Falleen Federation

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Falleen Federation
Falleen Federation Logo.PNG
Political information
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Head of State King Bisz Aldaris
Head-of-Government King Bisz Aldaris
Commander-in-Chief King Bisz Aldaris
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
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The Falleen Federation is a Government of the Galaxy that was founded by Tholin Dur'aak. The Current King is Bisz Aldaris.


The Falleen Federation follows the principles of "Liberty, Equality and Justice." As such the Federation is accepting of other species, and has members of many races other than Falleen. The Federation has no standard pay scale, all pay is based on activity and work performed. This means that people who don’t do work, don’t get paid, and people who do a lot of work, get paid very well.

New Cadets

Every new recruit is given the rank of cadet. They will be given an instructor to lead them through lessons from Hyper Travel to NCP movement. Each cadet will take tests on their lessons and after passing the lessons they will move on to practicals. A practical is the name given to a hands-on lesson that the cadets will master. After completion of all lessons the cadet will choose one of the branches to enlist in. At this time the cadet will be awarded the next rank up in their chosen branch.


The Federation is led by the King of Falleen (Bisz Aldaris) and made up of three ministrie; Ministry of Defense, Ministry of State and Ministry of Engineering. Each led by a Minister who answers to the King. These Ministers are being guided by a Prime Minister (Darlus Kartan), and is effectively the right hand of the King. The ministries are further divided into departments, led by Secretaries who answer to their respective Minister and Deputy Ministers.


The regular Falleen Federation Military consists of the Falleen Federation Navy, the Falleen Federation Army, and the Federation Intelligence Bureau, while all other members of the Federation act as reservists. To ensure a high quality Officer staff, only once an Acting Lieutenant(enlisted) has proven capable and reliable are they commissioned a Lieutenant, by the King himself, and allowed to progress through the officer ranks and higher.

Ranking System.PNG

Chain of Command

King: Bisz Aldaris

Regent of the Crown: Rick Farlander

Prime Minister: Darlus Kartan

Ministry of Defense

Minister of Defense:

Army Commander: Lord Xias

Navy Commander:

Director of FIB: Lord Tigris Ninx

Ministry of State

Minister of State: Lord Simon Eusnomis

Deputy Minister of State: Anna Croft

Ministry of Engineering

Minister of Engineering: Lord Michael MaCleod

Deputy Ministers of Engineering:

Thomas Decoy

Sir Maxim Nighthawk

Crown Corporations

Crown Corporations are companies that are owned by the Falleen Federation.



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