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Eidola Pirates
General Information
Motto "We have done the impossible,
and that makes us mighty."
Status Active
Leader Syn
2IC Squall Chitose
Owner Syn
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 82
Political Information
Affiliation Criminal
Industry Pirate Government
Holosite Eidola

Eidola, also more formally known as the Eidola Pirates, is a gang of pirates that controls several galactic sectors. Originally founded by the notable scammer and thief, Keir Santage, and subsequently led by his daughter, Teniel Djo, the pirate gang evolved from a small nucleus of thieves circa Year 4 into a powerful government.

The official currencies for Eidola are the galactic credit and trophy ears.



Eidola began as a small tight-knit group of thieves under the leadership of Keir Santage. Early members included Bruce Spear, Derek Solo, and Lloyd Font. The group of freelancers eventually moved into Outrider Trading after Keir was given its leadership, and the company was transformed into a den of thieves who became widely regarded as the best in the galaxy's criminal underworld. Keir later sold Outrider Trading, and purchased Biotech Medical instead, and the group moved to the new company, picking up new recruits like Utono Brutza along the way. Later they sold Biotech, and created a new collective from scratch called Malebranche. Soon after, one of the two Malebranche groups became Eidola.

Keir led Eidola for barely five months before his alleged death in Year 5, and the group was passed on to his teenage daughter, Teniel Djo. Colloquially nicknamed the Pirate Queen, she rapidly rose to galactic fame through her clever confidence scams and her charismatic media appearances, and transformed the group of pirates into a formal government over many of the Outer Rim Territories. She led the group for seven years before committing suicide in the Maw in Year 12, along with a handful of fellow pirates and a number of Eidola's finest ships. This left Eidola in the hands of Warlord Squall Chitose, who strove to expand the pirate-controlled territory throughout the galaxy for five years. After this time, his former Second in Command and close friend Syn assumed leadership of the group.

Leadership History

Reported Murders

Reported Kidnappings


  • Eidola Banner Year 9.jpg (Year 9)
  • Eidola Banner Year 12.jpg (Year 12)

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