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=== Current Positions ===
=== Current Positions ===
* High Lord of the Royal Arkanian Order
*High Lord of the Royal Arkanian Order
*Prime Minister - Arkanian Brotherhood
*Minister of State - The Hyporian Commonwealth
=== Positions Held ===
=== Positions Held ===
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* Director of Arkanian Affairs - Arkanian Engineers
* Director of Arkanian Affairs - Arkanian Engineers
* Vice President - Arkanian Engineers
* Vice President - Arkanian Engineers
* Prime Minister - Arkanian Brotherhood
<div style="text-align: center;"> '''Arkanian Brotherhood/Engineers''' </div>
{{Succession Box
{{Succession Box
| position = Director of Arkanian Affairs
| position = Director of Arkanian Affairs
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| predecessor = Va`Li Owa
| predecessor = Va`Li Owa
| name = George O Rourke
| name = George O Rourke
| time = Y17 D63-Current
| time = Y17 D63- Y21 D125
| successor = Faction Merged}}
<div style="text-align: center;"> '''The Hyporian Commonwealth ''' </div>
{{Succession Box
| position = Minister of State
| predecessor = N/A
| name = George O Rourke
| time = Y21 D125-Current
| successor = Incumbent}}
| successor = Incumbent}}

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George O Rourke
George THC 4.png
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Clan Rak`Qua
House House Kaos, House Jade
Mother Ariel O Rourke (Deceased)
Father Glen O Rourke (Deceased)
Marital Status Single
Siblings Tori O Rourke (Unknown)
Children Scarlett O Rourke
Born Year -3 Day 172
Languages Galactic Basic, Nautila
Quote "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it" - George Santayana
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 6
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation The Hyporian Commonwealth. Galactic Alliance
Title High Lord
Rank P-3
Positions Minister, The Hyporian Commonwealth

High Elder, House Kaos

Prior Affiliation Jedi Coalition, Arkanian Engineers Arkanian Brotherhood
Awards Arkanian Brotherhood
  • Silver Exploration
  • Derra Campaign
  • Arbran VI
  • Ministry of State
  • Academy Graduate
  • 1 Year of Service
  • Combat Infantry Ribbon
  • High Command
  • Arkanian Family Award
  • Bronze Construction
  • Mass Housing
Signature George WIki Sig.png

George, commonly referred to as Georgie by his friends, is a Blue Nautolan from the planet of Glee Anselm. He is normally found wearing his light blue navy uniform as he travels around the galaxy with dual ELG-3a by his side, however if he is relaxing having a drink at the bar, or out with friends he is usually found wearing a simple black shirt, blue jeans and a leather jacket. The jacket conceals his shoulder holster carrying his two ELG-3a. This guy enjoys his Corellian Whiskey at his local bar, along with the company of his friends he's found throughout his life. There is rarely a dull moment with Georgie around, as he likes to be the life of the party allowing everyone one around him to share his enjoyment.

George lost his father Glen O Rourke at a young age, leaving his mother Ariel O Rourke to raise him and his little sister Tori O Rourke. This was not easy for the single mother of two, she worked a lot for little money, leaving the family with little food and little shelter. George resorted to stealing to help his family along. He did not quite understand the crime he was committing as all he wanted was to make sure his family was safe and fed. His mother died when he was 10, he also lost his sister in the chaos, he hasn't seen her since however hopes that she is still out there somewhere. George is now a mature young male, as he works for the The Hyporian Commonwealth. He hopes that he may find his sister in his endevours but as time passes by he begins to lose hope.

Early Life

George O Rourke was born in Year -3 Day 172 onto the planet Glee Anselm. The Blue Nautolan was one of two children, his sister Tori O Rourke and their parents Ariel O Rourke and Glen O Rourke. While he was a baby his family lived well, his father worked 8 hour days to provide for the family and his mother looked after him and his sister. However at the age of 4 George suffered the loss of his father. His father set off for work as he usually would, however this was the last time George was to see his father. He didn't know what his father did for work, however he knows that it was what got him killed. His father did not return that evening. By the late evening George's mother had found the grave news that her husband was killed. She was not told how, or where, just that he was in fact dead.

