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{{Infobox Character
{{Infobox Character
| name = The Great Eboda Raas
| name = The Great Eboda Raas
| image = [[File:ebodaallages.jpg]]
| image = [[Image:ebodaallages.jpg]]
| homeworld = [[Mon Calamari]] ("Dac")
| homeworld = [[Dac]]
| race = [[Quarren]]
| race = [[Quarren]]
| mother =  
| mother =  

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The Great Eboda Raas
Biographical Information
Race Quarren
Homeworld Dac
Children Ebo Ja (adopted)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Eboda Trust
Colonial Shipworks
Kuat Drive Yards

Eboda Raas, also known as "The Great Eboda Raas," was a legendary, well-known and beloved Quarren male. The late billionaire philanthropist was the builder of Eboda Landing, the majestic ocean city found on the planet Dac (called by off-worlders Mon Calamari). He founded Eboda Trust, became the head of Colonial Shipworks and he would eventually become the head of and resurrect the mighty Kuat Drive Yards. He is the only non-Kuati to ever hold that position. Statues to the Great Eboda Raas exist in the headquarter city of Kuat Drive Yards on Goravas (a city he founded, designed and built himself) and in Cyan Gardens in Eboda Landing.


In the Beginning

After his birth, circa Year 4, the infant Eboda was ripped away from his mother by a sudden and violent undersea storm. He was later found by a Mon Calamari family washed up on a deserted beach. His adopted family, starship engineers all, passed their knowledge of the Mon Calamari style of ship design to him. Eboda grew up designing starships and dreaming of the stars.

The Early Years

In his youth Eboda was caught up in the first Imperial invasion of Mon Calamari. Leading a small team of Quarren and Mon Calamari revolutionaries, he succeeded in driving the Imperial occupiers from his homeworld. It was not without cost. His long-lost brother, who had found him a year earlier, had died in the final fatal battle with the Imperials. Eboda had learned from his brother that his natural family had died in that terrible storm at his birth. After his brother's death and with victory over the Imperials Eboda decided to help the natives of Dac rebuild their homes and their world. He became disheartened to see the ancient animosities between the Quarren and the Mon Calamari flow to the surface. It was not long until massive civil unrest stalled the rebuilding effort. The young heartbroken Eboda could not bring himself to bear arms against his fellow citizens. He stowed a way on a ship that ultimately delivered him to the planet of Kuat.

Given the Kuati distrust of outsiders it was not surprising to find that Eboda had to scrounge around for a while. His first job was repairing swoops for a swoop gang. This did not last long as the gang's hiding place was raided by authorities forcing Eboda to escape. Luckily the vehicle he escaped on was a swoop he had designed and built. It allowed him to escape the pursuit of the authorities and never to be associated with the gang. After driving all night he decided to rest inside an old starship salvage yard. It was to be a gift from the Force.

The next day Eboda awoke with no credits and no where to go. Bored he looked around and started to assemble and repair various parts he found in the shipyard. It was then that owner of the yard found him. Seeing that Eboda knew his way around ships he offered the young Quarren a position. His job was to strip out the usable parts from old ships and assemble ships that would work. The owner would sell the ships and parts and give Eboda a cut of the sell. It was a great job for the young Quarren. His mastery of starship engineering allowed him to build many small ships and shuttles from the scrap. He experimented with new design concepts that he would later incorporate in to the ships he built. He was like a fish in water or in his case a squid in the ocean. The fun however could not last forever. After a few years he had saved enough credits and learned enough that he decided to move back to Dac and start his own company. He bought and modified an old Z-95 Headhunter, said good bye to the owner and took off for the stars.

A Warm Welcome

Eboda's trip was to be short lived. En-route to Dac he stopped at an old spacestation for some rest. While making his way out of the system and preparing to jump to hyperspace he noticed a space yacht being attacked by pirates. Assuming he was more than a match for the two old X-TIE Fighters attaching the yacht, Eboda joined the fray with guns blazing. It was then that the rest of the pirate force showed up and took exception to Eboda's interference. He was caught in a gravity well and nowhere to run. The pirate squadron came at him in a swarm of anger. Having lost an engine and his guns malfunctioning from over heating Eboda considered himself dead. It was then that a squadron of Rebel Alliance A-Wings led by Lieutenant Horley Cyan flashed in and scattered the pirates. Eboda had been saved. He thanked the young Devaronian lieutenant and told him that he would repay this favor in kind. The man whose yacht Eboda had saved turned out to be an old Mon Calamarian trader. He offered the young Eboda a ride home and a job in his trading firm.

Several years passed and Eboda found he was a natural trader and he became very wealthy. Thus it was that he decided to give something back to the people of Dac who had given him so much. He wanted it to be something grand and something that would last forever. One day while walking on the very beach his adopted parents had found him he saw ocean waves destroy a sand castle. That gave him an inspiration and that inspiration led him to build the first ocean city on Dac. After completion Eboda dedicated the city to the people of Dac declaring it a place of peace, culture, and learning. The poet at the ceremony declared it a place of rare artistic beauty, a jewel formed from the falling tears of the gods. He named the poem Eboda Landing and the people of Dac took that poem as the name for the new city.

