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Head Councillors: Y21 D72 - Y21 D252 [[Avelyn ca Vella]]
Head Councillors: Y21 D72 - Y21 D252 [[Avelyn ca Vella]]
{{Second Galactic Civil War}}
[[Category: Alliances]]
[[Category: Alliances]]

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Confederacy of Free Trade Worlds
General Information
Status Active
Leader Elected Head Councillor: Avelyn ca Vella
Members Equal Partners:
Historical Information
Founded Y21 D62
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Economic Alliance
Holosite https://discord.gg/89ug2jD

The Confederacy of Free Trade Worlds is an established Neutral Alliance in the Galactic Civil War. Members of which promote mutual economic growth among themselves while sharing common political ideals.

Head Councillors: Y21 D72 - Y21 D252 Avelyn ca Vella

Second Galactic Civil War
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