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[[Image:Artemis_Featured_Article_Insert.png|120px|left|link=Artemis_de_Chatillon]] Born to rare privilege on the conflict-scarred world [[Kiffex]], '''Artemis de Chatillon''' descended from high society to the depths of the underworld as one of the galaxy's criminal elite. Before his rise to prominence, however, he was raised in wealth and security by his father, Cronus de Chatillon.
An uncompromising man who eschewed the traditional life of his countrymen, Cronus achieved great status through serving as an intelligence analyst for the [[Galactic Empire]]. With this position and its respective pay scale, Cronus was able to provide the best the galaxy had to offer for his progeny--Artemis, Silenus and Iris--while ensuring that the mother of his children, Rhea, could live in equal comfort without the need to pursue her own career. ([[Artemis_de_Chatillon|Full article...]])
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