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| born =
| born =
| died = Unconfirmed
| died = Unconfirmed
| gender = [[:Category:Male|Male]]
| gender = [[:Category:Males|Male]]
| height = 8'2"
| height = 8'2"
| weight =  
| weight =  

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Jedi Master Rostar
Biographical Information
Race Ithorian
Homeworld Ithor (Ottega System)
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse N/A
Siblings None
Children N/A
Died Unconfirmed
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 8'2"
Coloring Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Prior Affiliation Centrepoint Space Station
Rebel Alliance
Black Sun
Centrepoint Mining Founder
Jedi Praxium


Influential Ithorian Trader turned Jedi Master. He first came to the galaxies attention during his time at Centrepoint Space Station where he worked his way up through the organisation to briefly lead. Though the pressure of leading such a prestigious trading organisation was to much and Rostar dropped out of the public eye.

He later returned to Centrepoint and was a driving force in the expansion of the company and creation of the production branch Centrepoint Mining. After leading the company for a while, he again dropped out of sight.


Besides his Jedi training and economic activities, Rostar was an influential figure in the preservation of Ithor, having obtained the title of High Priest. With his help, it was possible to keep Ithor's surface mostly untouched, except for the capital city and a small research station.