Cordin Siprus

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Cordin Siprus
Biographical Information
Race Zeltron
Homeworld Zeltros
Mother Tamina Siprus (Adoptive)
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Alluria and Crix (Adoptive)
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Red
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Prior Affiliation Archduchy of Tolonda, Triumvirate Coalition, Tion Hegemony, New Republic, Meteora Enterprises, Centurion Arms

The Early Years

An Unexpected Path

Born from possibly a joy girl, women known for living the high life but usually disposing of undesired pregnancies, Cordin was abandoned in a dark ally, still covered in the after birth of his entrance into the world. Cold and screaming he was found and later adopted by a much older Zeltron woman who had been passing the alley at the time. Shocked to find a baby boy dying of exposure, she took him in and quickly fell in love with him, while his DNA marked him to indeed some joy girl who plied her trade among the spacers who visit the Zeltron homeworld. His birth mother was quick to pass on all rights to Cordin to his adoptive mother, Tamia Siprus when she abandoned him. Naming the baby boy Cordin, a folk hero of legend that overcame great odds, she raised him in a relatively happy childhood where he gained a good education. Raised like a son, Cordin never felt left out and over time as he grew, he became a strong a intelligent young Zeltron. Developing friendships through could not replace his desire for something more. Seeking to replace that emptiness with something greater, as he grew Cordin got into speed racing.

First Passion

Drawn by the lure of racing, Cordin got his first employment in a workshop that repaired standard vehicles and speeders alike. During this time he learned the ins and outs of how vehicles were made and began developing a reputation as a “Go to guy” for both repairs and customizations when it came to vehicles. In time as Cordin became renown in his area, he began working on building vehicles from scratch. Building and repairing vehicles earned him enough income to begin building his own speeders and it was not too long after that, that with his four closest friends he began a speeder group that became known as “The Zelriders.” Piloting around the local speed ways for the next few years quickly earned the interests of many and soon his group grew in size. On and off the track the Zelriders were known for their dangerous maneuvers and exotic speeders, all made possibly by Cordin Siprus.

Alone Again

After his adoptive mother died of a rare illness when Cordin was but 20 standard years of age, unable to fight its onset due to advanced aging, the emotionally shattered Cordin broke away from his Zelriders and sought solace in being alone. The Zelriders though could not let one of their leaders diminish from the group, and like the adoptive mother he had before, they became his adoptive family. Riding brought solace, and with that he was joined with his Zelriders who began to look up to him as more than just the leader of their group but as the kind of leader you look up to. Overcoming his mother’s death put Cordin on a hard road, but that road molded him into the man he was to become.

Ride On

His recent loss shook him up and soon after Cordin decided that it was time to leave Zeltros and explore new worlds and meet new people. As months wend on his idea spread through is fellow “Zelriders” and one year later they were all inside a freighter and on their way to a nearby system.

In the End

For the next three years they went from planet to planet as they felt like it, working where they could to get money for their needs and riding whenever they could. Never staying much time in the same place they kept moving on always looking for new places and new adventures, these where the happiest days of Cordin´s life. One day never the less the dream fell apart wend three of them perished from this world… It was the beginning of a new day and although the sun was going up the tall treed hide the sun´s light keeping the small clearing still darkened. The five young man where on an old road that crossed a dense forest in their way to the next village and decided to stopped at a clearing to pass the night. Tettsel, Kitrep and Jeho where still wrapped in their blankets, Siot was working on is speeder and Cordin was just laying in the ground looking at the tree tops moving as the wind passed by them.

“Things can’t get better than this, we are so lucky.” Cordin thought. Suddenly the sound of blasters firing echoed thru the forest and got the five up and alert. A few more shots were fired. “It’s coming from the east.” Kitlep said, and then just started running that way. The others looked at each other and then started running after their friend. They went thru the trees and bushes for about five minutes while the blasters kept firing until they got to the edge of a big clearing. Slowly and carefully they approached the tree line and looked at the centre of the clearing where something was happening. A group of men wearing a dark grey armor that none of them had ever seen, where surrounding a group of people that where standing in the middle of them. Suddenly one of the man in the middle started running but a few seconds after he had evaded one of the armored man and started running for the trees a shot was eared and the fugitive fell on the ground. The Zeltron friends froze all but one, Jeho let out a scream “Nooooo.”

It didn’t took long for the murderers to figure out where they where and start shooting at them. The five panicked and turned to start running back to their camp but it was already too late for one of them… Tettsel layed on the ground shot in the chest… “Run, run.” Cordin heard his friend Kitrep shout. They started running as fast as they could hopping not to be hit by any of the shots but not all where lucky… Looking back Cordin noticed there was no sigh of Jeho and as he tough about where he would be, he heard a scream of pain. Looking back again he saw Siot on the ground in pain and reaching out for him. Looking further back he noticed the persuaders where about to reach them and he froze for a bit looking at his fallen friend. A few seconds felt like they took ages to pass and it was only the force of Kitrep´s hand grabbing and then pulling him back that awoke him. “They are almost here, we cant save him, if we do we will all die.”Kitrep kept pushing him back and Cordin kept staring at his fallen brother until he gave up, turned and ran away. The shots kept flying all around them and that made the two keep running as fast as they could, arriving at their camp they jumped on their speeders and took off heading north to a close by hill.

