Dominic von Black

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Dominic von Black
Biographical Information
Race Human (½ Coruscanti, ½ Hapan)
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Melanie Varo
Father Dmitri von Black (Deceased)
Spouse Widower (Lylith Pless, suicide)
Children Unknown
Born Year -11 Day 251 (age 29)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters
Political Information
Title Baron of House Black
Rank UnKnown
Prior Affiliation
Awards Unknown

Baron Dominic von Black , known to his friends as Dom, is a galactic figure most known for his past association with several key criminal organizations within the galaxy at large, most notably the Imperial Union Government Black Sun. In Year 18 you would have found Dominic behind a desk as Chief Operations Officer of the Mecrotica Conglomerate, however in Year 19 he was exiled from the Conglomerate by House Kain. He is the current Baron of House Black who find their holdings within the Phu Sector. In Year 21 you will find him sitting in obscure palace in the Hjaff System.


Life in House Black

Dominic von Black grew up on the sprawling, planet-wide metropolis known as Coruscant. His family were wealthy merchants who ran the space lanes from most notable words such as Naboo, Hapes, and Kuat to Coruscant. After his grandfather died, his father Dmitri took over as Baron of the House, and with it he began to change the way the House operated, mainly going from luxury goods to drugs and slaves.

As Dominic grew older his family grew wealthier, his father grew estranged from his mother as he began to drink more and began to throw extravagant parties onboard his many Luxury Space Colonies. He began making business dealings with the Hutts, more particularly Locago the Hutt. At this time Dominic spent much of his time away from his home and away from his many tutors his father had hired.

Year 5 Day 251, on Dominic's birthday his father presented him with a S-Swoop, and with that Swoop bike, Dominic's life began to change. Instead of sticking to the noble sections of the planet, he began to venture into the slums and more seedier places, often engaging in swoop bike races and drinking. It was here as well that got his first taste of the spice drug called ryll.

On Dominic's 18th birthday he met a man that would change his life, and his future. The man was a Mandalorian and a mercenary for an Outer Rim group. He left his father and House to become a better man, by doing so he was disowned by his father.

Mercenary Life

Little is known about Dominic's life between Year 7 and Year 14, it is said he visited many worlds along the Outer Rim, as well as many hidden systems, fighting alongside his brothers-in-arms, his "Vode". During these years Dominic learned a lot of skills, mostly about war through strategy and tactics, Weaponry and explosives, but he also learned vocational skills such as languages, and labored skills such as Mining and industrial science. During his vocational training he learned Mando'a, Huttese, and Sith, no one knows how Dominic learned Sith and he's never talked about it. Dominic is undergoing several vocational arts to learn several other languages such as his ancestral family Homeland of Hapes.


Early in to Year 14 Dominic joined the Mandalorian Government of Mandalore. He was full of pride and had great hope in his stay there. It was there he met a friend, Mesh`la Daryc, who would later become a member of his House. He joined Mandalore hoping to better himself in his Culture and his Militaristic way of life. He opened a Tapcaf called the Oyu'baat while within the Government.

Due to stagnation, Dominic left Mandalore to venture off on his own into the Galaxy. He remains peaceful ties with the Government and even offers assistance when he can.

From East Ghost Nebula

To fill his pockets with real currency, Dominic entered an agreement with Pirate Captain Avicii Tempah to join his Pirate group Ellipsis. Here he met another friend, the second-in-command Uli-ah Gafsa. It is unknown at this time to what extent or work Dominic engaged with in with the Pirate Group Ellipsis or why he left. This part of Dominic's life came to an end when he Killed Avicii in cold blood, and the betrayal of Twin Suns Captain Uli-ah Gafsa by the remaining crew.

Life in Phu

Dominic started contracting for the House Kain around the end of Year 14. He started at the bottom hauling materials for the Mecrotica Conglomerate. During this time Dominic participated in Operation Nexus, in which Mecrosa personnel visited the Systems: Leafar and Otunia. They began laying the foundation for cities that were later traded for military technology in the form of eight Strike-Class Medium Cruisers, some later gifted to their allies.

It was through this work he was approached by House Ismay and House Kain about joining Black Sun. In this time, and of the time he was a member, he climbed the ranks of both Mecrosa and Black Sun under his friends and brothers Alexander von Ismay and Dac Kain. Dominic never set foot outside the Phu Sector except for one time to enter Black Sun Space, it was during this time the Underlord Alexander von Ismay demanded tribute from Mecrosa but was declined by both Dac Kain and himself. Dominic rose to the position of C-2 Underboss and was granted the title of Shadow Lord before resigning his post. This was the first time he had broken his Oath to Black Sun and continues today to influence him.

