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The Expansion Region, first known as the Expansion Rim, is located between the Inner Rim Territories and the Mid Rim in the galaxy.[1]



Aside from the traditional region divisions, the Expansion Region is divided further based on the navigational elements such as the galactic coordinates of Coruscant (0, 0, 0) during the Old Republic era or major hyperlanes, such as the Perlemian Trade Route or the Corellian Run. From the northwest, moving clockwise, the Expansion Region consist of:

  • Northern Dependencies (a region north of Coruscant and the Perlemian Trade Route with the Negs as the western boundary)[2]
  • The Borderlands or Trans-Hydian (a region "north" of the Perlemian Trade Route)[3]
  • The Slice (a region between the Perlemian Trade Route and the Corellian Run)[4]
  • Trailing Sectors (a region west of the Corellian Run, "trailing" the Slice)[5]
  • Western Reaches (a region west of the Trailing Sectors beyond the Rimma Trade Route)[6]

List of Sectors

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Northern Dependencies

The Borderlands

The Slice

Trailing Sectors

Western Reaches