Ghent Kreldar

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Ghent Keldar
Ghent Kreldar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Donadus
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Born 31 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Hair Color none
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation The Agency
Mindabaal League
House Valeo
Rank Vice Chairman
Second in Command
Deputy Director
Positions Board of Directors
Citizen of Mindabaal League
Citizen of Avance Coalition

Ghent Kreldar (Hapan male) is the second in command of The Agency (formally known as the United Militant Agency for Defense and Two Guys Who Force Train), a member of the Mindabaal Board of Directors, and a member of House Valeo.


Early Years

Ghent was born on Donadus, the son of a miner. Living in a mining community was harsh for most of his early life, as it never led to many exciting opportunities. Once he graduated from basic academy, his parents wanted him to go to the Mindabaal Royal Academy. Much to his parents chagrin, Ghent had other plans.

Ghent left Donadus for the first time at the age of 17 to see more than the mining community where he was raised. A stowaway on a transport going to Mindabaal, he had hopes of finding work at the planets social hub as a bouncer. Through his line of work, he was noticed by Jace Kavdar, who offered Ghent a position in the United Militant Agency for Defense as a spy. However, unknown to Ghent, Jace had spotted a force sensitive, one he was keen to add to UMAD's ranks.

Mindabaal League

Ghent became Jace's apprentice, and found himself placed as the Deputy Director of UMAD in short time. Now a member of the governing body of the Bamula Sector, Ghent started to become enthralled with the League's legal system. His first act on the Board was to enable all citizens to have a voice in their governing body, as he passed the Vice Chairman Election Reform. In addition, he ran for Vice Chairman on the platform pressing for further equality between all citizens, increasing the League's system of higher learning, and building an economy respected throughout the galaxy. After a tight race, he won the election, and his term as Vice Chairman began.