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Old Republic

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Old Republic
Political information
Type of government {{{type}}}
Head of State Supreme Chancellor Win Jurgen
Head-of-Government Vice Chancellor
Commander-in-Chief Minister of Defense Sirius Dogstar
Executive branch Old Republic Ministry
Legislative branch Old Republic Senators
Judicial branch Old Republic Ministry of Justice
Affiliation Neutral
Societal information
Capital TBA
Territory Lol, Herios,Instrop, Ferra, Quiberon and Tammuz Sectors.
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Telegron Rothani Shipworks
Date of establishment {{{founded}}}
Status Active
Holosite Old Republic


Telegron Rothani Shipworks was one of the most successful starship design firms in the Old Republic and had the distinction of being wholly owned by the Nautolan Government. Just before the rise of the Empire, the company fell on hard times and many of the less profitable divisions, including but not limited to the direct military applications were dismantled, allowing for the more profitable manufacturing of a select few lines, such as the huge MTC and the fast ATR.

During the same year the Old Republic was founded, eXiles Corporation and it's huge and loyal personnel decided to make the Old Republic more powerful and joined forces. Joining the Old Republic was Koensayr and Maelstrom Industrial Salvage as nationalized subsidiaries. During Year 11 Day 250 Supreme Chancellor Seth Shepard decided to retire and leave the reigns of the Old Republic in capable hands with now Supreme Chancellor Korinas Vildras. Today the dragon has awoken.

The Old Republic Has Risen Again.


The Old Republic derived from several organizations:


In a bid to seek recognition as an acceptable government, Telegron Rothani Shipworks reformed itself into a new government and, on Year 11 Day 150, the Old Republic was born. It no longer claimed piracy and sought peaceful existence in the galaxy and consolidation of the territories it still controlled. Its leaders revealed that they were Senators who had survived the dissolution of the Imperial Senate by Emperor Drayson who had fled to Yavin.


On Year 11 Day 120, the Old Republic announced that a trusted member of their staff Inronkini Wànnéng Alani had looted them for more than 3 billion credits. A communique was sent via holonet and it was believed that the thief was actually working with high-ranking sentients within the Falleen Federation and the Rogue Squadron, because of this the Old Republic ceased all trade with FF and the entire Galactic Alliance.

Trade relations were reestablished when OR could not prove that the FF and RS, let alone the GA was behind the theft. The incident did intensify already tense GA-OR relations though during Year 12 Day 80 relations with the GA were repairing.

eXiles Immigration

Circa Year 11 Day 150, the disastrous Fifty Days' War between the Aurodium Legion and the Federation of Free Alliances caused the eXiles Corporation and its leader Han Daragon to seek sanctuary for their surviving personnel who still remained loyal to the cause. Junior Partner Helen Hawk of Koensayr requested an audience with Supreme Chancellor Seth Shepard of the Old Republic. The two dignitaries reached a beneficial agreement that granted the remaining eXiles personnel a safe haven in the Old Republic. Shortly thereafter, Han Daragon and his staff became integrated into the Old Republic's chain-of-command on Year 11 Day 205. This led to a reform of the Old Republic and marked the beginning of a new democratic era.

Sheppard Retirement

On Year 11 Day 336 Supreme Chancellor Seth Sheppard retired in favor of Vice Chancellor Korinas Vildras.

Coup D'etat Attempt

Within the Yavin System on year 11 day 358 while Supreme Chancellor Korinas was inspecting the local construction effort when a Black Sword Fleet assault force apprehended Supreme Chancellor Korinas's vessel with access keys given to them by Minister Jormungand Gand. As four Black Sword Fleet operatives boarded the vessel and attempt the seize control of it the vessel veered too close to the Yavin sun and all 4 of the Black Sword Fleet operatives were killed including Gideon Stargazer. Supreme Chancellor Korinas came out of the attack unharmed and with only a minor sunburn due to the ray shielding that was placed around him to keep him contained during the take over. In the end the ray shielding that was to keep Supreme Chancellor Korinas trapped saved his life. Soon later Jormungand Gand was stripped of rank and fined over 1 billion dollars for assisting and planning of the coup d'etat.

War Against the Empire

A day after announcing their newly elected Senators, the Old Republic issued a declaration of war against the Galactic Empire on Day 219.




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General information

Nationalized Subsidiaries


  • ORBanner.png
  • HH banner 1a.gif


Second Galactic Civil War
Galactic Alliance

Arkanian Brotherhood · The Hyporian Commonwealth · The Invid Order · Jedi Order · The Resistance · Rogue Squadron · Triumvirate Coalition

Other Anti-Imperial

Rebel Alliance · The Antarian Rangers

Imperial Union

Black Sun · Galactic Empire · The Faerytail Family · Tresario Star Kingdom

Imperial Union-aligned


Galactic Concordiate

Aurodium Legion · Confederacy of Independent Systems · Falleen Federation · Mandalore · Sienar Conglomerate · Tion Hegemony · Trade Federation

Galactic Concordiate-aligned

The Wraiths

Shadow Dominion

Zann Consortium · Biotech

Battles and Conflicts
Major Conflicts

Adlentar · Alderaan · Bacta Wars · Berchest · Beta · Churnis · Corellia · Dellalt · Dostra · Dressel · Hosnian · Kashyyyk · 2nd Krmar II · Meridian · N'zoth · Sacorria · 1st Tatooine · 2nd Tatooine · Trellen

Major Hostile Takeovers

Takeover of The Antarian Rangers (Y9 D221 - Y10 D341) · Corporate Sector Authority Nationalisation (Y5 D139 - Y10 D102) · Takeover of the New Republic

Wars of the Galaxy

Black Sun Crisis (Y3 D53 - Y3 D293) · Cron Conflict (Y11 D64 - D297) · First Imperial Civil War (Y-2 - Y0) · Second Imperial Civil War (Y1 D307 - Y3 D290) · Third Imperial Civil War (Y6 D318 - Y10 D160) · Fourth Imperial Civil War (Y11 D291)

Related Wars

Outer Rim War (Y7 - Present Day) · Mandalorian Civil War (Y16 D35 - Present Day)

General information


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