Grom De Ghrul

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Grom De Ghrul
Grom De Ghrul.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Gamorrean
Homeworld Gamorr
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Ni`Lyahin Smugglers
Rank Skull Smasha [Leader]
Prior Affiliation Zann Consortium [O-3] Lieutenant of Confederacy of Independent Systems
Awards None

Grom De Ghrul was born into the clan. He was once a respected clan member, but after certain events he had to leave. He spent time in systems doing mercenary work. He decided to put his skills at work.

He joined up with the Confederacy of Independent Systems and was a Lieutenant. He left after some time to go into business. He bought out Ni`Lyahin Smugglers and spread the business. He currently leads his bands of smugglers and does odd side jobs.