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Session Start: Fri Sep 17 22:46:20 2010
Session Ident: Lord_Seele
[22:46] Session Ident: Lord_Seele (SWC-IRC, Orphaea_Imperium) (~seele@SWC-IRC.A72DCDFF3B2BA9.SWC)
[22:46] <Lord_Seele> It is with a certain smug satisfaction that my prediction came true.
[22:47] <Orphaea_Imperium> what, that I launched a coup?
[22:47] * Lord_Seele nods.
[22:49] <Lord_Seele> You think it's actually going to work?
[22:50] <Orphaea_Imperium> I've got over 400 of 500 planets (if you count shield generator coverage), all the mats, all the cash, some of the NPCs
[22:50] <Orphaea_Imperium> if he says no, he will lead an Empire with a military but no resources, and I'll lead one of resources but no military
[22:50] <Orphaea_Imperium> then we'll both be crushed by Alliance fleets
[22:50] <Lord_Seele> Well, NR whores out their tech rather easily.
[22:50] <Orphaea_Imperium> he can either abdicate and be remembered as a great Emperor
[22:50] <Orphaea_Imperium> or stay on and be remembered as the cause of the fall of the Empire
[22:51] <Lord_Seele> Think that's an issue for Vodo? :P
[22:52] <Lord_Seele> He is very unlikely to give up power. He just simply can't do it.
[22:52] <Lord_Seele> He offered Cherokee the title of Emperor, but he wanted to stay Darkness leader just in case Cherokee or successors did something he didn't like.
[22:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah I know
[22:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> that's what I implied in my emails
[22:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> I told the IU leaders outright, but I didn't know if I should make that little bit of info public
[22:53] <Orphaea_Imperium> Vodo can't do it... but while Veynom is unlikely to intervene directly, I also doubt he will support Vodo
[22:54] <Lord_Seele> Well, wouldn't of harmed your case any further. I mean, you are sitting in the Federal Reserve with a nuclear weapon afterall. You're already at the far end of crazy.
[22:54] <Orphaea_Imperium> hehe
[22:54] <Orphaea_Imperium> so what's your opinion on things?
[22:54] <Orphaea_Imperium> pro-Vodo? pro-not Vodo? necessary and smug that you predicted something like this would go down?
[22:55] <Lord_Seele> I would certainly prefer that Vodo resign. He's needed to do it for years, however I am not sure this is the correct manner in which to convince him of such.
[22:56] <Orphaea_Imperium> if you can think of another way we could have approached it that would have resulted in an outcome other than us going to the gallows, I'd like to hear it :)
[22:56] <Lord_Seele> My objective has always been a strong, capable, and efficient Empire.
[22:56] <Lord_Seele> The gallows?
[22:56] * Lord_Seele looks at the gallows.
[22:56] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah... this kind of shows the Empire as weak and incapable
[22:56] <Orphaea_Imperium> Demeer said as much
[22:56] <Lord_Seele> I've been sentenced to them multiple times before. ;P
[22:57] <Lord_Seele> In fact, as I recall, you were the lead in my dismissal as Grand Vizier.
[22:57] <Lord_Seele> Complete with taking logs that incriminated yourself to Vodo even.
[22:57] * Lord_Seele nods slowly.
[23:02] <Lord_Seele> You know I'll probably get blamed for this. :P
[23:03] <Orphaea_Imperium> ^_^
[23:03] <Orphaea_Imperium> no...
[23:03] <Orphaea_Imperium> I didn't tell anyone about this beforehand
[23:03] <Orphaea_Imperium> only came up with the idea two weeks ago
[23:03] <Orphaea_Imperium> only decided to go through with it last weekend
[23:04] <Lord_Seele> Yes, but I always get the blame. :P
[23:15] <Lord_Seele> No surprise from Vulcan though.
[23:16] <Lord_Seele> He has the leadership potential and imagination of a postaccio nut.
