Empire of the Hand

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(For is about the current Empire of the Hand. More information about the previous incarnation can be found here.)


Braggarts, cowards, oppressors. A sentient scourge that overflows planet upon planet. Once united under few banners, today hundreds exist. The galaxy is divided as threats mount. They work your appendages to the bone and have you fight their wars as blaster-fodder while they get rich off of your labour and hardships. We are your best, last and only line of defence. The Empire of the Hand fights for order and unity in the galaxy by destroying those sentients who work to divide it. We are privateers who chose our contracts to ensure we meet these standards. We are a neutral group partnering with the Chiss Ascendancy. We offer recycling services, security services and combat privateering services.We are always interested in recruiting strongly motivated individuals seeking personal wealth, glory and greater galactic unity! Do you have a problem? Can no-one else help you? If you can find us, you should call, the Empire of the Hand. We leave NOTHING behind!