Chiss Ascendancy-In-Exile

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This article is about the racial society.You may be looking for the Religion, here:Chiss Ascendancy (Year 9) , or the Government here: Chiss Ascendancy (Year 8)

Chiss Ascendancy-In-Exile
General Information
Status Active
Leader Ruling Circle
Motto "Building the Future of the Chiss"
Headquarters classified
Historical Information
Founded Year 7 (as Chiss Society)
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Racial Community
Holosite Chiss Ascendancy-In-Exile

The Chiss Ascendancy is the name of a Racial Community of Chiss.Its purpose is to unite the Chiss people and educate their fellow Chiss about Chiss culture.


Chiss Society

The Chiss Society was started in Year 7 by Kamm`aldui` Nakesh as a community to bring together the Chiss People.


Carn`ilo` Sabosen and Flar Gar led the call for increased activity on behalf of the Chiss Society. Capital was gathered to found the first economic venture of the Chiss Society, the Chiss Ascendancy Medical Corproation(see:Chiss Ascendancy (Year 10)).

Betrayal was marked with an attempted theft of Chiss Ascendancy (Medical Corporation) capital by Sye Montaris. The attempt was however successfully predicted and countered. Sabosen and the Chiss council decided to dissolve Chiss Ascendancy as a medical corporation.

Economic Development and Culture Reform

After the matter was resolved, Flar Gar and others were successful in coordinating capital and interest to found a new economic venture, Chiss Material Extractions

Chiss Material Extractions is independent from Chiss Ascendancy.

During this time Sabosen led the call for reforms within the Chiss Society to encourage cultural development, even renaming the group from its name of Chiss Society to Chiss Ascendancy(in-exile).

A matter of Tradition

After the death Carn`ilo` Sabosen the CAiE became even more attached the traditionalist philosophy Nilos had supported. After his death, the philosophy underwent a refinement, as some elements were changed(such as an anti-human bias), but the core premise of the philosophy remained.

The Traditionalist Philosophy held that it was the traditional Chiss institutions, as the natural embodiments of Chiss values, were to be held in high regard. It criticized what it felt were Progressive efforts at "poisoning it" with changes.

The Progressives accused them of being racists and argued that it was time for a more pluralistic strategy. This included recruiting nonchiss to high positions, allowing for both groups to exist in peace,and adapting. The Traditionalists rejected this. They argued that Flar had added the caveat about allowing nonchiss in high positions to reward his friends(such as FF Minister of State, Simon Eusnomis). The traditionalists also stated that it was impossible for two groups to exist who were opposed philophically, as the chiss society would be forever divided as a result. Finally, they derided Flar Gar's claim of the need for "adaptation" as "revisionism to legitimize himself".

Deceased Members