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|colspan="3" style="text-transform: uppercase; border: 0px; text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000;"|<p align="center"><small>'''[[Imperial Core]]''' &emsp; &mdash; &emsp; '''[[Dark Empire]]'''</small></p>
|colspan="3" style="text-transform: uppercase; border: 0px; text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000;"|<p align="center"><small>'''[[Imperial Core]]''' &emsp; &mdash; &emsp; '''[[Dark Empire]]'''</small></p>
|colspan="2" style="text-transform: uppercase; border: 0px; text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000;"|<p align="center"><small>&emsp;&emsp;'''[[New Imperial Order]]'''</small></p>
|colspan="2" style="text-transform: uppercase; border: 0px; text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000;"|<p align="center"><small>&emsp;&emsp;'''[[New Imperial Order]]'''</small></p>
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This page is about the ruler of the Galactic Empire. For other uses of the title, see Emperor (disambiguation).

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The Emperor (also known as the Emperor of the Galaxy, Emperor of the Known Universe, or Galactic Emperor), is the Head of State of the Galactic Empire. The Emperor has absolute authority within his dominion and its subject states. Of the eleven individuals to hold the title, all but one began their career in the Imperial Navy, although a number had long since moved into other branches of the Galactic Empire. Due to the continued primacy of the Empire as a military superpower in the Core Worlds, the emperor is frequently described as the most powerful sovereign in the galaxy.

There exists some scholarly disagreement about the order of succession of the early sovereigns. The official Imperial History records Vodo Bonias as the second emperor, governing between Drayson and Suntzu. However, a number of earlier sources — such as the respected Annals of the Emperors and the fragmented records of the Imperial Core War Library — record him as the third.

The present incumbent is Guinar Ndengin, a former member of the New Imperial Order separatist movement.

Known Emperors

To date, a total of eleven men have reigned over the Galactic Empire twelve times:

  1. Emperor Hiram Drayson: Unknown — Year -2
  2. Emperor Suntzu: Year -2
  3. Emperor Vodo Bonias: Year -2Year -1 Day 271 (first reign)
  4. Emperor Spytek: Year -1 Day 271Year 0 Day 122
  5. Emperor Piett: Year 0 Day 122Year 1 Day 212
  6. Emperor Trey Connel: Year 1 Day 212Year 1 Day 320
  7. Emperor Mccarthur: Year 1 Day 320Year 2 Day 212
  8. Emperor J. Charon: Year 2 Day 212Year 4 Day 133
  9. Emperor Greyson Uebles: Year 4 Day 133Year 5 Day 158
  10. Emperor Vodo Bonias: Year 5 Day 159Year 11 Day 291 (second reign)
  11. Emperor Thomas Cherokee: Year 11 Day 291Year 12 Day 327
  12. Emperor Guinar Ndengin: Year 12 Day 327 — Present

Separatist Movements

The Dark Years

The earliest known separatist movement was the quasi-legendary "Order of Darkness" led by the enigmatic Hiram Drayson, a former emperor opposing his successors such as Suntzu, Vodo Bonias, and Spytek during a chaotic historical period known as "the Dark Years." Although Drayson himself had been overthrown by Bonias, the perceived failings of his various successors enabled him to form an effective opposition group circa Year -2. High-profile defections included General Diablirus Balseraph and Admiral Dyvel Price, however, Drayson's Order of Darkness later faded into obscurity after the presumed death of its founder and patron. Despite its rapid decline, the Order of Darkness became an inspiration for many future separatist movements.

Opposition of the Sith

After the golden age of Emperor Piett's lauded reign, a schism occurred in the Empire between the supporters of Emperor Trey Connel and Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom, former rivals to the throne prior to Piett's surprise ascendance. On Year 1 Day 305, Veynom departed for the Unknown Regions, but his supporters still refused to serve Connel. Dubbing themselves "the Imperial Core" and taking much Imperial equipment with them, the separatists formed their own government in the farthest reaches of civilized space and proclaimed the absentee Veynom as their titular sovereign. However, Veynom never returned to lead the Core and the organization later united with the Sith Order to form "the Dark Empire." A former emperor, Vodo Bonias, became the ruler of the Dark Empire. After a year, this latter organization was forcibly unified with Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire, albeit with much distrust on both sides. The conflict did not end with the reunification and would eventually culminate in the overthrowing of Charon and the ascension of Uebles. This in turn planted the seeds for the New Imperial Order.

The Imperial Reformation

During the protracted second reign of Emperor Vodo Bonias, a large number of high-ranking officers and enlisted personnel became displeased with the heavy-handed managerial style of Grand Moff Daelin Zerk, Vodo's hand-picked Chief of Staff who was allegedly prone to micro-managing his subordinates. Gradually, a split occurred between Zerk's allegiants and a loose coalition comprised largely of enlisted personnel as well as former Charonists who still resented Vodo for his role in the deposal of their earlier sovereign. Dubbing themselves "Imperial reformers," the separatists left the Empire circa Year 6 and formed "the New Imperial Order", although they refused to appoint an emperor. Some speculate this was because they hoped Charon would return and claim the title himself, but a more plausible explanation is that reunification with the Empire was always one of their goals, albeit on their own terms. After a negotiated reconciliation several years later, many of the organization's veterans rejoined their beloved Empire and even served as its rulers.


Below is a tabulation of the august emperors as well as their archival portraits, associated eras, and opposition groups. Charon is considered by some Imperial historians to be part of a dynastic triumvirate which began with Emperor Trey Connel and included Charon's predecessor, Mccarthur. This triumvirate dominated galactic politics for three years — from Year 1 Day 212 to Year 4 Day 133 — and was externally opposed by separatist warlords such as Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom, Dark Jedi Master Vodo Bonias, and Count Greyson Uebles. The ascension of Thomas Cherokee as emperor circa Year 11 inaugurated a subsequent era of sovereigns formerly affiliated with the New Imperial Order.















Vodo Bonias Alternate Portrait.png







Vodo Bonias Alternate Portrait.png

Thomas Cherokee Portrait.png







Opposed By:

    Order of Darkness

Imperial Core   —   Dark Empire

  New Imperial Order


* NOTE: The above tabulation does not accurately depict the actual length of each sovereign's reign.

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