They rode for a few miles but the image of Siot on the ground reaching out for him would not go away and took the best of him, braking hard he stopped his speeder. Kitrep made the same soon after and came back to talk to him.” We have to go Cordin.” Looking his friend in the face he replied. “This is wrong, we cant leaved them.” Kitrep didn’t get a chance to say anything else since Cordin took off back to the camp. It took a few seconds for Kitrep to make up his mind on what to do but he finally decided to go after Cordin. They stopped a few yards from the camp and then went on foot crossing the deep forest heading for the place where Siot was hit. Carefully they made their way and when they got there, there was nothing but some blood on the dark ground. They then decided to go to the edge of the forest where they watched the murderers first. When they finally did they looked around the clearing and again, nothing but blood here and there, no trace of anyone or of any bodies. After searching everywhere both decided it was time to go, so they went back to the camp, picked up what they could and left still confused and not knowing what sense to make of all that had happen.

Lift to Centurion

Cordin and the other remaining Zeltron decided to go their separate ways, swearing never to speak of what happen to the remaining “Zelriders” on that day. Lost and shaken by the events that took place Cordin rode to a nearby starport to get transported somewhere else. As he arrived at the starport the Zeltron´s eyes noticed a medium-size freighter that had written on the side Centurion Arms. Noticing a humanoid figure next to the ships entrance Cordin approached and faced a well dressed man in is forties. "Are you the owner of this ship? "I wish I was, but no I work for CA and I am just delivering some merchandise here." replied the pilot. Looking at the ships logo again Cordin asked. "Is your company hiring personnel? "We are always looking for hardworking people, do you fit the profile?" The man said as he expressed a small smile. "I do what needs to be done and I dont stop until it is so, is that good enough?" Promptly Cordin answered. "Good enough for me at least, lets talk inside." The man told him as he led the way inside the ship. A few hours later and with his speeder inside the ship, the Zeltron left the forsaken planet never to come back again.

The leader of Centurion Arms after a long talk with Cordin decided to take him in and give him a job. The first months where spent in the production factories learning how all was done and then he was moved to the delivery department. Month after month he kept learning and working as hard as he could until a few years later he became the XO of the faction. The Zeltron enjoyed his job but the fact that the faction’s leader Kara Ikron never did trust him fully started to take a weight on him and he finally deiced it was time to leave.

The New Years


Cordin was on planet Hapes, his final delivery for CA was made and he headed back to his ship, an old PES but one that was in pretty good shape and that Cordin loved to pilot. On his way back he stopped at a bar to have a few drinks and a few hours later he finally got to his ship, opening the door he stepped in and in the dark, he started to make his way to the cockpit when he heard a soft metallic noise. Slowly he turned in the direction of the area where the noise seemed to have come from but he didn’t get a chance to look at it very well since something hit him in his jaw, the blow wasn’t that hard but the fact that he was drunk made him fall to the ground like a rock. Still stunned by the attack the Zeltron tried to get on his back and as soon as he did someone jumped on top of him and started to try and punch him in the face, using his arms Cordin blocked the attacks, a few seconds later he managed to grab the attacker’s arms and then he pushed him to the side. Getting on top of the attacker Cordin managed to block both the attacker's arms with just one hand, with the other he took the knife from inside his jacket and put its tip under the throat of the person under him. As soon as he did a loud feminine voice was heard “Please don’t kill my brother!” Turning is head the Zeltron saw a young girl on her knees crying heavily behind him. Turning back to face his attacker he noticed it was also a young boy so he got up and let him join he´s sister while Cordin turned the lights on and grabbed the blaster he had hidden nearby. Sitting on an empty crate the Zeltron faced the couple sitting on the floor of the ship and asked. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” After a few moments and after looking at her brother and he nodded at her the young girl said their names where Crix and Alluria, their father was a high ranking officer of the Happen military that went insane, killed their mother over jealousy and then accused the two brothers of the murder. Knowing their father would manage to convince the authorities and the courts that they were guilty they decided to try and escape from the city. Looking at the girl’s eyes Cordin knew she was telling the truth so he put his blaster back in the hidden place, leaned forward on the crate and closed his eyes. He stayed like that for a couple of minutes until voices were heard outside. “Sweep every ship and crate in this bay.” The two brothers froze with fear realizing they would be found by the Starport security and taken to the prison. Cordin looked at the door and then at the two terrified brothers, a few seconds went by and then the Zeltron got up, bushed the crate he was sitting on to the side, then kneeled and quickly pulled one of the floor panels. “Get in quick.” As soon as the brothers did, he closed the panel and pushed the crate back on top of the panel, not soon after a patrol of the Starport security stormed into the ship and started to search it for passengers. “Can I help you?” Cordin asked and the reply he got was “Security check, don’t worry we won’t be long if you stay out of our way.” The Zeltron cooperated and soon after they were out the door, not wasting time Cordin entered the cockpit and jumped on the pilot seat, a few minutes later he was cleared to leave the Starport and soon after the PES was leaving Hapes.

