Fairwind-class Gunship

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Type Unique
Type Sensor dampening wooden hull
Date of Manufacture
Affiliation Eidola Pirates
Events The Maw Expedition

The Fairwind is a unique starship dating back thousands of years to the Jedi-Sith Wars. No real records of the Fairwind-class Gunship exist, but it is unique in that its hull is plated with a super-strong wood, rather than being constructed of metal like most modern starships.

The sole known Fairwind in existence rests in Eidola hands. This ship was recovered from the Maw by the Eidola Pirates during an expedition to recover Teniel Djo's modified YV-666, Eidola's Supremacy-class warship, and the SB-1. The SB-1 had been destroyed, but the Fairwind and the other ships were successfully extracted.

While reviewing the ship's records, the pirates found that its name was the Fairwind and was of custom make. Deeming Fairwind as a far too positive name, Warlord Squall Chitose changed its name to the Illwind.