His mother looked after the two kids for a few months before the family become low on money and his mother needed to provide financial support. George was left to look after his little sister Tori. Tori was 2 years younger than George and always looked up to George as a role model. She loved her big brother and the two got a long very well. While their mother was out working they would walk around their neighbourhood playing games and having fun. However some people in the neighbourhood did share the enjoyment. Some of the neighbours harassed the kids whilst they were out playing at time leading to violent encounters. At times like this George would always first check his sisters safety before his own leading to many scares from these encounters. George with every beating he received moved one step closer to fighting back, he learnt what happened, how it happened and what he could do to stop his attackers. After some time he began fighting back. Once George took a stand the harassment ceased. George's baby sister were no longer in harms way, as long as George was present.

At the age of 10 George lost the rest of his family to men he never knew. It was a nice day and his family were sitting at home when three hooded men ran into the room blasters drawn forced the family to surrender. As the men grabbed George he saw his sister in being dragged away, this motivated George to fight back. As the men forced his family out of the shack George fought out of the grip of the man holding him, he grabbed a wooden bat that was within arms reach and hit his attack with it across the head, it was a fatal blow, killing his attacker in one swift blow. As George turned to the other two men that had his mother and sister were out of the shack and almost on a land speeder that they used for their escape. As the men struggled to get the two into the speeder his mother got free of the man, hit him in the face and began to run toward George. The man pulled his DD6 from his belt, he fired three shots into his mother. Ariel dropped to the ground in front of George, motionless. The two remaining men took sped off in the speeder, George could hear the screams from his sister but could do nothing about it. George sat with his mothers body crying as he held her for the last time. After some time George finally brought himself to a point where he could lay his mother to rest. He dug a grave around from the shack he lived in and placed his mother's body in. As he shovelled the dirt over his mother's body tears continued streaming down his face. George made a small memorial for his mother there. Something only George knew so no one else could ruin his parents memories.

With nothing left for George in his small town he decided to run from the town to a city not too far away. He found himself in this new place with no friends, no one to rely on and most importantly no where to stay. He wondered the streets for a few weeks. Stealing bread and small amounts of food from unsuspecting vendors keeping him healthy. Soon he found himself in an old abandoned shed. He had found a place to stay. He then slowly met with the towns folk that he was going to live with for the next 7 years. He got a job in a local shop, cleaning and attending customers needs. It wasn't much, but it was enough to keep him going, legally without stealing. Each week he would keep a little aside, a saving he would soon use to flee Glee Anselm and leave his past behind.

The Great Escape

George had been looking through the newspaper in search of new job opportunities. He found one with the title "Are you ready to serve?" He suddenly read more into this, he found a spot available in the Jedi Coalition Navy. This was the perfect opportunity, he could get a great new job, and leave his home behind in search of a better life. He followed the instructions listed on the cut out and within days had a reply from the Jedi Coalition accepting his job application. Within another few days George was on his way to the Jedi Coalition HQ. He was now a member of the Jedi Coalition, all that was left before becoming a full member was to complete the academy. George completed this as took his post in the Navy branch of the Jedi Coalition. For the next few months George went on working for the Jedi Coalition, learning new things and meeting new people. During this time George had a small work within the engineering department working on creating cities on Jedi Coalition home world. With each different thing George did he learnt different aspects of the government. In the mean time he was promoted to the rank of Petty Officer Second Class. Soon after that a tough choice had to be made. The Jedi Coalition dissolved into the original organizations, The Jedi Order and The now named Arkanian Brotherhood. It was a tough choice indeed however George decided to follow the Arkanian Brotherhood. He left many of his friends at this stage, all left, but never forgotten. However George still had his friends and a strong leader.

Arkanian Brotherhood

George O Rourke wearing his Arkanian Robes wielding his Custom Vibroblade.

