Drak`ora Sabosen

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Drak`ora Sabosen
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Drak`rin` Tala
Father Soeth`li` Sabosen
Siblings Unknown
Born Year -13
Died Year 13
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.90 meters
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy
Rank Aristocra
Positions Aristocra Sabosen
Prior Affiliation


Early life

Drak`ora Sabosen, known by his core name of "Koras", was born in 13 BCGT on Csilla. He was among the surviving "shadow children" of House Sabosen. He was raised by the Chiss Sages on Csilla. He grew up unaware of his true name for many years. he was trained in medicine, the law, Chiss history and basic combat.During this time, he sustained an injury from the training that left a scar.

One day, he heard that the Aristocra of House Sabosen had been killed in some sort of power struggle. The Sages informed him that he was next in line to lead House Sabosen and that he must go.

Seeking work

He knew he would need more money than the small amount the sages had given him. The first offer for work came from Siejo Kutol who offered him an important position in the growing Corporate Alliance. He reorganized the company and eventually accepted a position in the military of the CIS as Army XO.


"'.... We must remain loyal to the institutions, values , and traditions that have held us together in the past. Our culture is not something to be changed according to fashion or according to what those outside our culture think about us. Since when do Chiss care about how those outside our society perceive us?''"
— Drak`ora Sabosen Project Zolidar Announcement(Excerpt),Year 12 Day 155

Koras's first commitment was to the Chiss. He found the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile still reeling from the death of Carn`ilo` Sabosen.He convinced the Council of Families to withdraw the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile from the anti-human Council of Native Races founded by his predecessor.

He then renamed the Council of Families to the Ruling Circle, opened a Chiss Exchange(a marketplace for chiss),published a Chiss Legal Code all within a few days. He then announced that these were only the first parts of a greater initiative that he called "Project Zolidar". The origin of the word is unknown, and the full details of Project Zolidar have yet to be revealed.

Tradition and Progress

The Speech Koras gave in Helona of Year 12 was the closest thing to an open declaration of war by an Aristocra in modern history. The speech declared that the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile was withdrawing from the Nonaggression and Nonpremptive Strike Agreement with The Chiss Ascendancy signed by Aristocra Carn`ilo` Sabosen. The Chiss Ascendancy was an ally of the powerful southern rim government Rogue Squadron, while Koras was a citizen of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Aristocra Gar sent a terse message to the CIS senate, informing them that the comments were regarded as a declaration of war, and that their Rogue Squadron allies would defend aggression against an ally. The tense situation was resolved by a meeting between Chief Diplomat Siejo Kutoland the Rogue Squadron High Command resulted in a peaceful resolution. Both Governments agreed that this was an internal Chiss Matter, and agreed to stay out.

Another critical step was made upon the return of Sye Montaris, Koras was instrumental in reopening the case and gathering all evidence. Sye agreed to submit himself to the Judicial Circuit and Justiciar Hura`tow` Nakesh nullified the punishment on the grounds that Sye could not be held liable for stealing his own property.

By this time, Koras has decided that staying in another organization was a liability, and decided that the time had come to start another corporate venture. The venture was to be known as ChissTech, a vehicle production corporation. Staffing limitations forced the project to be put on hold, when Koras decided to focus on community development. In this spirit, House Nakesh and House Gar pushed for a new entity to guide the Chiss. Koras was convinmced to support this and the Chiss Parliament was born. House Sabosen would make its own mark on the Parliament when it announced that its proposal to change the Parliament to a elected legislature of two parts, the Chiss Cabinet and Chiss Senate. The Chiss Cabinet would be filled by the Chiss Houses approved by the Ruling Circle(which renamed itself the Council of Families) and the Chiss Senate would have 5 elected seats.The Chiss Parliament produced many interesting candidates and political parties, and the debates brought many critical issues that had been ignored and(more importantly) kept militancy in check.

It was decided that House Sabosen should fund another startup company to revive the Ascendancy. House Royan was more than willing to assist,and Horizon Tactical Armaments was founded.

