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== Galactic Empire ==
== Galactic Empire ==
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== Kiffar Unification ==
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Draelor Decessus Nah`utal
Draelor holocron-new.png
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Aethia Nah`utal
Father Decessus Nah`utal
Marital Status Married
Spouse Relena Vercet
Siblings Anabelle Nah`utal
Children None
Born Year -16, Day 120 17:20 CGT
Languages Fluent: Kiffu, Galactic Basic, Huttese
Limited: Mando`a
Understands: Shyriiwook
Religion Follower of Kochik
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'1" (1.85 Meters)
Coloring 250lbs (113 Kilogrammes)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Title Sith Master
Heir to Clan Nah`utal
Rank Senior Adjutant
Positions Coruscant Oversector Adjutant
Prior Affiliation University of Coruscant, Student
Nah`utal Capital Group, Owner
Awards Various Imperial Commendations

Draelor Decessus Nah`utal (/'dreɪ:loʊr dɛk:ʌ:sʌs næːoʊ:tɔl/; born Year -16, Day 120 17:20 CGT) is the Oversector Adjutant of the Coruscant Oversector in the Galactic Empire under Grand Moff, Lord Zhaff Orikan, a powerful Sith Master in the Order of the Sith loyal to Dark Lord of the Sith Nathan Miller and Emperor Seele, the heir to the Regency of the Kiffar Southlands in the Azurbani system, and an incredibly affluent CorEx investor with a net worth of billions. He has been credited with the unification of an entire planet and its resident species, thus ending thousands of years of feuding and tribal warfare, a feat for which he is well renowned. His marriage to Relena Vercet, mediated by former Emperor Guinar Ndengin in Year 17, became known as the wedding that united the Kiffar people.

Biographical Information

Early Life

Draelor Nah`utal was born in the ancestral city of Clan Nah`utal on their homeworld of Kiffex to matriarch Aethia Nah`utal and patriarch Decessus Nah`utal during the First of the Year. A Kiffar holiday known to celebrate Kochik, head of the Kiffar deity, the First of the Year was celebrated along with the birth of the ruling family’s first son and heir. Draelor’s birth is often compared with blessings from Kochik, as the year of his birth was followed by one of the most lucrative hunting and harvesting seasons that Kiffar Elders recount to date. However, such a turn of events set a high standard for the young Kiffar infant, but his success later in life would be attributed to his loving parents and not divine intervention.

Raised as typically as any Kiffar child was, Draelor did not suffer being spoiled with the same sheltered or coddle life that many royal children on other worlds often did. He was expected to perform his equal share of work as soon as he was able, which saw him chopping wood with other boys, assisting stone layers, farmers, or his mother in the kitchen. His childhood and his interaction with his parents and other Kiffar adults on a daily basis shaped Draelor into a well-respected, stout young Kiffar youth. He was as independent and capable of surviving on his own as any Kiffar was, but was also capable of leading, following, and understanding the value of a team.

At the ripe age of twelve, Draelor ceased to be an only child and traded it in for the honor of being an older brother. Decessus and Aethia gave birth to another child – a little girl – that they named Anabelle, who Draelor quickly grew attached to. As his sister grew older and increasingly beautiful, his attachment was aided by protectiveness for his younger sister. He would often find himself watching anyone who showed an interest in Anabelle, sometimes inquiring with others about anyone who showed interest. However, he knew his sister was raised to be as independent as he was, so the scarce number of times that his intervention was required were all reactive in nature.

When Draelor reached the age of thirteen, his interests turned to history and he spent much of his time studying and asking the Nah`utal historians a great number of questions. During his early teenage years, the questions he asked were limited to subjects such as the deeper meaning of and more information regarding the history of Clan Nah`utal, other clans in the Kiffar Southland as well as the lands to the North, and the general history of the Kiffar people. However, as he grew older his interests reached for the stars. Nearly an adult, Draelor began to ask questions that the Nah`utal historians did not always know the answer to. His studies could only reveal so much and he wanted to know more.