This is where George has resided since the dissolution. It was going to be a long few month getting the new government up and running. George still continued to serve the now small Navy however after the dissolution the Arkanian Brotherhood Navy had lost a few of its high ranking members, meaning some of the lower members now had to rise up and take charge. George was one of these people. After the government got up and running George was now promoted to Warrant Officer and was now one of the senior members of Navy. However there was still some depth to the team. The Arkanian Brotherhood has came very far since the dissolution and begins to grow back towards what the Jedi Coalition once was. Over the next few months George consolidated his position and continued to work flawlessly for the Brotherhood. However, he also keeps in mind, his little sister Tori. She is the strength that pushes him to work so hard for the Brotherhood, the motivation to keep on living, and loving. This strength has allowed him to again rise to the rank of Ensign within the Navy. He is now one of the leading officers and has come very far from his Jedi Coalition Petty Officer days. George continued working flawlessly and received the rank of Lieutenant. After working very hard for many months George was given the opportunity to become Director of Member Resources, without a second thought George took the offer to become the new Director. His pursuit to achieve is strengthened by this great achievement which has left George and his co-workers pleased.

Minister O Rourke

After a few months of serving as Director of Member Resources George was promoted to the position of Minister of State, the final step for Georgie. Along with this position he gained entry into the High Command, he was now part of the elite of the Brotherhood. He was now in charge of recruiting and diplomacy, some George had little experience with, however with the help of the other members of the High Command Georgie learnt the ropes and has settled in very nicely to his new position. His work keeps him very busy but he is always trying to help everyone out as much as he can. His work with new members has helped the Brotherhood recruit some very fine individuals. These individuals he believes to be the next generation of the Arkanian Brotherhood. The future is looking bright for Georgie and the Brotherhood. Recruitment in any part of the Galaxy is difficult, once people join retention is the next hardest part. Since you can't keep people around its difficult. For George luck or the force was with him. Two fine graduates from the Arkanian Academy emerged, Belwarmec Al-Thorac and Vhur-daer Khalazzar. Vhur a Nautolan much like George was viewed by George as a younger version of himself. Vhur joined the Ministry of Defence, the same as George joining the Jedi Coalition Defence force. Vhur has proved himself time and time again, putting all his effort into every mission and every project. Georgie can see Vhur becoming a fine member of the Arkanian Society. Belwermec on the other hand found George through Holo forums, text based messages helping beings from all around the Galaxy with their own problems. Both George and Bel were mentors and helped as many people as they could. Bel obviously felt fond of George, as he soon joined the Arkanian Brotherhood ranks. He too is doing some fine work. George knew these two beings will make great history with the Brotherhood one day.

Combat Dome

During George's down time he was invited to join Belwarmec at the famous Combat Dome, a place where back street brawls were a norm and it was a fight to the death... Well almost, participants went into the match under their own legs, but not the same as they left. Many carried out and worked on by the medical staff on stand by. As George arrived he was greeted by Bel, and noticed there was a large group of people with Bel around a table. These would soon become some of George's closest friends. As Bel introduced George to the group he noticed the very different backgrounds of many of the people there. Wylly Grimm one of Bel's former boss who eventually earned the nick name 'Boss Cat' by his friends. Tess Santori a subordinate of Wylly was also at the table. When George arrived Mr Grimm was part way though his own bout. Unfortunately it ended disappointingly for both participants. Even though Wylly won it wasn't a win he was happy about.

After that bout another member of the little group got his chance to fight. Rhularrr Khaatook better known as Rhu had his time to shine. Once more only knowing the group for a few hours it seemed like they had lived out a lifetime together. The friendship and love was immense. His bout lasted a long time, coming down to the wire. Rhu ended up the victor, but not without serious injuries. His foe laid passed out on the ground as Rhu dropped to his knees, exhausted and broken. Both were taken away to the infirmary for treatment. After Rhu's bout the owner and running of the Combat decided to try her luck. With George not knowing or cheering for either side he decided to sit back and enjoy some of the food and drink provided by Wylly's faithful body guard. Renee graciously brought for the table and George was cherishing it. However everything took a turn for the worst as the last bout ended. Chaos erupted and no one was safe.