[23:16] <Orphaea_Imperium> he did wish me good luck OOCly
[23:17] <Lord_Seele> Everyone else is likely waiting for Vodo's response and wishing silently.
[23:17] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah
[23:18] * Lord_Seele chuckles.
[23:53] <Lord_Seele> I understand you can't flinch at all with Vodo, but will you really see to the destruction of the Empire's economic capacity if he doesn't resign?
[23:54] <Orphaea_Imperium> if I have to
[23:54] <Orphaea_Imperium> for example... I own pretty much, if not every, power generator on Bastion
[23:57] <Lord_Seele> Zee and Cherokee?
[23:57] <Orphaea_Imperium> Goth and Cherokee
[23:57] <Orphaea_Imperium> though I imagine Zee got it too
[23:57] <Lord_Seele> Zee did get the pledge.
Session Time: Sat Sep 18 00:00:01 2010
Session Close: Sat Sep 18 01:10:25 2010
Session Start: Sat Sep 18 01:10:25 2010
Session Ident: Lord_Seele
[01:20] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> mm?
[01:21] <Lord_Seele> I don't think it's appropriate that you sit in main at the moment.
[01:21] * Orph[a]ea_Imperium sighs
[01:21] <Lord_Seele> Thank you.
[01:21] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> I only ended up back in there because it's on my autojoin
[01:21] <Lord_Seele> Will save me having to go to the bother of removing your access, and hopefully readding it in a day or two.
[01:22] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> I think my access is 999
[01:22] <Lord_Seele> It is.
[01:22] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> unless you're founder (i.e. the Emperor) I don't think you can
[01:22] <Lord_Seele> I'd have to get an IRCop to remove your access.
[01:22] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> would they do that?
[01:22] <Lord_Seele> With the faction leader or 2iC's request.
[01:22] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> hmm
[01:23] <Lord_Seele> But only those two may request it for a faction channel.
[01:38] <Lord_Seele> Who would you find acceptable for Vodo to crown Emperor, if he did explore that avenue?
[03:58] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> dunno if you're still here
[03:58] No such nick/channel
Session Close: Sat Sep 18 05:58:52 2010
Session Start: Sat Sep 18 03:59:01 2010
Session Ident: Seele[AWAY]
[03:59] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> probably me or Cherokee, unless someone was going to be picked as a 'compromise' candidate
[03:59] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> there are fair reasons for both me and Cherokee at this point, I'm too lazy at 4am to go into them, but I'm sure you can work most of them out
[04:00] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> I stopped short of demanding myself on the throne
[04:00] <Orph[a]ea_Imperium> first things first: we need an active Emperor
Session Close: Sat Sep 18 05:58:52 2010
Session Start: Sat Sep 18 05:58:52 2010
Session Ident: Seele[AWAY]
[10:09] <Seele[AWAY]> Awake yet?
1[10:10] <Orphaea_Imperium> yo
[10:10] <Seele[AWAY]> You prepared for a meeting between yourself, Cherokee and Vodo?
[10:11] <Seele[AWAY]> #The-Palace
[10:14] <Seele[AWAY]> Vodo and Cherokee are ready to talk right now.
[10:16] <Orphaea_Imperium> with me?
[10:17] <Seele[AWAY]> Yes.
[10:17] <Seele[AWAY]> #The-Palace
[10:17] <Orphaea_Imperium> now?
[10:17] <Seele[AWAY]> Vodo is ducking out for 15mins, but yes, right now.
[10:40] <Seele[AWAY]> Not sure vodo's happy.
[10:41] <Seele[AWAY]> He called a meeting with Cherokee, Guinar, Mikel, Inwe, Jarek and Zahm.
[10:41] <Orphaea_Imperium> would you be?
[10:41] <Seele[AWAY]> And myself.
[10:41] <Orphaea_Imperium> before, or now?
[10:41] <Seele[AWAY]> We all agreed he should stand down. >_>
[10:41] <Seele[AWAY]> Before.