Yoav Isaija
Yoav Isaija, Year 2

On the eve of his eighteenth birthday, Draelor Nah`utal was introduced by his father to a man that hailed from one of the Nah`utal’s ourvir clans. The Kiffar’s name was Yoav Isaija of Clan Immell from even further south than the lands of Clan Nah`utal. Yoav Isaija was a well-aged elder Kiffar with silver-grey loosely combed back hair and an equally shaded scruffy beard covering the majority of the face below his strong cheekbones. Greyer still were his eyes that seemed to burn holes in Draelor’s visage during their meeting. Draelor, Yosav, and his father Decessus had a very serious conversation about Draelor’s clear interest in the galaxy beyond their own world of Kiffex.

Decessus Nah`utal explained to his son and heir that Yoav Isaija was one of the most well-traveled Kiffar that he had ever known, acting on the same desire during his early life that Draelor felt then. The southern hemisphere of Kiffex was home to clans that were more open to outsiders than their brothers and sisters in the northern hemisphere, so southern Kiffar venturing out into the greater galaxy was not unheard of. During their conversation, Yoav was able to answer every question that the Nah`utal historians could not. The conversation came to a head and Draelor was offered the option to take a furlough with Yoav Isaija to realize his dream of exploration. He would work for and train with Yoav for the succeeding three years, soaking in as much knowledge as he could from the fellow Kiffar.

Around the time of his twenty-first birthday, Draelor returned to the ancestral city of Basa Oihanak Gortoleku during the beginning of the Feast of Hastere for the previous season. Another traditional Kiffar holiday, the Feast of Hastere celebrated the Kiffar Goddess known as Hastere by clans partaking in their own culmination of a feast of the rewards of the hunting and growing seasons from the preceding year. That year’s feast was especially exciting for Clan Nah`utal as the son of the Sheyf had returned from his time away. The feast was filled with stories of sprawling cityscapes, endless rolling plains, lush forests, and rivers that flowed around the planet of Alderaan.

Feast of hastere.png
Feast of Hastere, Year 5

During his time with Yoav Isaija, after having learned as much as he could from simply traveling around the planet he was born on, Draelor had traveled off world with the Kiffar to Alderaan where he furthered his knowledge of the greater galaxy. Yoav had chosen to show the young Kiffar the planet of Alderaan for many purposes, chief among them the diametrically opposed cultures of the Kiffar people and the Alderaanian people. Kiffex and Alderaan rivaled each other with their beauty, which Draelor immediately identified with. Ancestral houses dotted Alderaan just as ancestral clans dotted Kiffex. However, the Kiffar people adhered to a warrior culture while the Alderaanian people favored diplomacy above all else. This was a shock that invoked deep through within Draelor as he spent time with Yoav and the regal friends Yoav had made on Alderaan.

The following year Draelor lived in harmony with his people, devoting his time to his clan, and the traditions that were upheld within the Kiffar Southland. However, he often found his mind drifting to the great beyond that he had only explored a fraction of during his furlough with Yoav. He wanted to know more and that following fall, Draelor announced his intentions to his parents. Decessus and Aethia did not savor the feeling of losing their only son in the long-term, but they understood that a permanent life on Kiffex was not Draelor’s future at that time. They knew he would return when the time was necessary to take up the mantle of Sheyf of Clan Nah`utal, but until that time, prayers were sent to Kochik and Iotcha by Decessus and Aethia. Within a fortnight, Draelor caught a transport out of Deadend that was bound for the Coruscant system.

The three day trip from Azurbani to Coruscant was comparable to the three day trip from Azurbani to Alderaan, so leaving Kiffex was a familiar feeling. However, as the transport dropped out of hyperspace, Draelor received a shock that has stayed with him for years. During their trip to Alderaan, Yoav described Imperial warships to Draelor – colossal machines such as the Victory I-class Star Destroyer or the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, as well as the behemoth, described as the Executor-class Star Destroyer which Yoav colloquially referred to as a Super Star Destroyer. However, during their trip, they resided in an interior cabin and so he did not see any Imperial ships.

There was little that could prepare him for the shocking sight of an Executor-class Star Destroyer supported by several smaller Imperial and Victory I-class Star Destroyers as well as various other ships he did not recognize. Civilian transports such as their own appeared inconsequential to the awesome power that orbited the Imperial capital of Coruscant – the perceived center of the galaxy. Hours later the transport touched down in a landing pad within CoCo Town, the industrial area that the transport was destined for. The Kiffar stepped off of the loading ramp and into the crowd, beginning his journey as one face in a crowd of billions.

