Galactic Alliance

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Galactic Alliance
Galactic Alliance Emblem.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Secretary-General Wuma Uxal-Lumir
SIC Deputy Secretary-General Wedge Achilles
Members New Republic (Co-Founder)
Krath Dynasty (Admitted Year ?)
The Infinite Empire (Admitted Year )
Triumvirate Coalition (Admitted Year 9)
Rogue Squadron (Admitted Year 9)
The Jedi Order (Admitted Year 9) (Admitted Year 13)
Freedom Warriors (Admitted Year 13)
Bothan Media Services (Admitted Year 14)
The Arkanian Brotherhood (Admitted Year 14)
The eXiles (Admitted Year 14)
Historical Information
Founded Year Unknown
Political Information
Type Military Alliance
Holosite Galactic Alliance

The Galactic Alliance is a military coalition of that opposes the Imperial Union in the ongoing Second Galactic Civil War. The alliance is comprised of various great powers involved in the latter conflict either because they have already been invaded, are directly threatened with invasion by the Imperial Union, or because they are concerned that the Imperial Union may come to control the galaxy.

Currently, the Galactic Alliance consists of the New Republic, the Krath Dynasty, the Infinite Empire, the Triumvirate Coalition,[1] Rogue Squadron,[1] the Jedi Order, Freedom Warriors, Bothan Media Services, The Arkanian Brotherhood and The eXiles as well as their respective satellites.


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In Our Conflict

The Galactic Alliance declares its absolute opposition to the Galactic Empire. Born out of subterfuge and violence against the Galactic Republic, the Empire is regarded as neither legitimate nor permanent. The Imperial movement is an outlaw in the galactic community and the Alliance is determined to bring our Imperial and Sith enemies to justice or justice to them. All reasonable and just means will be used with all due haste.

In Our Concord

The Galactic Alliance affirms the unique worth of each sentient being and sovereign government and offers support to attain self-determination and independent success. The members cultivate an environment that integrates common values and the guidance of the Force to enhance and support development and to prepare for effective engagements in both peace and war. The values found in the Treaty Preamble serve as a lens through which to view the galaxy, our way of being in relationship with each other and where the potential of each member is affirmed.


Extent of the Galactic Alliance's territories in red, with the Imperial Union's territories in blue.
Galactic Alliance versus Imperial Union territories, circa Year 13 Day 308.

"As members of the galactic community, we strive to support all sovereign peoples in their journeys toward strength and independence; to encourage them to express themselves through peace, trade, and friendship with others; and to work towards putting their abilities into action for the betterment of the galaxy around us. We are committed to advocating for member needs and concerns, and keep this at the core of our work as we create a just and peaceable galaxy for all to develop as they choose. We strive to provide opportunities that expose members to different viewpoints, attitudes and beliefs to open their minds. These are critical as we advocate for a community of respect and responsibility between galactic neighbors."

Treaty Preamble

The Honorable Leaders of the Rogue Squadron,
The Consuls of the Triumvirate Coalition,
The Council of The Jedi Order,
The Grand Seneschal and High Council of the Krath Dynasty,
The High Command of The Infinite Empire,
The High Command of the Freedom Warriors,
The Honorable Leaders of Bothan Media Services,
The High Command of The Arkanian Brotherhood,
The Honorable Leaders of The eXiles,
and The Honorable Chief of State and The Honorable Senate of the Republic

Confirming their attachment to the principles of liberty, democracy, and respect for personal rights and the rule of law,

Desiring to deepen the solidarity between their peoples,

Anxious to help one another by expanding their economic and military might,

Aware of the responsibility to speak ever increasingly with one voice and to act more effectively to protect their common interests and independence,

Considering that galactic peace can only be regained by creative efforts in opposition to the Galactic Empire and the forces of evil and lawlessness,

Convinced that the Republic ideal and all that it stands for remains desirable and indispensable,

Have decided to adopt a Treaty and establish: The Galactic Alliance.


  • Assistance with economic development, including prospecting, production, and sale.
  • Sharing of technological assets, know how and expertise.
  • A common defense - an attack on one is an attack on all.
  • Coordination of military activities.

Former Signatories


Main article: Timeline
Tigris Ninx was the first Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.


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