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The Duros Union is affiliated with the [[Kelen Syndicate]].
The Duros Union is affiliated with the [[Kelen Syndicate]].
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Duros Union
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The anarchist philosophy of the Duros Society means that there is no defined power structure, but Damyo Kruder is typically recognized as the representative of DU in negotiations.

Created by Damyo Kruder on the 302nd day of the 10th year, the Duros Union exists as a social and political platform to unite Duros across the galaxy in the spirit of solidarity and friendship, regardless of political or religious affiliation. Ever since the advent of hyperspace travel and subsequent quelben, our race of Viridux, or "Travelers", have left a considerable legacy of trade and exploration throughout the galaxy. The Union thus strives to cement such a legacy by promoting the adventurous, gregarious and peaceful characteristics for which we Duros are most known. We also actively campaign for the homeworld rights of all Duros in gaining access to our native planet of Duro, in the Corellian sector. All native Duros are entitled to membership within the Union.

The Duros Union is affiliated with the Kelen Syndicate.