Dawn Waku

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Dawn "Starbird" Waku
Biographical Information
Race Mutant Revwien/Human
Homeworld Togoria
Mother Unknown template
Libra Avi (cloner)
Marital Status Single
Partner Rane Quest (deceased)
Born Day 193, Year 0
Languages Basic
Religion None
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.81 m
Coloring Green
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation None

Dawn Waku is a mutant Revwien/Human strandcast. She is a product of Project Starbird, which sought to create Human clones capable of flight.



Project Starbird was conceived by the Kaminoan Dr. Libra Avi in Year -35 after a Jedi visited her homeworld with an order for millions of clone troopers for the Republic. The project, which involved creating humans with wings, was promptly shot down by the Prime Minister as it would cost the cloners billions of credits. This did not stop Dr. Avi, who continued to work on the project in secret using embezzled funds.

Years past as Dr. Avi conducted research and experimented on living embryos, with the task of making flying Humans being far more difficult than she had anticipated. In Year -25, after continuously failing to create even one healthy embryo, Dr. Avi was finally caught stealing DNA samples when she ran into visiting Jedi Master Bodo Baas. Avi was stripped of her doctor title and sentenced to be executed, but managed to escape with most of her research. She fled to Togoria, where she continued work in an abandoned lab in one of the planet's many forests.

Success at last

Two decades passed filled with failures. Because of the poor conditions in the lab, embryos that developed were far more deformed than the ones Avi created on Kamino. In Year 0, an embryo with perfectly formed wings developed. This specimen, which was released from her growth jar on Day 193 of that year, was named "Dawn" by Avi, who hoped that she would be the first of many winged warriors. This success was short lived, as all attempts to replicate Dawn were just as deformed as before.

In Year 13, Avi was running out of DNA samples, forcing her to sever one of Dawn's fingers in order to directly clone her only success. This also failed, sending Avi into a state of insanity. Two more years would pass before Avi committed suicide.


With no one to check up on the generator after Avi's death, the lab lost power after several days. Dawn, who was in an energy cage at the time of her creator's death, took the opportunity to search the facility for food. Her search led her to find a room that served as a mass grave for all of Avi's failures. Dawn suddenly lost her hunger and ran to the roof to escape. She unsuccessfully attempted to fly by flapping her wings like a helpless bird, falling two stories yet ending up with only a sprained ankle.

Dawn spent the next two years of her life in the jungle. She used this time to learn how to fly, albeit clumsily. A pair of hunting Togorians eventually stumbled upon Dawn as she slept in a tree. Mistaking her for a large bird, the hunters opened fire on Dawn. Dawn woke up startled and accidentally fell on one of the hunters, killing him instantly. The other hunter was horrified by his friend's sudden death and ran away. Although she was also horrified by the fact that she had killed a sentient being, she took the hunter's weapons and clothes before going back to sleep. The following morning a small ship flew overhead. Dawn climbed to the top of her tree and saw that it was heading toward a large city in the distance.

Into the galaxy


It took several days to reach the city, and Dawn received many stares from the locals and spacers that inhabited it. Likewise, Dawn could not help but stare at all the strange aliens, including some which looked like her but without wings or wail feathers. Dawn had only ever seen one Kaminoan and those two Togorian hunters in her lifetime, so this large crowd in the city gave Dawn mixed feelings of confusion and wonder. In her daze she ran into a Twi'lek bounty hunter named Rane Quest. Rane took interest in Dawn and offered the Mutant a chance to become a bounty hunter. Dawn accepted, and over the next few years Rane tought Dawn everything she knew. Rane and Dawn eventually made a name for themselves in the bounty hunting industry, and Dawn even took on the code name Starbird.

A romance developed between the two and they made plans to get married in Year 22 on Togoria. However, tragedy struck when the two went hunting the day before their planned marriage. Rane was mauled by a Corellian Sand Panther in front of Dawn, who desperately tried to save her love, but the Twi'lek was already dead when Dawn shot the large cat off of her.

Dawn contracted the Revwien strain of the Metamorphosis Virus in mid-Year 22. The virus brought many changes to Dawn's body, gradually transforming the avian Human into a plant. Dawn was rushed to a hospital and received the antidote before the transformation was complete, but the existing changes to her body were permanent.


  • Rane Quest: Rane was Dawn's first love. The two met on Togoria when Dawn was just 16 years old and the red-skinned Twi'lek took her in and trained her to be a bounty hunter. The two developed a romance after several years, but plans to get married were cut short by Rane's untimely death at the claws of a Corellian Sand Panther.

Personal information



Prior to her contraction of the Metamorphosis Plague, Dawn was a mutant Human strandcast with distinct avian features. She stood at 1.81 meters and had tan skin, brown eyes, and black hair. Her black feathered wings spanned over four meters and allowed her to fly at high speeds. She had a feathered tail which helped with control in the air.

The Plague brought many changes to her overall appearance. She now had green skin and blue eyes, while her hair grew long and became red. Her tail is now gone, while her once avian wings transformed into almost insect-like petal wings. She is missing her left pinky finger.


Dawn is often described as having a cold personality, though those who know her tend to see her soft side. She is self-conscious about her mutations, and dreads the fact that they were the result of the suffering of hundreds, if not thousands of child clones. Nevertheless, she makes no attempt to hide her wings (any attempt would be futile anyway). She is a lesbian.


Dawn is skilled with a blaster and a decent pilot. She can fly at high speeds and with great maneuverability with her own wings. She is also a skilled hacker.


Dawn generally does not voice her political opinions, but she does have a "mild dislike" for the Empire. She is strongly against genetic experimentation on sentient life.