The plotting continued, and Koras left HTA to focus on these plots. One was a secret agreement with a man who hoped to become Regent of the Infinite Empire stated that if Koras would head their intel/security division, then the would-be Emperor would assassinate Flar Gar. When the barely active advisor of the Emperor was named heir, Flar discovered the plot and revealed it to the advisor.

He decided that the only way to end the conflict would be to kill Flar himself, so he went looking for a group to train him, and ended up working for Dark Star Hellions.

Even the Parliament was beginning to show signs that it was falling apart, but these signs had existed since the beginning. When Koras had to return to Csilla when one of his Sage teachers fell ill, his son and presumptive heir, took control of the debates and the election, even though he was a candidate. The result was a mess that left everyone dissatisfied. Upon his return, Koras had another debate and fair election. The Council of Families controlled the Chiss Cabinet, and House Sabosen controlled the Council of Families. The Chiss Senators suddenly began to lose interest as they focused on other projects that had little or nothing to do with the Chiss Community. Dissatisfication with the system (and Drak`ora Sabosen specifically) was beginning to grow.Talk of having new elections led to talk of dissolving the Parliament entirely. Some suggested that the solution was to retry for a Chiss Corporate venture, but their was concern about the name.The Chiss Ascendancy still had the name, and was what had touched off an ideological dispute, so any new group was have to indicate that it held the claim to being the sole legitimate Chiss group.

Just when Koras was concerned that Chiss Community would destroy itself, their enemies gave the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile exactly what it needed.


"'.... Tonight we have begun a restoration. A restoration of what it means to be Chiss.''"
— Drak`ora Sabosen Restoration Address(Excerpt),Year 13 Day 164

There had been many negotiations, but few had made any progress. Even the Agreement of Civility which laid the foundation for the Chiss Parliament led to another set of political problems. But the Chiss Ascendancy in Exile had always emphasized heritage and that they were the sole spokespersons for the Chiss Community. This conviction(or arrogance) led their members to wear support pins on their clothing, as well as explaining the traditionalist view to all their associates. The dissemination of information undermined the legitimacy of what Koras and the other Chiss Exiles saw as a usurpation.

On Year 13 Day 156, Flar Gar(who had already given up his Aristocra title) announced that his corporation would be renaming itself The Empire of the Hand, due to the implication that the name "Chiss Ascendancy" was associated with racism. The one plot on the part of the Exiles which worked turned out to be the least expensive one.

His closest advisers(whom he did not tell that he had joined Hellions) were supported his decision to reclaim the name, and on Year 13 Day 164, the Fifth Chiss Ascendancy was founded.

He had thought that he had left Hellions peacefully, but ignored their policy that no one was allow to withdraw their membership as a Hellion without making themselves a target.

Rachel Keiko-sho joined him after Horizon Tactical Armaments was nationalized by the CIS and their treatment by the Government. She briefly assisted with House Royan's smuggling venture before returning to the Ascendancy.When she left abruptly, Vito Royan went from one of the closest allies of House Sabosen's allies to a staunch enemy.

Both Hellions and House Royan wanted Koras' head, and they would soon get it.

It was a Trap

The Hellions contacted Koras with a warning that Rachel was being targeted by Vito Royan. Meanwhile, Royan thought he was going to finally get Koras and somehow claim control of the Ascendancy.

Koras made the critical mistake of attempting to double cross a Hellion on his own, then he made the greater mistake and boarded the Hellion ship. The doors locked behind him, and the Swoop Bikers assassinated both Koras and Vito Royan.

House Royan vowed revenge, and prepared to enact that vengeance.

House Sabosen fell into the hands of Pravus Malum, who claimed the title with the support of the Council of Families, which found itself without a Sabosen voice.

Rachel Keiko-sho, as lawful heir of House Csapla was elevated to Aristocra when she inheirited the group. Another family would join the Council of Families, but this time as an equal partner.House Yar had founded a ship manufacturing corporation with the purpose of supporting the Ascendancy. Both Aristocra agreed on how to move and made a pledge of transparency with each other.

His Soul was reported to have haunted the Council Chamber for a few weeks following his death.

Service Record

Leader of Chiss Ascendancy
Preceded By:
Flar Gar
Aristocra Sabosen
Year 13 Day 164 Year 13 Day 340
Succeeded By:
Rachel Keiko-sho