University of Coruscant

Kcdn uoc.png
Caelius and Nah`utal, Year 8

After spending the majority of the second half of Year 5 exploring Coruscant, Draelor Nah`utal had grown fond of the planet and the diverse culture that it offered him. As far as Coruscant was concerned, he had been everywhere twice and talked to everyone once. His knowledge had expanded exponentially by simply sitting at bars or working odd jobs in diners, listening to the pilots and sentients that came from all walks of life. Life on his own was hard at first, as he found himself pinching every credit that he could – learning the value of it as he lived. His parents had given him enough credits to survive for a reasonable amount of time until he found his own way, sending him off with roughly 2,500 credits, continuing the tradition of an uncoddled lifestyle. He rented a bare studio apartment that was equidistant to all of the establishments that he had developed relationships with for steady work performing all manner of tasks.

As Year 5 came to a close with Draelor’s internal celebration of the First of the Year, Year 6 brought new interests to him. A passing freighter pilot spoke of a mighty race of capable warriors known as the Wookiees that hailed from the planet of Kashyyyk. During his tenure on Coruscant, he had not stumbled upon another culture that sounded similar to his own so this interested him greatly. For the following months, he saved his credits and bartered passage on a merchant’s freighter with credits and the offer to help repair what he could on the trader’s ship. As a youth and during his time on Coruscant, he had experimented with repairing speeders, kitchen equipment, and anything he could get his hands on. He had become efficient but was far from a master mechanic. His skill, however, bought him passage to the Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk.

His exploration of Kashyyyk was widely successful as he gave every effort to learn about the Wookiees – their history, their cultural, their language, their customs, and more. He had learned that the Wookiees were not necessarily a warrior culture similar to the Kiffar, but they were capable of producing mighty warriors and hunters. He learned of their respect for their world and the forest floor of the Shadowlands, which after months of language practice, he had been invited to participate in a hunt by the Wookiees. Learning the native language of Shryiiwook was a sign of great respect to the Wookiees and respect among warriors was important to Draelor.

Six months into Year 6, Draelor returned to Coruscant and continued his journey as it had been before. He spent the remainder of Year 6 and part of Year 7 continuing his odd jobs from before, eventually earning his way into a somewhat nicer apartment with a single bedroom. Late in Year 6, he learned of the news of the Black Forest Massacre and it troubled him greatly. He had heard of the Empire’s xenophobia and it was not a sentiment that he necessarily shared, although this event reinforced his convictions that the Galactic Empire was a superpower in the galaxy. He had spent half a year among the Wookiees, learned of their strength as fell warriors and mighty hunters, yet the Galactic Empire exterminated countless Wookiees and other beings. He had to do his part to avoid this fate for his people.

During Year 7, Draelor enrolled in the University of Coruscant after deciding that a career with the Galactic Empire was the best course of action that he wanted to take. Majoring in Military Science and minoring in Sociology, Draelor found a structured education system to be challenging for him at first. However, another student by the name of Kyran Caelius mentored Draelor and helped him to succeed. This mentor-mentee relationship between the Kiffar and the Thyferran led to many hours spent together as Draelor learned to be a successful university student. During their discussions, Kyran told Draelor of his homeworld of Thyferra. These conversations greatly interested Draelor not only as a Kiffar on a journey to explore but as a Sociology student at the university. This led to the two becoming fast friends, before losing contact in Year 9 after Kyran graduated the year prior in Year 8. They would not reestablish contact until Year 14, when Draelor had transferred to the Imperial Security Bureau around the same time Kyran joined the Black Sun and Imperial Union.

Draelor’s classes at the University of Coruscant included Introduction to Military Science, Basic Military Science, Theory and Dynamics I & II, a Leadership Development Assessment Course, and Concepts of Military Management. His Sociology courses included Introduction to Sociology, Xenohistory, and Galactic Culture. In Year 11, Draelor graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Military Science and a Minor in Sociology. With this new knowledge at his exposure, he physically trained until enlisting in the Imperial Army a year later.

Galactic Empire

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Kiffar Unification

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