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|  width="100%" colspan="2" style="background-color: #008080; font-size: 16px; text-align: center;" | <font color=white>'''Eris Rosiir'''</font>
|  width="100%" colspan="2" style="background-color: #008080; font-size: 16px; text-align: center;" | <font color=white>'''Eris Rosiir'''</font>
|  width="100%" colspan="2" style="text-align: center;" | [[File:null.jpg|250px]]
|  width="100%" colspan="2" style="text-align: center;" | [[File:Eris_Rosiir.jpg]]
|  width="100%" colspan="2" style="background-color: #008080;" | <font color=white>'''Biographical Information'''</font>
|  width="100%" colspan="2" style="background-color: #008080;" | <font color=white>'''Biographical Information'''</font>

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Eris Rosiir
Eris Rosiir.jpg
Biographical Information
Nickname [null]
Homeworld [null]
Residence [null]
Father Patrick Hinze
Mother Bianca Hinze
Siblings Nileri Atesia Rosiir (nonbiological sister)
Relationship(s) Cryspin Nailo (Boyfriend)
Date of Birth Year 7 BCGT Day 66
Languages Galactic Basic
Demeanor She is generally introverted, being shy and avoiding attention to herself. However, despite her mild mannered shell, she has a hot temper & cruel streak.
Biological Information
Race Corellian
Gender Female
Age 22
Height 170 cm
Weight 68 kg
Skin Pale White
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Grey
Professional Service
Current Title Kephale
Affiliation The Kingdom of Elysia
Prior Affiliation DroMor Motors, Mandroxan Cartel, Tamerin Foundation, Alissma

Eris Rosiir (Year 7 BCGT Day 66 - Present) is currently a Kephale under the banner of the The Kingdom of Elysia, specializing in production.


Eris Desdemona Rosiir's humble origins are on the Core World, Corellia. Located at the intersection of the Corellian Run and Corellian Trade Spine, Corellia is a haven for traders and smugglers alike. Corellia is one of the galaxy's few junctions in which the legitimate and illegitimate coincide in relative peace. Everyday, millions of sentient beings and billions of tons of cargo (the contents often being of questionable nature and origin) pass through Corellia - specifically, Rosiir's parents were involved in cargo of more questionable nature, dealing with the shipment of restricted military-grade ship systems outside the scrutiny of the law. Of course, despite successful evasion of the law, the criminal underground has a serpentine grasp on its inhabitants, regardless of the countless false identities,

One day, a deal had gone south resulting in the brutal murder of both her parents. Eris was an infant, & thown back & forth into unhospitable foster homes. With grace, she wound up in the care of the Rosiir family. Rosiirs' were Togarian, so learning their way of life/culture was not easy, but not as difficult as all the other scars she endured. Primarily, Eris spent her most of her girl years on Planet Togaria. There, the Corellian was taught all of her survival methods as well as hunting tactics & self-defense techniques. In her youth, she was especially close to her sister Nileri Rosiir. Nileri treated Eris as her own kin, even though Eris was not Togarian. She watched over Eris, & viciously protected her. Most of their days on Togaria, they hunted creatures, on some occasions, even bandits, rarely seeing their father.

Mother was a religious nut. The sisters were expected to obey her, & follow the religious expectations. Due to her strict nature, the girls kept their adventures to themselves. One day, Nileri disappeared, never to show up again. Eris never understood as to why she left, never even exchanging a farewell to her. It had been sudden. Eris later learned that Nileri was disowned from the family. Mother had been extremely over-bearing, & life on Togaria was bleak through Eris’ eyes. She only had her “mother” and “father” (who, (typically of Togarian males) was not present most of the time). Mother had watched over Eris like a hawk.

In her youth, Eris began to delve deep into depression. She could not trick herself into believing she was truly happy anymore. She began to wonder about the galaxy, it’s vastness & the opportunities it had. She flirted with the idea of escaping home, just like her sister did, & exploring. After battles in her mind, she decided she needed to escape & leave home or she would be stuck. Mother proposed an arranged marriage for Eris, which did not sit well with her at all. Using her smarts, Eris made a contact who took her off of Togaria. She found work as a logistics pilot, earning her living that way for a few years.

Later, Eris received a transmission from her long lost sister, Nileri. Nileri eplained that she had gone rogue & left Togaria because mother also wanted to arrange a marriage for her. Looks like Eris wasn’t the only one. Eris agreed to meet up with her sis, rekindle their sisterhood, & converse about their lives. Nileri shortly thereafter offered Eris a job opportunity with The Mandroxan Cartel. Eris seized the opportunity, and accepted. Eris’ trials in the Cartel made her weary & she left shortly after. From thereon, Eris worked with the Tamerin Foundation (recruited by her friend and trade partner Spiri Solon). There she scanned areas of the galaxy for new systems, spending her days in hypertravel. To her disapointment, she did not manage to find any systems/planets or even an asteroid. She left the foundation shortly after, finding the work grueling. She craved to be a part of a family.

Unemployed, depressed, & lonely, Eris wondered into clubs & taverns with many drunken hazy nights.

Eventually, Eris met Aylee Stewart over a business deal via her datapad. Aylee was very polite, hospitable, & offered the Corellian a job oportunity with Alisma. Eris was drawn into Alisma because it was more than just a group. It was a family which Eris could be a part of, and grow into. While in Alisma, Eris adopted Ara into her life & made close friends. Kuro Neko gave Eris freedom to do as she wished & the laws were simple.

While no longer in Alissma, Eris is in good graces with the group. Currently, she serves in DroMor Motors company, currently lead by Evelyn Reighner.