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he Old Republic is a Government within the Galaxy.
he Old Republic is a [[Category:Government|Government]] within the Galaxy.

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he Old Republic is a within the Galaxy.




In a bid to seek recognition as an acceptable Government, Black Nebula reformed itself into a new Government. It no longer claimed piracy and sought peaceful existence in the galaxy and consolidation of the territories it still controlled.Its leaders revealed that they were Senators who had survived the dissolution of the Imperial Senate by Drayson who had fled to Yavin.

NR Offensive

Unconvinced of the claims that the OR was any different than Black Nebula, the New Republic led a series of offensives against what they still believed was a "Pirate government".


In Year 11, the Old Republic announced that a trusted member of their staff had looted them.As they believed that the looter was an agent of the Falleen Federation, they ceased all trade with FF and the entire Galactic Alliance.

Trade relations were reestablished when OR could not prove that the FF, let alone the GA was behind the theft.The incident did intensify already tense GA-OR relations.

Sumitra Offensive

On the heels of a rumor that the OR planned to join the Imperial Union, the Falleen Federation launched an offensive into the what then known as the Sumitra Sector.

Exiles' Immigration

In Year 11, the Loot of the FFA caused Federation of Free Alliances leader Han Daragon to seek sanctuary for the FFA personnel who remained loyal to him. The Old Republic offered sanctuary and Han Daragon and his staff became integrated into the OR chain of command.

Sheppard Retirement

Seth Sheppard eventually retired in favor of Korinas Vildras.

Gand Coup attempt

Jormungand Gand who had been assisting the Old Republic on a number of projects attempted to seize power in the Old Republic after he hired a pilot to fly a ship into a sun, with Korinas Vildras aboard. Korinas briefly regained consciousness long enough to remove Gand's access to OR assets.