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[[Universal Network Bank]]
[[Universal Network Bank]]
[[Horizon Corporation]]
| Founded = Year 11
| Founded = Year 11
| Affiliation = Neutral
| Affiliation = Neutral

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Confederacy of Independent Systems
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The Confederacy of Independent Systems, known as the CIS, is a unique group centered on trade to help each allied faction develop. Founded by the Trade Federation, the CIS flourished, at one point having 16 member factions. Through time, factions fell away and the CIS splintered. Many of the original factions, joined up with the Trade Federation as Nationalized factions, and the CIS name fell by to he way side. Many unaffiliated groups laid claim to the CIS name over the years. Meanwhile, some of the old Confederate factions, no longer Affiliated with the Trade Federation, had found quite a bit of success in the private sectors of the Galaxy. In the Middle of Year 11, some of these factions joined together to reform the once great Confederacy. The Confederate of Independent Systems was reborn.