Meteora Enterprises

He wasn’t without a job for long as a customer of Centurions Arms eared he had left and reached out to him to make him a proposal. What Chester Riddick had in mind was to partner up with Cordin to create a ship building faction and it didn’t take much to convince the young Zeltron. The planning and preparation started right away and month’s later production had started in the first of more to come shipyards. All went well for some years until the crisis hit and the production and sale of ships started to slow down and almost stop, what forced the two leaders to decide what to do next. Sadly there was a difference of opinion regarding what they should do, while Chester wanted to carry on with production Cordin was sure things wouldn’t change any time soon and that it was a mistake to continue so he decided to sell he´s part of the company to his partner and go on a different path…

The Guilty ones Revealed

The five men left the bar and made their way to the ship, the day was exhausting so they decided to go relax a bit at a bar but it was time to head back so Cordin, Crix an assistant and two guards made their way along a long street with not much movement when their heard and saw something suspicious on a side alley. Coming closer for a better look, they saw a group of hooded people with long capes gathered close together. Noticing they were being watched the hooded group turned to face Cordin´s group and as they did it was visible they were wearing a dark armor. The man in the front raised his arm and pointed to the right. “Keep moving.” The now open cape revealed a symbol in the armor that Cordin recognized immediately and that froze him. “It's them.” He thought to himself. “Do you have a hearing problem?” Asked the group´s leader resting his hand on his blaster. Noticing Cordin's reaction Crix put his hand on his brother's shoulder “Are you ok?” Crix´s touch woke him up, he was a bit in shock but he knew he needed a plan so he walked away leading the others. Cordin took them to the next alley and then grabbed Crix by the harm and took him to the side and told him that those where the ones that killed his friends all those years ago. Crix knew the story and was as much surprised to find them as Cordin who had been searching for them or even some information on them since before he adopted him and his sister. Knowing they were not properly armed and that they would not go down easy the zeltron sent his brother to get more men and more weapons from the ship while he followed the assassins. Cordin followed them do a warehouse in the port area and observed the building´s defenses and the hostiles there. Managing to get inside the warehouse they counted 9 men inside and 2 on guard by the door and quickly planed the strike. The reinforcements arrived soon and after everyone was briefed and in position, the attack took place, while half the group attacked the entrance and caught the attention making the ones inside converge on the entrance to protect it, the other group would surprise them from behind and crush them in the middle of both groups. The plan was well executed and it would have gone perfectly if some of his men weren’t hit but in the end, 6 assassins where dead and 5 were subdued. While the prisoners were taken to their ship Cordin and Crix stayed behind to collect any Intel they could on the group to better understand who they were dealing with, there was much to be done…

Ghost from the Past

Two months later the Zeltron was in a big marketplace buying some parts for his speeders when he got the feeling he was being followed but looking around he could not find anyone that might be doing so. After finishing his purchases he made his way to the starport and as he turned to another street he was faced with a man pointing a blaster at him. “Get in.” The man said pointing to the open door close by. Cordin didn’t recognize the man but there was something familiar in him so he decided to do as the man said and walked inside and found himself in a large but degraded room with nothing in it. Turning to face the man Cordin decided to attack first. “I don’t have much on me but you are welcome to it.” “Don’t you insult me you traitor!” He quickly replied The Zeltron was confused with those words as they made no sense to him. The man stepped closer allowing his victim to take a better look at him, a man with a pink skin with a scar across his face. “I have been searching for you for a long time, don’t you see who I am? Don’t you recognize me, BROTHER?” “Brother… Brother… Brother…” the work echoed in the red man´s head.

