Duchy of Tolonda

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Duchy of Tolonda
Political information
Type of government Autocratic Society
Head of State Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Head-of-Government Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Commander-in-Chief Lord Regent Corey Vildras
Executive branch Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Legislative branch Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Judicial branch Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Territory Tolonda
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 8 Day 351
Status Active
Holosite Duchy of Tolonda
"By definition, the Infinite Empire cannot "fall.""
— A Rakata monument

The Duchy of Tolonda is the ruling dominion of the Tolonda Sector. Its leader is the human heir to the Rakatan empire, Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon. In charge of both their 1st Imperial Fleet and 1st Imperial Army is Minister of Defense Adin Cole.

Ancient History and Rediscovery

The Infinite Empire, the first galactic government, was a predecessor to the Old Republic. Founded and ruled by the Rakata, some legends refer to the Rakata as "the Builders".

The Rakata rose to new heights when they combined the power of the Force with advanced technology. They created wondrous effects that seemed, to them, to border on the mystical. The Force-based technology had profound consequences leading to the total collapse of their empire.

The all-but-destroyed Rakata abandoned their conquests and left the known galaxy.

After the collapse, many thought the mighty Infinite Empire disappeared. The Infinite Empire had remained hidden over the years, so called obsolete. Their presence became known once again by traders seeking out new territory on the edge of the galaxy. The once mighty empire was still thriving in this vast area of space. The Infinite Empire had remained hidden from other empires and republics, ensureing its security.

Now the Infinite Empire has returned to the known galaxy. Worlds they once controlled wonder if one day they will return to reclaim their lands. A vast fleet has been forming in orbit around Tamra III, their capital planet. Battalions of soldiers and their equipment are boarding landing ships below.

The Infinite Empire was renamed the Duchy of Tolonda on Year 18 Day 38.

Galactic Politics

Galactic Alliance Emblem.png

The Duchy of Tolonda is a member of the Galactic Alliance.

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