[10:41] <Orphaea_Imperium> lol <_<
[10:42] <Orphaea_Imperium> Cherokee and I were discussing which one of us is likely to move up
[10:42] <Seele[AWAY]> I risked the death though...I was the one who built up the courage to say it first.
[10:42] <Orphaea_Imperium> he thinks it's more likely him as Emperor with me as Executor
[10:42] <Orphaea_Imperium> which I'd conceed as a high possibility
[10:42] <Orphaea_Imperium> comes down to Vodo though
[10:42] <Orphaea_Imperium> it could be you yet too
[10:42] <Seele[AWAY]> [09:37] <@The_Emperor> I do not see a suggestion there Seele.
[10:42] <Seele[AWAY]> [09:37] <.Seele[AWAY]> The only suggestion I have, aside form spending the next decade rebuilding to our might, is the one no one wants to suggest. =/
[10:42] <Seele[AWAY]> [09:38] <@The_Emperor> How do you reconcile supporting a coup?  although you have been known to support them in the past
[10:42] <Seele[AWAY]> [09:38] <.Seele[AWAY]> My greatest concern at the present is the survival of the Empire.
 04[10:42] <Seele[AWAY]> [09:38] <@The_Emperor> What is to stop the next "Orph" from being unhappy that he would never become Emperor and looking to hold the Empire hostage.
[10:42] <Seele[AWAY]> [09:38] <.Seele[AWAY]> Your own IC history proports performing two coups against Emperors.
[10:43] <Seele[AWAY]> Won't be me.
[10:43] * Seele[AWAY] grins.
[10:43] <Seele[AWAY]> Vodo and I have a long history.
[10:44] <Seele[AWAY]> [09:40] <.Seele[AWAY]> I feel that your personal feelings of not "losing" are clouding your judgement here, Highness.
[10:44] <Seele[AWAY]> Yeah...definately not me getting a promotion out of this event. >.<
[10:45] <Orphaea_Imperium> :p
[10:45] <Orphaea_Imperium> I dunno, there could be a Grand Moff position opening up in summer
[10:45] <Seele[AWAY]> I'm not interested.
[10:46] <Orphaea_Imperium> bah
[10:46] <Seele[AWAY]> Despite popular opinion, I'm not motivated by rank, title, or authority.
[10:47] <Seele[AWAY]> But yeah...was...interesting to see.
[10:47] <Seele[AWAY]> All of his ideas were shot down by the IHC present.
[10:47] <Orphaea_Imperium> can I get a log of it?
[10:48] <Seele[AWAY]> We were merciless with keeping him in reality and acknowledging he has only two options.
[10:48] <Seele[AWAY]> Not right now. :P
[10:48] <Seele[AWAY]> If the talks break down, or Vodo won't give up the Throne, don't need the possibility of that backlash coming at me. >.<
[10:49] <Orphaea_Imperium> lol
[10:49] <Orphaea_Imperium> I wouldn't tell :p
[10:49] <Seele[AWAY]> But yes, I am hoping Vodo accepts the hopelessness of his situation and agrees to step down.
[11:34] <Seele[AWAY]> Well...a success.
[11:34] <Executor_Imperium> I wish I could have left Vodo something
[11:34] <Executor_Imperium> he was so... resigned
[11:34] <Seele[AWAY]> He has a fleet of ISDs, VSDs and an SSD.
[11:34] <Executor_Imperium> his only crime was being inactive and disinterested
[11:34] <Executor_Imperium> he's giving all that back
[11:34] <Executor_Imperium> save the SSD
[11:35] <Seele[AWAY]> He said he was. ;)
[11:35] <Seele[AWAY]> I suspect something different will occur however.
[11:35] <Executor_Imperium> meh
[11:37] * Seele[AWAY] grins and nods slowly.
[11:37] <Seele[AWAY]> Mark my words, young Executor.
