Hapes Consortium

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Hapes Consortium
Political information
Type of government {{{type}}}
Head of State Rai'ix Chume Alexander Tylger
Head-of-Government Rai'ix Chume Alexander Tylger
Commander-in-Chief Rai'ix Chume Alexander Tylger
Executive branch Royal Council, Council of Arbiters
Judicial branch Royal Council, Council of Arbiters
Affiliation Imperial Union
Societal information
Capital Hapes
Territory Hapes Cluster
Language(s) Hapanii
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Date of establishment {{{founded}}}
Status active

The Hapes Consortium is an ancient government holding dominion over a relatively small sector of space known as the Hapes Cluster, situated in Inner Rim. The Consortium maintained strict isolationism as a core principle for several millennia, shunning contact with outsiders since it was first founded by the female descendants of the Lorell Raiders. This allowed a distinct culture to develop, steeped in traditions that Hapans hold in high esteem even to this day. Following a bloody civil war that caused the near-collapse of their economy and revolutionized aspects of Hapan society, gradual contact with the Galaxy outside their borders was re-established over the course of several decades. Having rebuilt its society, economy, military, and industrial capacity, the Consortium has become a somewhat reluctant, yet arguably significant player in Galactic politics. The government maintains a non-expansionist stance, seeking to balance tradition and cultural preservation with its new-found responsibilities as a major power in the Galaxy.