Invasion And Survival

As the last bout finished explosions could be heard and seen all over the Dome. George had just received a drink from a waitress before the chaos erupted. However she was struck in the entrance. She had sustained a blaster bolt to the chest and was in a lot of trouble. As she fell she crashed into George's table, knocking his drink and emptying it all over his face and body. But that was the least of his problems. He needed to exit the building and return to the slightly safer place that was his ship. Him and his new found friends fought together against the incoming enemies. George took it upon himself to help the waitress to safety. There was nothing here for anymore with most of the Dome destroyed and her health was deteriorating quickly.

George and Bel managed to get into a corner with enough cover to make a new plan. However with the enemy guarding the main exit a new strategy was needed. Thankfully Wylly had a few bacta patches on him and gave George a few to help the waitress become mobile once more. Whilst this was going on Bel had scouted out an exit plan. There was a kitchen just past the next wall and it lead to a secure loading bay which would give them access to their ships. With the waitress barely conscious she was not able to walk on her own. Bel and George took a side and helped her to the corridor. Soon after Rhu came through with a horde of droids, some of Securitronix finest busted a hole in the wall giving George, Bel and the waitress an easy access. However was it a blessing or a curse? The original plan was to sneak out without anyone suspecting, but that wasn't going to happen with the droids making all the noise in the world.

As they made it to the kitchen they decided to sit and take a breather. With George and Bel watching each direction the waitress manage to get a rest too. And George even got some information on her. Her name was Tina Goldona, she couldn't remember much about what she had just been through, but she was strong and kept with it. They continued on but now with the help of some of Rhu's droid forces. However once again bombs littered the Dome. Over half of the droids had been destroyed. A few nicks and scratches were sustained, but nothing serious, thankfully. Rhu headed of, but left the remaining droid forces to protect Bel, George and the now 6 civilians headed for the ships with the escort of Rhu's droids. Finally they made it to the ships with George having his YT-2400 there wasn't much room. George decided to take Tina with him, Bel took one of the waitresses in his YT-2400 and the remaining 4 went with Rhu's droids on his ship. They all managed to reach orbit, but Tina was still in a bad shape. She was still in much pain and the stress of the situation was getting to her. George did his best to calm her.

With Bel sticking close on George's tail they managed to make it to a Securitronix capital ship where Miss Fukura Mist held the ship. It was their saving grace and with that they managed to exit the system and the thugs behind. Thankfully everyone managed to get aboard. Soon enough both George and Bel were on their way back to their home in Arbran. Tina had nowhere to go and decided to return to Arbran with George. She took up another waitress job within the Little Arkania. A frequently visited bar in capital of Arbra.

Arkanian Engineers

After reaching all our goals expanding our reach it was time for the Arkanian name to make yet another turn. After downgrading from a full Government back to a small nation in late Year 14 and reaching all of our goals it was time for the Arkanian name to go back to its core roots. As one upon a time prior the Jedi Coalition the Arkanian Royal Engineers, a ship producing company of the New Republic stood tall. At this time in year 16 we returned to our roots and have gone back to ship building. With new goals and new aims the Arkanian name will once again be known by the Galaxy. George as his position changed from Minister of State to Director of Arkanian Affairs it was a fitting place and lucky for him, not much had changed. A little title change to sound better but the job was once again the same. Help contact other governments and companies and establish civil relations with and bring in new members eager to get some ship building experience. It was again a big change, but everyone including George is ready for it. As everything settled down after the change George continued his work bring in new members for Arkanian Engineers, not all stayed like usual but a fair few did. The Arkanian Engineers has been ever growing and is now making its way into a strong position in which we will be able to provide materials to the public. This is an enormous step in the right direction as this was one of the main aims when the Arkanian Engineers came into the picture. George along with the rest of the board of Directors have worked exceedingly hard to make this dream a reality, and we're not too far from that.

