H'nemthe (System)

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General information
Sector Mayagil
Galactic Coordinates (80, -344)
Date of Discovery
Planets 7
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By New Republic
Astrographic Entry H'nemthe

The home system of the H'nemtheans, H'nemthe is a system of little interests to the galactic community. With eight planets, most of them have little social value, although some do have possible economical value. Three planets are gas giants, two have a toxic atmosphere while another two have no significant atmosphere at all. Only one planet, H'nemthe, is easily lived on. With the exception of a few failed attempts, no colonies have been formed on any of the planets.

The most interests shown in the H'nemthe system has been in the form of mining companies. All three gas giants are potential sites for tibanna gas, and one is considered a constantly renewable source. The four coldest planets are also home to extremely large amounts of rock which could possible have any number of resources. One planet is rumored to have extremely valuable gems that are so rare the mere presence of one is believed to be enough to buy a planet. Several ideas are in the work for sending in mining resources to extract the potential profit out of the H'nemthe system.

The home system of the H'nemtheans, H'nemthe is usually looked upon strangely within social circles. Vacations are strongly discouraged due to the H'nemtheans' special abilities. Also, the practice of male evisceration after mating has caused many societies to turn away from system in disgust. Many traders are encouraged to attend the occasional trading gala held on the H'nemthean home world in an attempt to bring further awareness about the species, their home world and their system in general out to the public.