Galactic Concordiate

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Galactic Concordiate
Galactic Concordiate Emblem Year 14.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Magistrate (Executive Council)
Steward (General Council)
Members Trade Federation
Hapes Consortium
Tion Hegemony
Aurodium Legion
Akheton Corporation
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 103
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Economic and Military Agreement
Holosite Galactic Concordiate

The Galactic Concordiate (GC) is the largest neutral alliance in the galaxy and spans over 35 sectors and 650 planets. Founded on Year 14 Day 103 with the ratification of the Treaty of Forsetti, the stated aims of the Concordiate include promoting mutual cooperation, economic interdependence, intergovernmental friendship, and collective defense in order to further peace and prosperity.

Founding members were Trade Federation (represented by Viceroy Jacob Jansen), Mandalore (represented by Mand`alor Tyr DeMeer), Hapes Consortium (represented by King Alexander Tylger), Tion Hegemony (represented by Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin), and Aurodium Legion (represented by Legate Dorn Zeke).


The GC is divided into two principal organs:

  • the Executive Council, which is led by a Magistrate, and
  • a subordinate General Council, led by a Steward.

The Executive Council is composed of the esteemed leaders of sovereign states or their personal regents. Overseen by an appointed Magistrate who serves a six-month term, the Executive Council functions as both a governing body and as a conduit through which senior dignitaries may privately discuss economic or military affairs pertaining to the Concordiate.
The current Magistrate is Viceroy Jacob Jansen.

The General Council serves as the main deliberative assembly in which decisions such as treaty amendments and signatory pre-requisites are openly discussed in a diplomatic symposium. The General Council is chaired by a democratically-elected Steward who is the senior member of the assembly and the primary contact to the Executive Council. The Steward also serves as the primary diplomatic representative for the Concordiate, and is responsible for leading the General Council in all matters.


The GC plans to achieve its peaceful mission by developing a unified network of sovereign and member states that will support one another, and thus ensure stability throughout the galaxy.




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