Cron Conflict

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Date — Year 11 Day 297
LocationTion Cluster
ResultTion Hegemony victory
Cron ResurrectionTion Hegemony
Commanders and Leaders
Paul Cron, Helena GladioJeff Corbin, Typhon Corbin
Casualties and Losses
Paul CronJeff Corbin

Several months after Jeff Corbin retired from the office of Lord Hegemon, a Duros named Paul Cron, who claimed Xim the Despot as his ancestor, called for the Corbin Family to abdicate leadership of the Hegemony and formed his own movement called the Cron Resurrection.

Aided by the betrayal of Helena Gladio, a trusted Tion official, Paul Cron was able to launch simultaneous terrorist strikes on several Tionese planets. The result was a war which threatened nearly all of the Hegemony's Trax territory, as well as several planets in the Tion Cluster itself.

On Year 11 Day 226, after a multi-Government coalition coordinated the assault on Cron territory and Paul Cron himself was captured, the Cron Resurrection was dissolved once and for all. On Year 11 Day 297, a new company called Arakyd Industries, lead by the Helena Gladio, sued for peace with the Hegemony and surrendered all but one planet back to Tionese control.