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It is time for all Chiss to remember our heritage and to never forget who we are. It is time to remember that Warrior's Fortune shines upon us. It is time for the Red Flame to burn once more. It is time for our rebirth to begin.”''
It is time for all Chiss to remember our heritage and to never forget who we are. It is time to remember that Warrior's Fortune shines upon us. It is time for the Red Flame to burn once more. It is time for our rebirth to begin.”''
ZOLIDAR''!”''-Project Zolidar Announcement,Year 12 Day 155
''ZOLIDAR!”''-Project Zolidar Announcement,Year 12 Day 155

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Drak`ora Sabosen
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Spouse none
Siblings unknown
Children none
Born Year -13
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 3"
Eye Color red
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile,Corporate Alliance
Rank Vice Magistrate
Positions Aristocra Sabosen

Early Life

Drak`ora Sabosen, known by his core name of "Koras", was born -12 BCGT on Csilla. He was among the surviving "shadow children" of House Sabosen. He was raised by the Chiss Sages on Csilla. He grew up unaware of his true name for many years. he was trained in medicine, the law, Chiss history and basic combat.During this time, he sustained an injury from the training that left a scar.

One day, he heard that the Aristocra of House Sabosen had been killed in some sort of power struggle. The Sages informed him that he was next in line to lead House Sabosen and that he must go.

Seeking work

He knew he would need more money than the small amount the sages had given him. The first offer for work came from Siejo Kutol who offered him an important position in the growing Corproate Alliance.He reorganized the company and eventually accepted a position in the military of the CIS as Army XO.


Koras's first commitment was to the Chiss. He found the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile still reeling from the death of Carn`ilo` Sabosen.He convinced the Council of Families to withdraw the Chiss Ascendancy to withdraw from the anti-human Council of Native Races founded by his predecessor.

He then renamed the Council of Families to the Ruling Circle, opened a Chiss Exchange(a marketplace for chiss),published a Chiss Legal Code all within a few days. He then announced that these were only the first parts of a greater initiative that he called "Project Zolidar". The origin of the word is unknown, and the full details of Porject Zolidar have yet to be revealed.


Good Evening, I am Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen of House Sabosen.

A few years ago, I witnessed the final fall of the Ancient Chiss Ascendancy, as outsiders finished the act of destruction that we, in our ignorance, had started. A Sith Lord Usurped our traditions for himself and chiss collaborators attempted to legitimatize his reign. The Sith Lord met his end in Year 8 when he was was assassinated. During this time, one man had the vision to bring what remained of the loyal Chiss together. Kamm`aldui` Nakesh brought together Chiss exiles and began to rebuild the shattered remnants of chiss society. He also realized that the process of rebuilding would be expensive. So he founded Nakesh Alliance Extractions, but was betrayed by his cousins. Betrayal would continue to be a theme in our own recent history. He left NAE to a friend and then headed to the Unknown Regions. The society he built was left in the hands of Volk'Naast' Rono a respected Chiss Trader. Volk worked tirelessly to maintain what Aristocra Nakesh had built. It was during this time that House Nakesh was usurped by Malduin's ambitious cousins. Their effort to revive the Ascendnacy would be known as Dauntless Broadcasting Network, but more importantly, as a dismal failure. They later committed suicide and Chiss Society was the better for it. Two members of the Chiss Society, Flar Gar and Carn`ilo` Sabosen, whom Gar had introduced to the Society, became instrumental in using the society to revive the Ascendancy. Carn`ilo` Sabosen called together a Transitional Council to transform the Chiss Society into a new Ascendancy.

During this time, the first challenge to the legitimate efforts of the Society appeared. The Chiss Ascendancy religion was founded by a Chiss affiliated with the Black Nebula Piratical Government. Like Black Nebula itself, it was led by a Chiss who had collaborated with the Storm Government. Internal disputes caused the group to collapse.

The Society then was ready to reveal its first major venture:The Chiss Ascendancy Medical Corporation. This was joined by the exciting return of Kamm`aldui` Nakesh, who had returned to give his support for the new endeavor, and declare that he had an heir to whom he entrusted the future of House Nakesh. But the Medical Corporation eventually declined. The final act being the betrayal of Sye Montaris. In frustration Carn`ilo` Sabosen dissolved the medical corporation and declared that the Chiss Society was now the “Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile”, a defiant declaration that even without our homeworld, and in the face of setbacks, we were still Chiss.

Carn`ilo` Sabosen led the efforts for a new financial venture. This resulted in Chiss Material Extractions. Flar secured the company and decided that it would be independent of the directives of the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile, which Sabosen controlled. While the company grew, the divide between Sabosen and Gar continued to grow. As policy disputes gave way to a full ideological dispute, Flar Gar officially declared Chiss Material Extractions and the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile separate. This was in repudiation of an ideology that he felt was destructive to chiss culture. He then convinced the Ascendancy-in-Exile to sign a Nonaggression and Non Preemptive Strike Agreement.

Things came to crisis when Carn`ilo` Sabosen went too far and plotted the murder of Gar. Gar learned of the plot, tricked Sabosen aboard a ship, where Sabosen was then swiftly arrested. Admitting to the plot, Carn`ilo` Sabosen was then swiftly executed by order of Flar Gar, with the approval of the CME Council. By this time, the CME Council consisted solely of Flar's supporters. CME then announced that they were renaming themselves to “The Chiss Ascendancy” and that this was always the goal of CME. Later they reported that Carn`ilo` Sabosen had dishonored his family, and that no group had the right to exclusively use the name.

From a monastery of Csilla, under the watchful eye of the few Chiss Sages who had recently come out of hiding after the Pro-New Republic Parliament had removed the ban on their activities, I watched these events unfold. I was told that it was time for me to go. To take my place as the heir to House Sabosen. I was warned not to cloud myself with messianic visions of future glory, or to impose my will, or to seek enemies. The Chiss were at a crisis point that had not been seen since the Fall of the Ancient Ascendancy and our future was far from certain.

That is why a few days ago, I initiated a new Project to reform us for the better. We must never forget that we are all Chiss, regardless of who currently employs our skills. We must remain loyal to the institutions, values , and traditions that have held us together in the past. Our culture is not something to be changed according to fashion or according to what those outside our culture think about us. Since when do Chiss care about how those outside our society perceive us? It is time for all Chiss to remember our heritage and to never forget who we are. It is time to remember that Warrior's Fortune shines upon us. It is time for the Red Flame to burn once more. It is time for our rebirth to begin.”

ZOLIDAR!”-Project Zolidar Announcement,Year 12 Day 155