Relocation, Nulan

With George joining House Kaos it was time to relocate to the home of House Kaos, Nulan. Setting up home base on Nulan VI George and Tina built themselves a small hut on one of the pristine beaches Nulan VI have to offer. Although unfortunately George is away quite often. But his salary helps pay the bills whilst Tina is out of work. She spends her time relaxing and tanning. The locals of Nulan VI have adopted her as one of their own and George can leave the planet knowing his partner is safe and sound at home. He does his best to get back home as much as possible to see her and relax from his busy job. George has taken it upon himself to build up Nulan VI making it an slightly more modern place for all to enjoy whilst also captivating the amazing environmental benefits the planet has to offer. With his he hopes to create the home House Kaos deserves in honour to the man himself Gavin Kaos.

Vice President

With the sad departure of President Nat Dues from the Arkanian Engineers this left an overwhelming gap in the leadership of the company. It was at this time George's name was put forward to the board as a replacement to the now vacant Vice Presidents position which Va`Li Owa had advocated in his advancement to President. It was with this vote of confidence George was chosen to become the new Vice President of the Arkanian Engineers. As of yet his previous position as Director of Arkanian Affairs has yet to be filled, thus he continues to do the majority of the work in this area. However with the help of Belwarmec it has made the work a lot easier allowing George to allow more time for his new duties. It was a difficult change with long timer leader and good friend of all Nat Dues leaving to retire after his many years of leadership and service. George just hopes he can live up to standard of those before him, as he has very big shoes to fill.

Down the Track

George had been Vice President of the Arkanian Engineers for some now and was getting much more comfortable in the position, becoming more of the public voice of the Arkanian Engineers, as well as the speaker within the Arkanian Engineers. President Va`Li Owa had the experience, but wasn't much of a talker, this allowed George to be more expressive and helpful. George looks up to Va`Li for advice and guidance. It was a great honour though as Va`Li put the production of the Birjis system into the hands of George. His first company wide operation. It is well underway and everyone seems pleased with the way it is going. This boosted George's confidence giving him a mighty step in the right direction. However along side this George and the Arkanian Engineers had found a successor to the Director of Arkanian Affairs which George had abdicated months before. It was Teagan Kaos, related to the great Gavin Kaos he now heads up the Arkanian Affairs Department, revealing some pressure along with adding a new set of eyes and another perspective on things. So far he has done great work creating new ideas and thinking outside the box. With the Arkanian Board full again they were back at full running speed and that pretty much summed up the Arkanian Engineers at this time. Full of life and with plenty of things to go. Forwards seems to be the only direction the Arkanian Engineers seemed to know and it was great to see from all board the great Arkanian ship.

Some Down Time

After the years of service to the Arkanian Engineers it was time for George to take a little break. And with his new wife took some time off to build a little shack down by the lakes on Nulan. However after only a few days off duty he was sent a message, invited back to the HQ on Nulan for a small celebration regarding the Royal Arkanian Order. Va`Li requested he join the team for this small event, and well George had no problems coming in for a small celebration only a few hours away. But he hadn't known what was about to happen. As he made his way into the Headquarters and took his seat. Lord Paramount Va`Li Owa started the proceedings. He started with the new inductees of the Order before proceeding onto the newest promotions within the Order. But just when George thought the ceremony was wrapping up Va`Li had one more announcement to make. This regarding Georgie. Va`Li invited him up to the podium. "Finally, I have one last person who has scraped and clawed his way up to the next rank. It is not easy to become an Officer of the Royal Arkanian Engineers. After all this time, only five hold the rank. So I'm very excited to introduce a new addition to this prestigious position. Lord George O Rourke, no longer are you a Lord. From today on, you shall be High Lord George O Rourke, Officer of the Royal Arkanian Order. I am honoured to be able to grant you all the rights and responsibilities of this position. May it honour you, and may you continue to honour us. Thank you High Lord O Rourke." Shock came over George's face as the big man said those words. Surprising and quite joyed George stood there with his mouth almost hitting the floor. He gathered himself and said a few words. "Thank you Va`Li for bestowing such an honorary title in me today. I will continue to do my best to make the Arkanian name shine bright within the Galaxy. Long live Arkania!" George finished has he punched his closed fist into the air, still reeling from what he had just been told.

