Chiss Material Extractions

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Founded On: Year 11 Day 211

Owner:Flar Gar

Leader:Carn`ilo` Sabosen




Motto:Mining for a brighter future!


All beings in the Galaxy demand a sense of freedom and the Chiss are in no way different. It was decided in recent times that the “Third Chiss Ascendancy” needed time to reorganize itself. The Chiss Council decided that her people, and her friends, will not give up the dream to control its own destiny. Enter into the fold. Chiss Material Extractions.

It is a sure thing in the Galaxy that raw materials are an absolute necessary. In order for the Chiss to build its own destiny, Chiss Material Extractions, hopes to help build yours. Always on the look out for new talent and new contracts, be it, contracts from upcoming or established entrepreneur, or large to small groups within our galaxy. Our neutral company is matched with professionalism and enthusiasm with a dash of the very rare kind of blue. Why not contact us today for of your material needs?


Chiss Material Extractions(CME) began as a project to financially enrich the Chiss.Despite the name and predominately chiss membership, nonchiss are welcome.The goal is the creation of an all-inclusive community of chiss exiles and nonchiss seeking a better life.

Over concern about the political implications of the Chiss Ascendancy(NFG) joining the Council of Native Races, CME announced its indpendence.While some members of CME are members of the Chiss Ascendancy(NFG), CME is itself independent, and only takes directives from its current Board of Directors, which is lead by majority shareholder Flar Gar.

Board of Directors

  • Lord Flar Gar(shareholder)
  • Carn`ilo` Sabosen(shareholder)
  • CLAASIFIED(shareholder)