[11:45] <Seele[AWAY]> So when do we get our stuff back? :P
[11:46] <Executor_Imperium> once the PMs stop -.-
[11:46] <Executor_Imperium> so, tuesday
[11:47] <Seele[AWAY]> The Empire is waiting, the PMs can't wait longer. :P
[11:47] <Seele[AWAY]> *can wait
[11:48] <Seele[AWAY]> And I'm sick of being PMed asking when you'll return the stuff. :P
[12:50] <Executor_Imperium> now, I do expect you'll bitchslap me down if I come up with too outrageous or frankly insane ideas, Executor or no? :)
[12:51] * Seele[AWAY] smiles.
[12:52] <Executor_Imperium> though sometimes they work <.<
Session Close: Sat Sep 18 15:07:41 2010
Session Start: Sat Sep 18 18:54:56 2010
Session Ident: Seele[AWAY]
[19:08] <Seele[AWAY]> Anyways, what can I do for you?
[19:08] <Orphaea_Imperium> was wondering if I could get a copy of the Vodo/IHC meeting now >.>
[19:14] <Seele[AWAY]> Sent.
[19:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> wewt
[19:14] <Orphaea_Imperium> Fish was saying a lot of the admins are also trying to hunt down a copy of this discussion
[19:16] <Seele[AWAY]> I dislike giving out logs where I look like I don't know what's going on because I say things that aren't true. =/
[19:31] <Orphaea_Imperium> lolo
[19:31] <Orphaea_Imperium> -o
[19:34] <Seele[AWAY]> But it all worked. :)
[19:34] <Seele[AWAY]> Actually, worked like clockwork.
[19:35] <Orphaea_Imperium> Axe commented maybe he sort of wanted this, circumstances where he would be forced to follow up with his promises to go out
[19:36] <Orphaea_Imperium> or maybe he was staking everything on Cherokee handing things back over once all the stuff had been sent back
[19:36] <Seele[AWAY]> I have held a long belief that Manny has been waiting to be forced out. Killed in the Sith fashion.
[19:36] <Orphaea_Imperium> The way of the Sith
[19:36] <Seele[AWAY]> However, that isn't the case here.
[19:37] <Seele[AWAY]> Vodo was immediately off to the IU trying to have the TF, Mandalore and Hapes come under the impression that we were going to cut off all GE tech to them.
[19:39] <Orphaea_Imperium> <@The_Emperor> I have not heard from Demeer, but i rarely care for his responses
[19:39] <Orphaea_Imperium> ^ And DeMeer was the one probably most supportive of the Emperor
[19:39] <Orphaea_Imperium> and I use the term supportive loosely
[19:40] <Seele[AWAY]> Hehe
[19:40] <Seele[AWAY]> Well, the IU leaders all said they weren't going to interfere.
[19:40] <Seele[AWAY]> Which is good.
[19:40] <Orphaea_Imperium> did you expect them to?
[19:40] <Seele[AWAY]> And Cherokee asked Jansen to give Mandalore its SSD, and keep its two SSDs.
[19:40] <Orphaea_Imperium> On one hand, I know they wouldn't support my actions, but by the same measure, Vodo's past and inactivity has been dragging IU down as much as us
[19:41] <Seele[AWAY]> Well, I have been warned by the IU leaders not to allow you anywhere near the IU at all.
[19:42] <Seele[AWAY]> And not to have you appointed to any IU discussions, councils etc.
[19:42] <Orphaea_Imperium> give it a month, give them the novelty of an active Emperor
[19:42] <Seele[AWAY]> So they are quite...annoyed, shall we say?
[19:42] <Seele[AWAY]> But they are also interested in seeing what Vodo will do, and I imagine we'll strengthen relations quickly.
[19:43] <Orphaea_Imperium> do you read the Expanded Universe?
[19:43] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'm reminded of a quote of Thrawn's - I do not need their permission to fight on their behalf
[19:43] <Seele[AWAY]> I read some Rogue Squadron books when I was in highschool, but that's all.