“Brother? The only ones I called brothers where the Zelriders.” The pink-skinned man smiled and Cordin approached to look better at the man’s face. After a few seconds “Siot?” Stepping forward he prepared to hug his old friend but he was soon knocked on the ground by a powerful and unexpected punch on the jaw. Standing over the fallen man Siot pointed his blaster down. “You think I will give you a warm hug after you left me behind to die you, traitor?” Cordin was still in shock from the reaction and the words of is former brother so it took him some time to reply. “We went back to help you but there was no one there anymore, we went back Siot.” “Lies, they took me with them, I almost died from my wounds and when I didn’t they sold me into slavery, I was a slave for years before I managed to escape, revenge kept me alive, pushed me to escape and drove me to become a mercenary and to find you so I could make you pay!” “I am sorry you suffered so much Siot but I swear to you we did go back for you.” “Doesn't really matter, does it? You abandoned me and now I am here to set things right.” “I know I failed you and I have regretted it since but don’t forget all the times I did help you.” Siot said nothing for a few seconds is mind went back in time to the moments when Cordin helped him, the times he defended him against others and the times he shared his food and home with him. Slowly Cordin got up always looking in Siot´s eyes while he kept his blaster against his face. “You have all the right to feel the way you feel, I can't take back what I did nor what happened to you, but I can get you a proper revenge.” “I am about to get my revenge.” Siot stated as he let out a smile. “Yes you can get your revenge from me but if you do you won't get revenge from those that shot, hurt and sold you.” Siot paused for a few seconds. “What are you talking about?” “I caught a few men from that group that attacked and took you and I will have their base´s location soon too.” “Liar, your tricks won't save you.” Slowly Cordin opened up his jacket and from one of the inside pockets took out his datapad. After searching on it a bit he turned the datapad´s screen to Siot and showed him a small video. Without letting his guard down the man watched the video then froze for a few moments and then faced his old friend while lowering he´s blaster. Cordin knew then that he believed him so he stepped forward and got really close to Siot´s face “Help me avenge you and the others.” Siot was not expecting this when he planned his revenge against his old friend so it took him some time to organized his mind and make a decision. “I will do this and then I will deal with you.” Cordin nodded in agreement “Follow me I can give you more details on my ship.”


Cordin was back in the Hysalria system, the place the New Republic trusted him to evolve and manage as Governor of the New Republic. The day had been long especially with all the meetings he had to go to, so he decided to go to his favorite bar for some fun and relaxation. Later that night Cordin noticed a beautiful woman sitting alone in a corner and decided to try his luck. The woman’s name was Jen Oberin and she liked the zeltron´s approach and so the rest of the night was very fun and pleasant. Along the next month, the two spent a lot of time together and naturally, their feeling grew to the point where they compromised with each other. Months later Jen asked if Cordin could lend her some credits to open up a transport company along with two other partners on planet Kiffex. Cordin decided to lend the credits to Jen and 1 month later Light of Kiffex was born. Because of his duty in the NR Army and hers on the new company especially after the death of Ragan Broxan, one of Jen´s partners, they were unable to spend so much time together but the relationship was still strong. All was well until news of Jen stopped coming, Cordin even sent someone to look for her on Kiffex but nothing was found regarding her or even her company. A few days later Alluria busted into Cordin´s office to tell him the terrible news, Light of Kiffex was Legion of Knights, a Mercenary group that had recently created some trouble to the New Republic. Jen had tricked him into financing mercenaries to hurt the innocent and also the NR… Cordin exploded in rage unleashing the force in him and throwing his sister to the ground. It took a minute and the sight of Alluria on the ground to calm him and bring him back to himself but still, the rage persisted and so he took his brothers and left to find Jen. It took almost a month but she was located on a secret hideout, at night they stormed the place and after a fears battle Jen´s men surrendered. Finally, they were face to face and Jen did not hold back, looking deep in each other’s eyes Jen revealed her true self saying what she truly felt about Cordin and how she had used him. As she talked, rage kept building inside Cordin until he couldn’t hold it inside anymore and he draws his sword and charges the woman. Jen stepped back as fast as she could but the blade was long and reached out for her heart but as the tip was about to hit her, a scream was eared. “NOOOOO.” The Zeltron recognized the voice of his sister and froze… Turning his face he looked at her sister and stood there for a few seconds as the tears flowed down her cheeks, then put away his sword and looked at Crix. “Put them inside the Raven with a full guard squad.” Crix noded and then dragged Jen who kept provoking Cordin and the rest of the prisoners out of the room. “What will you do with them?” Alluria asked “I will not kill them but they will have to pay for what they have done. Come on you brat, it seems we all need some rest.” Alluria smiled and then followed her brother to their ship…

Other Info

The House

Cordin.jpg Cordin Siprus

Crix.png Crix Siprus Alluria.png Alluria Siprus

Siot.png Siot Lustan

Kiara.png Kiara Darpa Adiara.png Adiara Darpa Ria.png Ria Darpa

Job/Position History:

- XO of Centurion Arms

- XO of Meteora Enterprises (co-owner)

- Explorator at House Valeo (TAC)

- Army Colonel at New Republic

- Assistant Foreman at Tion Hegemony

- Junior Craftsman at Tion Mil/Sci Industries

- Marine 1st Lieutenant at Triumvirate Coalition

- Marine Captain (XO) at Archduchy of Tolonda