A few hours after the ceremony George was on his way back to his little piece of paradise only a few hours from the HQ, After telling his wife about the ceremony their leave finally started, their lake side shack would start the building process and George would be able to unwind for a few months with little to no work duties on his back. Something he was slightly sad about but overjoyed that he had some time to spend with his wife and to relax .

The Brotherhood Returns

With his shack completed and his holiday come to an end it was time to return to work. But as he returned he had found that big change was coming. Talk were that the Arkanian Engineers would be taking a turn. Always for the better, but was definitely out of left field. It was time for the Arkanian name to return to Galactic politics as a Government. And the Arkanian Brotherhood was reborn. It was an excited timing for George as he had been through the whole loop from Government back to company and there once again return to a full fledged government. Not a whole lot changed day to day, but it was good to be recognised as a Galactic Government once again. For many Arkanians it was their first taste of Government status, as many of the new Arkanian members had joined during the time of the Arkanian Engineers.

But with the change to Government there had be some title changes to reflect their new status. With that George now became Prime Minister of the Arkanian Brotherhood. However this didn't effect the job he did at the Arkanian Brotherhood, he was still under now, Chancellor Va`Li Owa but still ran most of the Diplomacy team and had a strong hand in the member resources along with Gavin Kaos. It was definitely great to be apart of the Galactic Politics once more.

Joys and Misery

Georgie and Scarlette enjoying a beach day.

Not long after George return to full duties he received word from his shack on Nulan that his wife was pregnant. He was over joyed with the news, but was also very upset that he could not return to comfort and help his wife through these tough times. But with his leave his jobs mounted up and he unfortunately could not get back to Nulan for some time. With his wife going into labour George had to drop everything and return to Nulan, he just could not miss the birth of his wonderfully bundle of joy. In Year 19 on Day 315 his wife Tina Goldona gave birth to a wonderfully healthy little girl. She was named Scarlett O Rourke. She looked very much like her father taking majority of his species genetics. She was however a cute little green Nautolan, unlike her father. But she was the most beautiful thing that George had ever seen. He stayed with her as long as he could, but inevitably the task of being Prime Minister of the Arkanian Brotherhood took its toll and George had to return to the capital to continue his work. Leaving his little baby and his wife behind on Nulan. He hated it, but he had to continue his duties and his task of creating a strong, better nation for his baby girl to live in.

Months had gone by and George had only been back to see his little one a few times. It was extremely tough for him not seeing his little baby girl, but even tougher for his wife. It was taking an immense toll on their relationship. After a further few months of George only being back for small and few visits Tina was at her end. She filed for divorce. George knew why. He wanted to promise to fix things, to make it work. But he knew deep down he wasn't going to be able to keep those promises. His life changed and his little girl was now in full custody of her mother. Although Tina was very amicable with the him visiting his girl it was extremely difficult. Had went from having it all, to pretty much nothing. An ex-wife and a beautiful child he rarely got to see. It definitely wasn't easy for the Prime Minister. In order to deal with it, he threw himself into work to try and distract himself from his sadness. This however ended up throwing him head first into the state of Galactic politics, which unfortunately didn't make him any happier. Just more frustrated, just with something else.

George returned to Nulan to visit his little Scarlett. Everytime he saw her she grew some more. Every single time. She was walking now and George couldn't help but cry a little. He was missing out on so much of her life. Her first steps. Her first words... Was he ever going to hear her say "Dada"? He questioned his being, he questioned his decisions. He questioned almost every decision he had made up till this point. Were they right? Were they wrong? At this point in time he felt everything was wrong. But after spending a few days with his girl, things changed. He felt happier, he saw his daughter grow and even got to hear that happy word... "Dada" Once he heard Scarlett say that he was ecstatic. His whole mood changed. But he knew all good things had to end. He had to head back to the capital and return to work. But this time with a whole new meaning in life. Fully charged and ready to smash it he returned to Arbra full of enthusiasm.

