Cavrth Cly

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Cavrth Cly
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Siblings Kali Cly (Sister)
Born Year -15 Day 14 (28 yrs old)
Died Year 13 Day 37
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Federation of Free Alliances
New Republic


Cavrth Cly was born in year -15 to Joana and Celus Cly. The Cly's were a poor farm family on their home planet Corellia. Cavrth grew up with his farmer father learning how to take care of the farm so one day he could run it.

When Cavrth turned 3 he got a present from his parents but it wasnt any normal present, he was greeted with a baby sister Kali Cly. At first Cavrth resented having a younger sibling and wanted to be an only child again but soon after the birth of Kali, Joana fell i'll. Cavrth took on the responsibilities of raising Kali even at his young age. Cavrth and Kali grew on the farm together trying to have a great relationship. Since they were far away from any town/city life, they relied on each other for friendship.

When Cavrth reached the age of 8 he started attending school. Cavrth was ordered by Celus to stay home and farm but Joana didn't want her son growing up into a poor job like farming so they went and got a loan from a smuggler Kash Morlev. Morlev gave the family enough money for Cavrth to go to school and for Kali to start attending also. Quickly the family fell into massive debt that they didnt have enough credits to payoff as their farm business was not producing enough income.

At 15, Cavrth decided to quit school even though he had just earned the rights to be accepted into an academy for gifted pilots while Kali still went to school in the city. Cavrth started running the farm and learned his mother was slowly dying. Celus told him not to tell Kali as for she wouldn't understand quite yet. Cavrth went into the city one day leaving Celus on the farm working, while Kali helped Joana in the house. While in the city Cavrth was picking up some goods and meeting some friends.

Cavrth returned home nearly 5 hours later to his house burnt to the ground! Cavrth looked everywhere trying to find his parents and sister but found nothing, he soon realised they were all dead. Cavrth didn't know whether to think they were dead by accident or murder. Cavrth left his home for a full time school piloting program.

Tricks of the Trade

Cavrth learned piloting skills and was soon able to graduate from the academy at the top of his class. In the year 3 Cavrth was approached by a member of CorSec and agreed to enlist in defending his home planet.

After spending over a year piloting around in the CorSec he wanted to try something different and enlisted in the New Republic. Quickly flying through the academy he ended up taking on a task force job piloting a squadron of Y-Wings. It wasn't until he was aproached by a young trader Zimbabwe Suluclac who ran a good business The Federation of Free Alliances in the year 7 that he found his true calling. He retired from his job in the New Republic to join with the FFA as a trader.

Lost Sister

Though they had been separated each thinking the other was dead. Cavrth was on Nar Shaddaa looking to buy a ship and ran across Kali(neither recognizing who the other was). Kali said she had one in stock and Cavrth offered her the money and she took it. Kali was about to steal the money when Cavrth grabbed her arm thinking she was running but he looked at her wrist and noticed a bracelet on her hand, one that he gave to Cali as a young child. "Kali?" he said in confusion! She turned and smacked him to the ground then withdrew her blaster ready to kill him, "Who are you and how do you know my name" she demanded? "Kali Cly?" he said again! "How do you know my name, tell me or i'll blow your head off." she cried. "Kali, its me Cavrth", he said as he rolled up his sleeve showing his bracelet that they exchanged as children. Kali and Cavrth looked at each other in disbelief after not having seen each other/ each thinking the other was dead for nearly 8 years.

Cavrth attended the year 9 wedding of Kali Cly and Valen Zoller with his own new wife Lannera Avery on the planet Tatooine.

In year 10 tragedy struck Cavrth as his brother in law was murdered by Kash Morlev's personal assistant smuggler/bounty hunter Kara Hess. After stealing from Morlev, Zoller was found, arrested and murdered. Much to the dismay of Kali. Months later Cavrth stopped an attempt on Kali's life by Kalin Vos, Vos felt dishonored by his doings he decided to dedicate his life to Kali. It was months later when Kali was then murdered by Hess as well.

Cavrth and Vos spent months tracking down Hess before finally killing her.

Later Life

Lately Cavrth, Vos and Xzar Versia have started a smuggling/trading business helping many throughout the galaxy.

In Y11-Y12 Cavrth formed Amnethyst Line with Kalin Vos, Xzar Versia, and Kaja Putra. Cavrth was the senior pilot and co-founder but later decided to leave to settle down on Corellia where he met his wife Lanerra Avery and son Caden Cly. Cavrth opened a Warehouse, Garage and Tavern on the planet and was last known to be frequenting the Tavern running his business'.


Last known whereabouts for Cavrth Cly was working with the Smugglers Alliance, he was on leave to meet Kalin Vos at a warehouse in Zidja.

It was later confirmed by Kalin Vos on Y13 D37 that Cavrth Cly had been murdered and betrayed by his so called "friends" of the Smugglers Alliance. However months after losing his best friend Kalin Vos was found dead onboard a Wraiths Smuggling ship on Y13 D234, speculation is that he

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