Caos Vend`Etta

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Caos Vend`Etta

Caos Vend`Etta
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Laura Vend`Etta
Father Corbin Vend`Etta
Spouse Single
Siblings Unknow
Children None
Born Year -19
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 187cm
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Rank Lieutenant
Positions Classified...
Prior Affiliation New Republic
Awards Classified...



Caos was bron a very quiet child who grew up with engines and droids in a farm away from the big cities in the planet of Corellia. He never had the opportunity to go to school because of his who feared the Empire. In the farm where he lived in his childhood and early adulthood had no schools so that all education that Caos received was most from his mother and his father. At age of 8 Caos has helped his father to harvest Alazhi, with 12 he was responsible for taking all the load to the city and sell it, even under the fearful eyes of his father. Caos grew fascinated by the calmness of his mother, who never took the smile from her face, he also always envied the power of his father, both qualities that he believes he never possessed. He loved to assemble and disassemble engines and old droids, and created many toys and little droids for himself.

Early Adulthood

At age of 14 to 16, Caos began to show a strange behavior toward weapons. He always wanted to keep hold of his father's rifle, what he used to shot down birds and to hunt on the near forests. Corbin, Caos father, needed more then once to go to the forests at night to take Caos back home. In a way to oppose to that, Caos was sent by his father and agains the wishes of his mother to the cities, where he would spent the most part of the day selling the Alazhi farmed on the villages.

They lived as a family together for almost 17 years, until the Empire began to grow it’s eyes in the Alazhi farms of that region, and the regiments began to appear, little by little.

After an incident that almost got Caos killed by imperial stormtroopers Corbin and Laura Vend `Etta made ​​the hardest decision of their lives, they sent Caos in a clandestine ship of Corellia to depart for Rodia. That decision could cause them to never see his son again, but was either that or have his only son enlisted in the stormtroopers ranks of the Galactic Empire. Caos went against his will.


That was it. Adulthood and away from home, in a place that he didn't know. Rodia.

Caos spent many time walking here and there, until he stepped in a bet of podracing that he couldn't pay. Then he started to pilot as a way to pay for his debt. His skill with speeders at least served him well, soon Caos became one of the greatest pilots in that specific place on Rodia. With that, grew the eyes of bounty hunters and criminals, angry punters began to put a price on Caos head, and as a prove of that, he almost died in a pod crash, where he was seriously injuried, lost both arms, had his face disfigured and had several organs totally destroyed. He went to the brink for eight months.

Caos woke up in a bed in one of the dark places of Rodia. His arms were now cybernetic limbs, his face was also reconstructed, he was almost a droid, and he laughted at that, he laughted, for the last time, because he was alive, but the choices he took gave left him with irreparable scars. The doctor didn't charged for the operation, not even for the care of his recovering body. Caos survived eight months, had several cardiorespiratory arrests, several infectionss, and spent this whole time without a Bacta Tank. He had made a friend, an old Ithorian from the Outer Rim. "I also gave you a nice pair of sunglasses. Soon you'll get used to it."

Months after that, Caos enlisted in the New Republic.

Physical Appearance

Caos has a mix of an athletic and destroyed body. He has cybernetic arms, and plenty, plenty of scars. He likes to keep his beard and almost of the time he is with his sunglasses activated. He doesn't like to show his body to anyone.


He can be defined as an argumentative person, although he dislikes to talk when he does he always strikes with an argument. It's almost impossible to find him without a cigarette in his mouth.

Military Carrer