More months had past and Scarlett was almost 1. He had been planning something big for her birthday, well something he thought was big. To a 1 year old, getting to play with her ewok doll and sing songs were the best of things. However he had planned to take her to the capital and explore his work home more. George and Scarlett headed off to Arbra to do some exploring, well as much as you can do with a 1 year old. He took her to the zoo, to daddys work. Everywhere. He hoped loved her so much. She was the bright light in his life. What he worked his life for. In hopes that one day she will be a fine young lady. He had hopes she would follow his footsteps into the Arkanian Government, but it was early stages. But by the end of the week both him and Scarlett was exhausted. They returned to Nulan for a few days before he had to leave her once again. It was bitter sweet, but he knew that he had something special. And it helped him work harder and harder every day to see her with a safe place to live and a future she can make her own.

Change is Coming

Georges time as an Arkanian was coming to an end. No, he had not left. It was time for the people of Arkania to move on, into the future. A deal had been carved out between the Arkanian Brotherhood and The Hyporian Commonwealth to merge the two great nations into one giant super nation. In the schemes of mergers, it was relatively quick and painless for both parties. But it did also mean a big shift for George. His previous position of Prime Minister within the Arkanian Brotherhood had to be relinquished. It wasn't so much relinquishing his position that saddened George, it was saying good-bye to the Arkanian name. But he had to move forward and into the Commonwealth. He was fortunate to pick up the position of Minister of State, a position he had held previously within the Brotherhood, so he did feel quite at home. Although it would be different having so many new faces that he would not be working with. There was plenty of names to learn and an entire new way of life to learn but George was excited and confident that the future was bright and his new home in the Hypoirian Commonwealth would be full of sunshine and happieness.


Georgie is a blue Nautolan around 6'6 in height with a broad build. As a diplomat it is custom for him to wear classy or elegant dress wear. Due to this George can normally be found in brown or dark coloured robes for a neutral appearance, however these loose fitting robes are great to conceal two ELG-3As in shoulder holsters. Otherwise whilst not on duty he wears black jeans and a range of light t-shirts with leather jackets over the top. Even whilst out relaxing a ELG is not too far away, normally hidden by his jacket in shoulder holsters. Georgie also carries a small knife in his shoes around his ankle, it is usually hidden by his robes or jeans, although he does carry a melee weapon Georgie has only been lightly trained in hand to hand combat whilst extensively been taught how to use a blaster, thus his two ELG-3As are his primary weapon of choice. He keeps himself well maintained and his tentacles neatly positioned down his back with two placed over each shoulder running down towards his chest.



- King of Gods


- God of War
- God of the Underworld
- Queen of Gods
- Goddess of Wisdom
- Goddess of Warefare
- God of the Hunt
- Goddess of Family
Assassin Corvette.jpg
Big Buddy.png
Star Shooter.png
Dark Side.png
Armoured Neeld.png

- Messenger of the Gods
- God of the Seas
- A divine Hero
- Goddess of Love
- King of the Winds
- God of Sleep
- God of Light
Heroes Farewell.png

Career History

Current Positions

  • High Lord of the Royal Arkanian Order
  • Minister of State - The Hyporian Commonwealth

Positions Held

  • Petty Officer First Class - Jedi Coalition
  • Ensign - Arkanian Brotherhood
  • Director of Member Resources - Arkanian Brotherhood
  • Minister of State - Arkanian Brotherhood
  • Director of Arkanian Affairs - Arkanian Engineers
  • Vice President - Arkanian Engineers
  • Prime Minister - Arkanian Brotherhood
Arkanian Brotherhood/Engineers
Director of Arkanian Affairs
Preceded By:
George O Rourke
Y16 D133-Y17 D63
Succeeded By:
Teagan Kaos

Prime Minister
Preceded By:
Va`Li Owa
George O Rourke
Y17 D63- Y21 D125
Succeeded By:
Faction Merged

The Hyporian Commonwealth
Minister of State
Preceded By:
George O Rourke
Y21 D125-Current
Succeeded By:

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