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Old Republic
Political information
Type of government {{{type}}}
Head of State Supreme Chancellor Korinas Vildras
Head-of-Government Vice Chancellor
Executive branch Old Republic Ministry
Legislative branch Old Republic Council
Judicial branch Old Republic Ministry of Justice
Affiliation Neutral
Societal information
Capital Yavin
Territory Various Planets and Systems within: Brak, Sumitra, Rimma Trade Routes Remnants, Elrood, Trax, Unknown Regions, Ottega and Kanz Sectors.
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Telegron Rothani Shipworks
Date of establishment {{{founded}}}
Status Active


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Telegron Rothani Shipworks was one of the most successful starship design firms in the Old Republic and had the distinction of being wholly owned by the Nautolan Government. Just before the rise of the Empire, the company fell on hard times and many of the less profitable divisions, including but not limited to the direct military applications were dismantled, allowing for the more profitable manufacturing of a select few lines, such as the huge MTC and the fast ATR.

During the same Year the Old Republic was founded, eXiles Corporation and it's huge and loyal member-base decided to make the Old Republic more powerful and joined forces. Joining the Old Republic was Koensayr and Maelstrom Industrial Salvage as Naturalized Factions. During Year 11 Day 250 Supreme Chancellor Seth Shepard decided to retire and leave the reigns of the Old Republic in capable hands with now Supreme Chancellor Korinas Vildras.

Today the dragon has awoken. Our Time starts NOW!

The Old Republic Has Risen Again.


Old Republic derived from several organizations:

Telegron Rothani Shipworks- Lead by Sith Master Isoldor Storm

The 12 Colonies- Lead by Sith Master Isoldor Storm

Chiss Ascendancy- Lead by Sith Master Isoldor Storm

Black Nebula- Lead by Prard Al' Keyrek

Telegron Rothani Shipworks- Lead by Cevin Pong

Old Republic- Lead by Seth Shepard

Formation of The Old Republic

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In a bid to seek recognition as an acceptable Government, Telegron Rothani Shipworks reformed itself into a new Government and in YR 11 Day 150 the Old Republic was born.

It no longer claimed piracy and sought peaceful existence in the galaxy and consolidation of the territories it still controlled.Its leaders revealed that they were Senators who had survived the dissolution of the Imperial Senate by Drayson who had fled to Yavin.

A Traitor Among us

In Year 11 Day 170, the Old Republic announced that a trusted member of their staff Inronkini Wànnéng Alani had looted them for more than 3 billion credits.

A communique was sent via holo-net and it was believed that the thief was actually working with high ranking sentients within the Falleen Federation and the Rogue Squadron, because of this the Old Republic ceased all trade with FF and the entire Galactic Alliance.

Trade relations were reestablished when OR could not prove that the FF and RS, let alone the GA was behind the theft. The incident did intensify already tense GA-OR relations though during YR 12 Day 80 relations with the GA were repairing.

eXiles Immigration

In Year 11 Day 150, the Elderan Coup caused the eXiles Corporation and it's government the Federation of Free Alliances leader Han Daragon and it's Partners to seek sanctuary for the eXiles personnel who remained loyal to the cause. Jr. Partner Helen Hawk of Koensayr requested an audience with Supreme Chancellor Seth Shepard of The Old Republic. They came into a beneficial accord establishing all eXiles a safe sanctuary and Han Daragon and his staff became integrated into the OR chain of command during YR 11 Day 205.

This lead to a reform of Old Republic marking the beginning of a new democratic era.

Sheppard Retirement

During YR 11 Day 336 Supreme Chancellor Seth Sheppard eventually retired in favor of Vice Chancellor Korinas Vildras.

Gand Coup attempt

During YR 11 Day 358 Jormungand Gand who had been assisting the Old Republic on a number of projects attempted to seize power in the Old Republic with the help of Gideon Stargazer. Gideon was given access to Supreme Chancellor Korinas Vildras ship and without access to his stateroom he decided to do a Kamikazi and fly a ship into a sun.

This caused Gideon Stargazer to sacrifice himself for the cause, though what wasn't counted on was that Supreme Chancellor Vildras ship was made of specialized Carbon Steel, the ship was damaged but not blown to pieces. The Supreme Chancellor lost consciousness but wasn't long before he was up and alert. He then relayed information to his other vessels of the attempt and within minutes Gand's access was revoked without any damage. Upon this fiasco, Gand lost over 1 billion in assets that Old Republic had secured, due to fines in the attempt.

Old Republic Leadership

C-3 Supreme Chancellor - Korinas Vildras

C-1 Minister of Industry - Han Daragon

C-1 Minister of Intelligence - Helen Hawk

C-1 Minister of Interior - Gatorfett Fronek

C-1 Minister of Defense - Sirius Dogstar

C-1 Minister of Infrastructure - Stryker Killian

C-1 Minister of Minerology - Zandar Russa

C-1 Minister of Justice - Valat Horn

Knights of the Old Republic- Head Jedi Knight: Valat Horn

Old Republic and it's Naturalized Factions

ORavatar.png Old Republic- Supreme Chancellor- Korinas Vildras, Minister Valat Horn, Minister Sirius Dogstar, Minister Stryker Killian

GMC logo small.png Galacian Mining Corporation- CEO Minister Helen Hawk, XO Minister Zandar Russa

Koensayrlogo.png Koensayr- CEO Minister Han Daragon, XO Minister Gatorfett Fronek

MISlogonew.png Maelstrom Industrial Salvage- CEO Toorg Dayiir, XO Daisuke Haines