Cron Conflict

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Date Year 11 Day 64 Year 11 Day 297
LocationTion Cluster
ResultTion Hegemony Victory
Cron Resurrection
Kaos Galactica Inc (successor to Cron Resurrection)
Tion Hegemony
Commanders and Leaders
Paul Cron
Helena Gladio
Jedi Knight Jeff Corbin
Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin
Casualties and Losses
Paul CronJeff Corbin

The Cron Conflict, also known as Cron Insurgency, was a conflict situated primarily in the Tion Cluster between the sovereign government of Tion Hegemony and the insurgent movement, Cron Resurrection led by Paul Cron.



The seeds of the insurgency were placed in the year preceding the formal start of the Cron Conflict by the demands of a regime change within the Tion Cluster following the formation of the Tion Hegemony under the Corbin dynasty. The Cron Resurrection, "a cult of personality following historical Tionese leader Xim the Great", emerged as the organization behind the public demand of a regime change to one under its leader, Paul Cron. Signs of trouble brewed as the Cron Resurrection militarized from the sales of military droids and spread propaganda concerning the Hegemony such as "maltreatment of citizens and employees [and] allegations of misuse of credits, rigged raffles, higher crime and lower morale and luxuriant lifestyles at the expense of the populace."[1]

The demands were rebuffed by former Lord Hegemon Jeff Corbin and Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin

Attack of the Crons

Aided by the betrayal of Helena Gladio, a trusted Tion official, Paul Cron was able to launch simultaneous terrorist strikes on several Tionese planets. The result was a war which threatened nearly all of the Hegemony's Trax territory, as well as several planets in the Tion Cluster itself.

The Hegemony Strikes Back

On Year 11 Day 226, after a multi-Government coalition coordinated the assault on Cron territory and Paul Cron himself was captured, the Cron Resurrection was dissolved once and for all. On Year 11 Day 297, a new company called Arakyd Industries, lead by the Helena Gladio, sued for peace with the Hegemony and surrendered all but one planet back to Tionese control.

Peace Agreement

  • Corlax III - attacked by Cron Resurrection
  • Cadinth, Voss II, Embaril III - attacked and control compromised by Cron Resurrection, inherited by Kaos Galactica Inc and returned in peace agreement
  • Piluvia II - attacked and control compromised by Cron Resurrection, inherited by Kaos Galactica Inc and kept in peace agreement


Key Figures

Paul Cron

As a key player in the Cron Conflict with the Tion Hegemony, the Duros claimed Xim the Despot as his ancestor, even though such claim is unfounded due to the biological incompatibility between Duros and Humans. Several months after Jeff Corbin retired from the office of Lord Hegemon, Cron called for the Corbin Family to abdicate leadership of the Hegemony and formed his own movement called the Cron Resurrection. In the ensuing escalation, the Cron Resurrection targeted the power grid of several Tionese planets and attempted to wrest control of those planets from the Hegemony with the aid of Helena Gladio, a trusted Tionese citizen. While attempting to carry out a new series of attacks, Tion Special Forces disabled and stormed his vessel, swiftly apprehending Cron and the crew on board without any bloodshed.[2] Although details concerning what followed his arrest are scarce, it is believed that Paul Cron is dead.