[19:43] * Seele[AWAY] chuckles.
[19:43] <Seele[AWAY]> We'll keep you behind the curtain when it comes to IU matters for the time being.
[19:44] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah... give them time to realise the Empire's not going to crumble and we're actually improved, and things'll settle down
[19:44] <Orphaea_Imperium> they're uncertain of the future, as was everyone at one stage
[19:45] <Seele[AWAY]> Tylger is quite positive actually.
[19:45] <Seele[AWAY]> DeMeer is guarded but open.
[19:45] <Seele[AWAY]> Jansen I have not spoken to.
[19:45] <Orphaea_Imperium> how much do you think is actually anti-me and how much do you think is political?
[19:45] <Orphaea_Imperium> Jansen I spoke to briefly, he seemed fairly civil
[19:46] <Seele[AWAY]> "He was willing to see the Empire collapse, just to have Vodo removed. Over a decade of hard work, countless hours of effort by hundreds of people to build up the Empire, particularly in the last year, and he was willing to watch it all burn to be rid of Vodo. That is not something any of us will be forgetting any time soon."
[19:47] <Orphaea_Imperium> I was not willing to see it burn
[19:47] <Orphaea_Imperium> it was... necessary to put it in danger
[19:47] <Seele[AWAY]> That is something that will never be determined, only perceived.
[19:47] <Seele[AWAY]> What you "might have" done.
[19:47] <Orphaea_Imperium> Indeed
[19:48] <Orphaea_Imperium> on the other hand... think of it as a potential propaganda weapon
[19:48] <Orphaea_Imperium> if that's what I'm willing to do against friends if I must, imagine what I will do to those that oppose us >.>
[19:49] <Seele[AWAY]> That's a double edged knife that you're going to become aware of I'm sure. ;)
[19:49] <Orphaea_Imperium> yeah
[19:49] <Orphaea_Imperium> meh... we've got someone good in charge now, the remainder can wait for now
[19:50] * Seele[AWAY] nods.
[19:50] <Seele[AWAY]> 7yrs of patience. Consistent and careful planning, with drive and determination.
[19:51] <Seele[AWAY]> Cherokee and I have finally seen the Empire restored to a reign of competence, and merit.
[19:51] <Orphaea_Imperium> it's something different, for me
[19:51] <Seele[AWAY]> Not incompetence held together with fear and coercion.
[19:52] <Orphaea_Imperium> for a while now, the Empire to me has felt stagnant... like we're waiting on something, and we're being held back
[19:52] * Seele[AWAY] nods.
[19:52] <Orphaea_Imperium> I think now that feeling will go away
[19:52] <Seele[AWAY]> It's honestly been that way for years.
[19:52] <Orphaea_Imperium> I think I always saw it, I just hoped against it
[19:53] <Seele[AWAY]> It was tiring, wasn't it?
[19:53] <Seele[AWAY]> Laboring? Struggling to get things moving forward. To dance around Vodo's moods.
[19:54] <Orphaea_Imperium> I didn't dance, I'd just do, and by the time he noticed we'd be too far in for him to do anything but save face and approve >.>
[20:07] <Orphaea_Imperium> well... that log was fun
[20:08] <Orphaea_Imperium> inaccurate in places, but it has to be read in context
[20:08] * Seele[AWAY] nods.
[20:08] <Seele[AWAY]> Hence the warning.
[20:08] <Seele[AWAY]> And my desire for the log not to get out. :P
[20:08] <Orphaea_Imperium> it's not going anywhere
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Session Start: Sun Sep 19 05:59:34 2010
Session Ident: Lord_Seele
[08:56] <GMoff_Imperium> This... means you outrank me again.
[08:56] <GMoff_Imperium> Fuck.
[08:56] <GMoff_Imperium> >.>
[08:56] <Lord_Seele> lol
[08:56] <Lord_Seele> Way of the world. ;P
Session Close: Sun Sep 19 10:22:41 2010