Galactic Commerce Collective

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Galactic Commerce Collective
Galactic Commerce Collective Logo Year 13.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Kain Elderan
Owner Kain Elderan
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 206 (as Elderan Extractions)
Year 13 Day 107 (renamed)
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mining Company
Holosite Galactic Commerce Collective

Galactic Commerce Collective (GCC), or GalCom, is a mining company owned and operated by Kain Elderan.


Galactic Commerce Collective, or GalCom, is a Trading organization founded on the idea that a better customer experience will bring customers back for more. For many years, there have been numerous companies across the galaxy that have proclaimed to provide different services to sentients - whether they offered ships, raw materials or anything else, many failed at providing a better customer experience. Whether it was orders misplaced, credits lost or delivery taking months, these groups failed at providing for the needs of the sentient.

GalCom aims to prove that customers do come first. First, it will provide a multitude of services by bringing together a variety of groups under the GalCom banner. Whether you need a ship built, raw materials to build yourself a home or weapons to protect yourself, we will provide. GalCom will further provide for it's customers by establishing The GalCom Network - a system of space stations strategically placed around the galaxy, that will be used both by GalCom's affiliated groups and by their clients. The GalCom Network will provide a guaranteed safe location for any and all sentients to conduct business of any sort.

GalCom will also provide other services as it gathers more groups under it's banner. If your group is interested in joining the GalCom conglomerate, please contact Kain Elderan.


he Galactic Commerce Collective has a rather long history, but more importantly much of it's history has it's origins from one man, billionaire Kain Elderan. Mr. Elderan started out as a part of small group of fellow sentients that ended up becoming a well-established government. In Year 11, Kain's wife, Skylar, was been diagnosed with an untreatable disease that lead to the couple's infertility. The pain that the couple suffered inspired Mr. Elderan to found a new company in that same year, one dedicated to medical research and assisting those with untreatable maladies such as Skylar's. Thus did Kain found his first company, Elderan Eugenics.

Unfortunately, it was not long after this that Kain discovered that his revered government was full of corruption and deceit. Being an honorable man, he tried to use his position to influence the group back onto a better path, but his efforts were met with disdain. Realizing he could not change something that was rotten to the core, Mr. Elderan initiated a coup that brought about the end of the government. With assistance from new allies, he was able to secure many worlds against threat from the fallen group. Realizing that a medical research institute could not rightfully manage multiple worlds, Mr. Elderan decided to close the doors of Elderan Eugenics and found a new mining group, known as Black Ice Industries.

During the Black Ice years, the group thrived - expanding their influence on the planets they controlled by building up each planet's industry and population. Mr. Elderan managed to purchase a Colonial Shockball team and soon Rancor stadium was built for the new team to provide a great spectacle for the population to attend. People came from nearby systems and sectors to watch and even Kain himself ended up playing on the team. As their power grew, so did the amount of people working for BII. It wasn't long before the group expanded even more by founding a shipwright company, Elderan Enterprises. To let their success be known across the galaxy, Mr. Elderan rechristened BII to Elderan Extractions and the acronym EE soon became a household name within their region of space.

Sadly, the success of Mr. Elderan's endeavors lead to the group being targeted by others who wanted the wealth for themselves. Several times the group had to deal with those who would betray them - some for wealth, others for unknown reasons but all were captured and put in prison. Kain became somewhat paranoid and withdrawn, worried that those he trusted were out to get him as well. His absence as well as that of other leaders lead to the eventual closing of Elderan Enterprises, the shipyards and factories falling silent as the workers moved on to more productive ventures. Kain sought solitude from the public eye for some time. Around the same time this was going on, the Colonial Shockball league closed it's doors - meaning the Rancor's games were all cancelled and the stadium shuttered.

Near the beginning of Year 13, Mr. Elderan returned from his self-imposed exile. Seeing that his beloved organization was still there, that his loyal followers had kept things running in his absence, Kain was inspired. Committing himself fully to the group again, he sought out more business opportunities. Contracts started pouring in again and it wasn't long before a new ship builder, Bilbringi Shipyards, was founded. In his negotiations with other groups, Mr. Elderan saw an opportunity - one that would bring together even more people to work together for a brighter future. Many smaller groups agreed that it was time they banded together to create a new conglomerate, one that would rise to power across the galaxy, spreading it's influence to all sectors. GalCom was born.



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