Life in Phu continued as normal within its borders as Dominic continued to cement his place as his brother’s right-hand man. Soon after leaving Black Sun many reports years later coming out of them were that his older brother Alexander von Ismay and his cronies ripped off Black Sun and evaded capture. It was then that Dominic voted with House Kain to renew ties with the struggling government and provide aid. The most immediate result was the gifting of the exclusive New Republic technology in the form of squadron of RZ-1 A-wing Interceptors.

It was months before his exile that Dominic chose to take a hiatus from Mecrotica. Choosing instead to aid his Black Sun allies in whatever capacity he could. Having joined their government, he had almost finished prospecting an entire planet for them before his brother Dac Kain returned to him with a final plea for a return to Mecrotica. This was the second and last time Dominic had broken his Oath to Black Sun, this decision will later be remembered by Dominic as a mistake he should never have made.

Shortly after returning to Mecrotica things began to unravel. Dominic purchased Express Enterprices owned by Teresa Rowley. Many of her group had petitioned his House for membership as retainers. Dominic took the majority into House Black, asking House Kain to fully compensate Dominic for his efforts in exchange for dedicated employees from Express Enterprices. Mecrotica’s economic growth was stagnating when they were petitioned to finance the entire merger, but Dominic was only given half of what he payed for Express Enterprices. While the justification for this is unknown, it is notable that there was no guarantee the employees of Express Enterprices would actually work for their new financier.

This was the breaking point between Dominic and Mecrotica’s relationship. He was formally dismissed under the suspicion he was plotting to usurp House Kain’s control over the Conglomerate. Immediately following said dismissal, Dominic was assured free and safe passage from Mecrotica-controlled space and into exile. However, a desperate assassin known as Alessandro de Caito a known Mecrosa Enforcer tried to intercept Dominic onboard his Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser 'HBS Ner Manda'. Having not found the man aboard, he slaughtered all the personnel and stole hundreds of items and weapons that were stashed within the warship’s armoury.

Alone and broken, an exiled Dominic von Black left the home he loved for unknown territories.

Unknown Rehabilitation Facility

Year 20 saw the baron isolated away in a deep space rehabilitation center built by his House for emergency uses not such as this. This costly some of this expenditure is still unknown to this day but it is rumored that the baron funded many corporations and people for investment opportunities while he was away.

Return Home

Dominic von Black returned to the Phu Sector in Year 21.

Personal Characteristics


Having grown up in a rich Household, he began as many Nobles in life with a "Golden Spoon shoved up his ass". He was given anything he wanted in his life. In his studies He learned many basic etiquettes for young nobility within the Galactic Empire. Later when he went through his phases, he shifted from pompous noble to learned mercenary. He is fluent in many languages found throughout the galaxy, this is something that has influenced him greatly. It turned him from xenophobic imperial to a galactic inclusive person.

Clothing Style

Dominic is famously known for wearing the most exquisite and luxurious tailored suits and tunics provided to the upper class in many galactic societies.


Dominic has always lived like an aristocrat. He has spent a lifetime versing himself with technologies and languages from various cultures in society. He uses this knowledge to his advantage when dealing with the galaxy at large. It is because of this lifestyle he employs many Chivalric codes and etiquettes that some believe make him overly polite.


Calculated, Cold, and a bit of an asshole.


Like many members of various cultures, as well as his own Mandalorian culture; Dominic has various tattoos across his body.

  • Upper back: "Black" in a crescent shape.
  • Left arm: Mythosaur Skull
  • Right arm: Removed with a Laser Scalpel by his Doctor.
  • Back left tricep: "Coruscanta" translated from Mando'a as 'Coruscant'
  • Back right tricep: "Gota'yaim" translated from Mando'a as 'Born'
  • Back left calf: "Draal" translated from Mando'a as 'Never'
  • Back right calf: "Cetar" translated from Mando'a as 'Kneel'


In the early years of Dominic’s life he was ruled by many vices, even though he saw himself as virtuous.

In Year 16 it was noticed by himself that he did not have his drinking under control and was spending countless credits on his very rare and delectable wines and liquors. He began taking Alcoholic meetings as soon as Year 16.

Around the middle of Year 19, Dominic submerged himself into a tank of super concentrated form of Ryll. The overdose almost killed him. He checked himself in to rehabilitation shortly thereafter supervised by Doctor Spree Razzix his House's Concierge Doctor.

Baron (House Black)
Preceded By:
Dmitri von Black
Dominic von Black
Year 14 Day 151
Succeeded By: