
| title = Director Of Cultural Affairs/Delivery CO
| title = Director Of Culture/Delivery CO
| rank = C1
| rank = C1
| awards = Community Award, Executives Award, New Republican Of The Month - November 2018/October 2019
| awards = Community Awardx2, Executives Citation, New Republican Of The Month - November 2018/October 2019, The Logistics Chief Award, The Instructor Dedication Award.
| signature = [[File:Bram dupol sig.png|200px|thumb|left]]  
| signature = [[File:Bram dupol sig.png|200px|thumb|left]]  
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'''Senator(New Republic)'''
'''Senator(New Republic)'''
'''CEO of [[Dupol Enterprises]]'''
'''CEO of [[Dupol Enterprises]]'''

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Bram Dupol
Bram Dupol am.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselem
Born day 54 Year 00
Languages Basic, Nautolan, Mon Calamari
Quote 'Just a small fish, swimming against the current.'
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5' 10"
Weight still underweight
Coloring Medium Green
Eye Color black/very dark red
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic/CTS
Title Director Of Culture/Delivery CO
Rank C1
Awards Community Awardx2, Executives Citation, New Republican Of The Month - November 2018/October 2019, The Logistics Chief Award, The Instructor Dedication Award.
Bram dupol sig.png


Bram Dupol is a Nautolan of average height. He is of slender build due to a lack of food in his earlier years. Bram's face is marked by a large scar that stretches from his right cheek up through his right eye and then up to his eyebrow, finishing on his right temple.

Early Life

Bram Dupol grew up on Glee Anselem in the years just before the planet was annexed by the Imperium. He was a happy child until the untimely demise of his parents to a mining accident when he was seven. For most of the rest of his childhood he was brought up by his grandfather until his death when Bram was fifteen he stayed with his uncle. His Uncle was a freighter pilot and he taught Bram a little of what he would need to fly and maintain a starship. A few short months after Bram’s eighteenth Birthday three things happened that changed his life forever. His Uncle’s ship disappeared in a hyperspace malfunction and was presumed dead. Then his uncle’s company was taken over in a hostile take over leaving Bram with little more than a million credits he had offered for the company and its small fleet of ships.

The third incident occurred six months later. Bram walking back to a friend’s house he was staying at, after attending a maintenance class he was cornered by two assailants in a tight alleyway. On stood in front of Bram and demanded his money and the other pulled a short wickedly sharp looking Vibroblade. Bram thought about making a break for it but decided that in the narrow confines of the alley giving them the money was likely a better idea and he pulled out the wad of notes from the pocket of his a thrust them all in the thugs direction.

"Is that it? Give us those tools to." They demanded. Now the tools had belonged to his Father and were the only of his possessions he still had. So he pulled a hydrospanner from the toolkit and prepared to defend himself. The seemingly unarmed Weequay thug pulled a small cudgel from the back of his belt and looked at Bram with a wicked smile on his lips. The other began to try to circle around Bram up the wall of the alley. Bram faced this other Weequay and swung out the hydrospanner towards him grazing the side of the thug’s cheek.

"That the best you can do?" The first thug shouted at Bram as he started to charge towards him swinging the cudgel as he moved. Bram moved back a little but the Weequay with the cudgel was too much for him and he was dealt a glancing blow just to the side of his head and dropped the toolbox which exploded sending the tools all over the floor. Bram staggered back a little more as the Weequay with the blade kicked the hydrospanner out of his grip and away from Bram. Bram stunned tried to back away even more but caught his foot on one of the tools slipped falling forwards towards his assailant. The Weequay thrust the blade forward as Bram began to fall forwards and he cried out in pain as the Vibroblade pierced his skin just above this right eye and travelled down his face, through is right eye and down into his cheek. Bram fell to the ground, blacking out instantly as his body went into acute shock, His thick black blood flowing out onto the alley floor.

Several days later Bram awoke in a staring through the transparisteel front of a bacta tank. He could see a few medical droids tending the systems and one looked straight at Bram realising he conscious and it hurried from the room, returning shortly thereafter with a man in doctors garb. The Doctor gave Bram quick thumbs up, checked the tanks read outs and left the room. A few hours later Bram was standing supported by a nurse dressed in a hospital gown. The Nurse led Bram to a bed in a stark white ward where she sat him down. Bram sat still groggy from his time in the Bacta tank.

After a short time the Doctor Bram had seen whilst he was in the tank came over to him. "Mr, Dupol?" The doctor asked and Bram nodded, "I have good news and bad news I am afraid. We saved your life and you will make a full recovery but we could not save your eye." Bram stared at the doctor, up until this point he had not realised he was only looking through the one eye. "Thank you," Bram stammered back to the Doctor as the news began to sink in.

"Bram, the Bacta only goes so far, there will be a fairly bad scar from the wound, but you were lucky that blade could quite easily have pierced your brain, Any how, we will give you a couple of days to heal a little more and then you will be free to leave, is there anybody we can contact for you?" Bram shook his head and his head tentacles swung in a wide arc narrowly missing the doctor. "Ok then I will check in on you in a couple of days,"

The doctor returned a few times and checked on his wound and he was also visited by the Police who informed him that they had no found the two thugs even though they had been caught on several cameras fleeing the scene of the attack. Bram had little left now, a few credits a few slightly damaged tools and the clothes he had been wearing when he was attacked. Blood stained and slightly tatty, Bram left the hospital with metal plate bonded across the wound and the halves of the scar snaking across the ragged hole where his eye had been.

Bram returned to his studies confident that the money he had left in his account (A mere 250k) would last him until he could secure a job. He browsed the situations vacant area of the holo-net and found little that suited him; He decided to try applying to some of the factions. Fortunately for Bram the first one he applied to Corellian Transport Services cam straight back to him, offering him a position, as long as he was willing to pass the Republic Academy exams, which he duly did and he got straight into the CTS once he got to Rodia. Bram also signed up to do the Republic Medical exams so he could give back to those who had saved his life.

Day 1 of Year 21 Bram founded Dupol Enterprises, an independant company.


Bram Dupol joined Correllian Transport Services on day 56 of Year 19. He showed a great deal of promise and rose to the rank of Delivery Department CO (C-1) on day 222 Of year 20. Bram also works for the New Republic in a number of different positions. He works as a Jester in ARGH!!!, the morale department of the NR, a Writer for the NR Art Department, he is Dean of Academics at the NR Academy and is Director of Culture for the New Republic. As of Year 20 day 93, he also serves as a New Republic Senator.

Current Positions

Bram dupol sig.png

Writer - New Republic Art Team

Dean Of Academics - New Republic Academy

Jester, ARGH(New Republic)

Delivery Department CO(C-1) Corellian Transport Services

Director Of Culture New Republic, Ministry Of State

Senator(New Republic)

CEO of Dupol Enterprises