The old Mon Calamarian trader died shortly thereafter leaving Eboda his entire estate. Before he died he made Eboda promise to pass on what he had learned. Eboda agreed and after the old fish's death he renamed the firm Eboda Trust, to honor the promise he made. He then set out to find a student. There was only one name in his mind. Someone he owed his life too.

The former lieutenant Horley Cyan was in a terrible spot. He was a shell of his former self. His once proud horns were dull and discolored. Horely was working as a smuggler and barely making ends meet. Eboda found him on the Smuggler's Moon hiding from a debt he owned to a local crime lord. Seeing the person who had saved his life in such terrible trouble upset the noble Eboda. He at once paid off Horley's debt and offered him a chance to change his life and join Eboda Trust. Horely accepted and moved to Dac to start his training. After a a while Horley was doing well. He had learned a lot at Eboda's side and now was very wealthy in his own right. It was at this time that Horley had found out some interesting news.

The Shipyard Years

Colonial Shipworks was in trouble. Sales were tanking and personnel were leaving in droves. The small independent shipyard just could not compete with the bigger shipyards in the galaxy. Smelling an opportunity Eboda contacted the owner and asked if he could assist. It was agreed that Eboda would take over the floundering shipyard with Horley as his second-in-command. It did not take long for Eboda to use his natural abilities for ship design and his astute business acumen to turn the shipyard around. In less than a year the company was profitable and growing. New ships were rolling out of the shipyards and membership was growing. Thanks to a generous profit sharing plan put in place by Eboda there were new millionaires being minted every day.

There was some sadness at this time as well, Eboda and Horley would soon part company, though they would always stay friends. Holey was offered an opportunity of his own. With Eboda's blessing he went to head a struggling trading company called Outrider Trading. Eboda, to show thanks to his friend, gave him a building in Eboda's Landing to house the company. Outrider Trading under Horley would become one of the most successful companies in the galaxy. Later in his life Horley would take over Haven Recycling and Corporate Sector Trading. He would found Haor Chall Engineering, Stars' End Entertainment, Lant Mining Corporation and he would become, in no small part to Eboda training, the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. In his declining years Holey joined a cult called the Order of Kampar and named a flower in honor of his great and noble friend.

After his friend departed Eboda found he wanting to share his wealth and knowledge even more. The opportunity can during a holiday on Dac. Eboda found a young humanoid child again on the very beach his adopted family had found him. The child's real parents where a Zeltron female and a Kiffar male. They were killed in a shuttle accident off the shore of the beach. Somehow the infant survived the terrible crash and made it to shore. Struck by the child's survival, the Great Eboda Raas adopted him. What to call the child would also become apparent but not for a long time. One day the child who was now three and had not spoken a word since being found looked at Eboda and said Ebo Ja. No said Eboda I am Eboda the child laughed and pointed at him and said Eboda and then pointed at himself and said Ebo Ja. Thus the heir the Raas Empire named himself Ebo Ja. Eboda took to raising the child. He taught him all about ship design as his adopted parents had taught him and trading as the old man had taught him. By the time the child had turned eight he had designed his first ship and made his first million. Eboda could not have been happier.

Due to his success with Eboda Trading and as head of Colonial Shipworks many opportunities came to Eboda. Myn Kuat, the owner of the Kuat Drive Yards (KDY), contacted Eboda and asked if he could do some magic with KDY. Always one for a challenge Eboda jumped. It was like history repeating itself. Within a year KDY had gone from ten employees to over seventy-five. Cities were sprouting up everyday new shipyards were coming on line and the future of the most powerful shipyard in the galaxy was set into motion.

The Death of Greatness


The elder Eboda was a celebrity. Everywhere he went his greatness, generosity, and good deeds were celebrated. It is not surprising then that the death of the Great Eboda Raas would bring the universe to tears. It was they said the murder shocked the galaxy. It all started with a cry of help. With all the new constructions in Eboda Landing the people started to experience power outages. The city funds were tied up building the new university and the city had no free funds to build a new power generator. The city turned to it's benefactor and namesake for help. Hearing the call of his people Eboda returned to Dac to personally oversee the new construction of the new powerstation.

It was at this time the evil Tenloss Syndicate swooped down and kidnapped Eboda. Ignoring the pleas from billions of citizens from around the galaxy and offers to pay ransom the heartless evil Tenloss Syndicate murdered the Great Eboda Raas in front of a crowd of crying and pleading protesters. Seeing their savior murdered in such a fashion broke the hearts and will of the people of Dac. To this day they find themselves under the oppressive boot of the tyrannical Tenloss Syndicate. But even in the dark there is hope. Ebo Ja the son of the great one has sworn the Dac oath of revenge. Even now he is plotting the destruction of Tenloss, the death of its leaders, and one day, like his father before him, the liberation of Dac.